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16 June 14: Special general body meeting of snea Amravati : {Report by Com. S. A. Sarode, JSVidarbha, SNEA MH} As per notice issued by Com. P. H. Kandalkar , DS SNEA(I) Amravati, a special GB Meet of SNEA Amravati was organized on 13/06/ 2014 at 1730 Hrs at Conference Hall of Telephone Bhavan, Amravati. This General Body meeting was presided by Com. A. V. Changole, DP SNEA Amravati. The meeting was also attended and addressed by

1.      Com. S V Bhad, CP, SNEA MH,

2.      Com. M.S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH,

3.      Com. S. R. Kalmegh, ACS(E), SNEA MH ,

4.      Com. N S. Gadre, CWC Member SNEA MH.

5.      Com. S. A. Sarode, JS Vidarbha, SNEA MH.

Ø  This meeting was specially attended by Com.R S Narsingh, ADS SNEA Yawatmal, Com. Kishor Gaidhani , DT SNEA Yawatmal, Com. M. P. Fursule, Executive Member SNEA(I) Yawatmal

Ø  Com. P.H. Kandalkar, DS Amravati and his complete team along with all comrades of SNEA Amravati who arrived from every corner of the district gave warm welcome to all the dignitaries who came for the meeting after travelling a long distance in hot Summer of Vidarbha. All the dignitaries were heartily welcomed by offering a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Ø  Com. Mrs. A K Chungade, ADS SNEA Amravati in her welcome speech expressed gratitude and thanked the Circle leaders for coming and gracing the meeting.

Ø  Com. P. H. Kandalkar, DS SNEA (I) Amravati, while presenting his DS Report, informed the house how tough was the situation of SNEA Amravati when he took the charge of DS.

Ø  Thereafter SNEA (I) Amravati specially felicitated and gave warm welcome to the following newly joined members with bequests by Circle Leaders.

1.                  Com. N. A. Landore, JTO Daryapur,

2.                  Com. Mrs. V. M. Bele, JTO OCB Amravati,

3.                  Com. R. B. Sontakke, SDE PR Amravati,

4.                  Com. P. S. Pophale, AO Amravati,

5.                  Com. Kishor Pache, JTO Achalpur,

6.                  Com. Nilesh Wankhede, JTO Paratwada,

7.                  Com. S. S. Yelne, JTO Morshi.

Ø  SNEA (I) Amravati also honored its Veteran Member Com. L.M. Vikhar, SDE on his superannuation retirement and he was felicitated by the hands of CS SNEA (I) MH by offering a gift ,bouquet and  a small momento as a token of love and affection from SNEA Amravatiof flowers.

Ø  Com. V.R. Jadhav, DT SNEA Amravati, then presented the District Treasurer and happily announced the cash balance that raised more than Rs. 1 Lakh in the district SNEA account. He also added how he and his team took special efforts to raise the funds of Amravati Division. The report was passed unopposed and with thundering claps by the house acknowledging his efforts.

Ø  Com. S. R. Kalmegh, ACS (E) SNEA (I) MH, while delivering his motivating speech appreciated the efforts taken by the local SNEA team. He appreciated Com. Kandalkar for handling and coordinating the SSA at high time and for taking initiatives at various levels. He also appreciated Com.V R Jadhav and Com.S H Gandhi for playing very vital role in SSA activities. He commented for maintaining the uniformity by the local administration while executing local urban to rural transfers and urged for drafting and finalizing local transfer policy as per requirements of the SSA. He also shown the deep concern about the scarcity of various resources like UG Cables, Battery, OFC, power plants, drop wire, and jumper wire while maintaining the services. He requested and asked to raise voice to fulfill all these requirements on time. Com. Kalmegh raised the issue of Reliance Jio which is a threat to BSNL’s various services and expressed his disappointment that BSNL management has not planned any counter action to the move of Reliance Jio.

Ø  Com. N.S. Gadre, CWC Member SNEA MH, while addressing the house in his typical shero-shayary style, expressed his sentiments and informed how difficult it was to conduct very successful CEC at Yawatmal when majority of the Yawatmal office bearers including DS Yawatmal were transferred out of SSA or Circle. He thanked Com. Adasul for having a big faith in the work execution of CEC by Yawatmal team in this very tough time. He added that how the fund was raised in a very short time and a big amount was donated to SNEA MH Circle by Yawatmal team. He reiterated and expressed thanks for retaining all the LDCE passed SDEs of Yawatmal at their home SSA who were earlier transferred out of Circle. He appreciated the work by CHQ leadership and continuous persuasion by the Circle leadership.

Ø  Com. S. A. Sarode, Joint Secretary Vidarbha, SNEA MH, while addressing the house, appreciated the work culture and unity of all NINE districts of SNEA Vidarbha and explained his role for maintaining cordial relationship and bonding among the various Vidarbha districts. He informed the house about the importance of arranging various tour programs of CHQ / Circle leaders at various districts of Vidarbha making them aware about difficulties that are faced by local comrades. He explained house various initiatives that are taken at Vidarbha Level and reminded successful declaration of Gadchiroli as All India Soft tenure, words given by CHQ leaders for declaring it as All India Hard Tenure within next three months, Reformation and revival of SNEA Bhandara division, increase in membership at various districts of Vidarbha, BNG migration issue at Nagpur from Kolkata. He also appreciated the lion-hearted efforts by both Com. S.R. Kalmegh and Com. N.S. Gadre for handling tough time at Amravati and for conducting CEC in very tough time respectively. He thanked CS for taking efforts to retain LDCE passed SDEs at MH Circle and appreciated the patience shown by affected comrades who were earlier posted out of Circle. He also expressed confidence that by taking note of very successful CEC at Yawatmal, remaining EIGHT districts will certainly be encouraged to come forward and conduct next CEC in Vidarbha itself.

