"Sharing the Joy of the Lord"

About "Snicklefritz"

I graduated from Clown School on April 12, 2002.  The Merry Hearts Clowns out of New Life Church in Yorkville, Illinois is where I received my training.  "Lily" was our teacher and I learned so much from her and the other Merry Hearts clowns. In the fall of 2002 I was able to go on a missions trip to Russia with the Merry Hearts and a group from our church.  We went to Moscow and to Bryansk and had a wonderful time of ministry there!  What a wonderful God we serve!

Note:  I am no longer clowning due to physical restrictions. 

  As a young girl she often lovingly called me Snicklefritz.  Mom was a very talented, dramatic person who had a knack for telling a story or singing a song with much flair.  She could play piano by ear and act out stories and songs to make you laugh or even cry.  I believe she could've had a career in drama or some other outlet for her imagination and talent, but instead she chose to raise her six children and express her talent to us.  We had so many good times listening to Mom tell a story or dramatize some aspect of everyday life.  My siblings and I all have a great sense of humor because of Mom's impact on our lives.  I pray that my clowning will honor that part of Mom. 

Rhea E. Lumsden