Ø  Com. S.V. Bhad, CP SNEA MH, in his address appreciated the work by Com. M.S. Adasul as a CS MH Circle and passing resolution for forming various work committees for the revival of various telecom services of MH Circle. He also thanked Hon. CGMT MH Circle for acknowledging the efforts taken by SNEA MH Circle in this regard. He raised the issue of mobile services of BSNL MH Circle and demanded for early replacement of faulty GSM hardware. He pointed out the difference in between the systematic and development oriented work policies of SNEA and the self-oriented wrong policies of other executive associations. Com. Bhad also appreciated the work carried out by the Team SNEA Yawatmal for successful execution of CEC and extended his best wishes for the new team of Amravati being getting elected.

Ø  Com. M.S. Adasul, CS SNEA MH, in his marathon speech of one & half hour, explained the house about various activities and initiatives that are taken at Circle/CHQ Level. He updated the house about the activities and discussions that took place at CWC Meet at Jaipur and confidently assured the house that the demand for uniformity will be brought while providing first time bound promotion after 4 years only. He asked all the affected comrades to keep faith in the working of CHQ and asked to wait for the fruitful outcomes. Com Adasul informed the house about the role of association in framing various policies at Circle level and finalizing transfer policy within framework of BSNL transfer policy and in tune with resolutions passed in CEC Yawatmal. He explained the role of association in recovery of excess usage of FSRTC bills from the selected officers and reiterated that the association is duty bound to the ethics and such malpractices will never be tolerated. He also informed the house the actual reasons for delay in executing request transfers from non tenure station and assured that shortly all such requests will be executed as action has been initiated by Circle management. He updated the house about the various cases including ITS repatriation case, JTO to SDE DPC under 67% seniority cum fitness quota, status of court case pending in Ernakulam Court, implementation of 78.2% IDA merger for retired employees, Various resolutions that are passed at CWC Meet Jaipur and that which are in favor of DR executives including CPSE cadre hierarchy, 30% superannuation benefits and standard pay scales. He appreciated the team work of SNEA Amravati, firmness shown by then in tough situations and extended best wishes for new body.

Ø  Com. L.M. Vikhar, SDE Retired generously announced donation of Rs. 5001.00 to SNEA (I) and handed over cheque of said amount to CS SNEA MH for various Circle level activities.

Ø  Com S.R. Kalmegh, ACS East in a very special note thanked Com. L.M. Vikhar for his liberal donation, love & affection towards SNEA (I) and the house also appreciated Com. Vikhar with thundering claps.

Ø  Then discussions were held on Local Transfer Policy for Amravati SSA for rural to urban request transfers, which was finalized unanimously.

Ø  There after Com. A.V.Changole DP, conveyed thanks to all the comrades of Amravati and dissolved existing District body for new elections.

Ø  Com. G M Talmale, Ex President SNEA Amravati was nominated as election officer for conducting elections. Com. S.A. Sarode, JS SNEA (I) MH functioned as Circle observer.

Ø  The new body of SNEA Amravati was elected unanimously and Com. D.H. Bhad, Com. S.H. Gandhi and Com. P.H. Kandalkar were unanimously elected as DP, DS and DT of SNEA Amravati respectively.  

Ø  The meeting which started at 1730 hrs concluded at 2230 Hrs with National Anthem and delicious dinner thereafter.

Ø  The entire meeting was nicely anchored by Mrs. A K Chugade.


General Body Meeting of SNEA Amravati is scheduled to be held on 13/06/2014 on Friday at 17.00 Hrs in Conference Hall ,Doorsanchar Bhavan Amravati . Agenda of the General Body meeting is given in mail. Election of new office bearer's will be taken in this GB meet. Com M S Adasul Circle Secretary SNEA MH Circle,Com S V Bhad Circle President, Com S A Sarode  Jt Sec Vidarbha and Com N S Gadre CWC member have given their consent to attend and address the General Body Meeting. All comrades are requested to attend the GB meet in time....


  SNEA Amravati pays its rich tributes to Bharat Ratna Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the father of the Indian constitution on the occasion of his birth anniversary(14.04.2014).


Meeting took place with CMD and DIR HR on BSNL viability issues and HR issues which will be continued today also.Considering the positive response from BSNL Mgt to resolve the issues and the appeal made by CMD and DIR HR, it is decided to defer the 3 days Relay hunger strike scheduled from 19th-21st March'2014.




Comrades, Please participate in Relay Hunger Strike from   19th to 21stMarch, 2014 by taking mass casual leave ---

Pls make it grand success by ur 100% participation .

 5 Mar 14: Full Day Dharana on 06/03/2014: In second stage of agitational programme as per call given by SNEA(I) CHQ comrades of SNEA(I) Amravati are requested to come forward and participate in mass in DHARANA on 06/03/2014 and make this agitational programme a grand success...



25 Feb 14:  Successful   Lunch Hour Demonstrattions at  Amravati : Comrades of SNEA(I) Amravati actively supported the call given by SNEA(I) CHQ and participated successfully in todays lunch hour demonstrations .Com P H Kandalkar DS SNEA(I) Amravati ad Com S R Kalmegh addressed the gathering. Com V R Jadhao,Com S P Dhok, Com V J Pande, Com N D Wakode, Com U W Kawalkar, Com A B Chavan, com Y H Nagarnaik,Com D R Dike,Com  V  Dhore, Com  R H Khandelwal, Com P D Isokar,Com D B Gawande,Com Naresh Vitalkar, Com R L Kawadkar, Com Kirankumar, Com P D Ramteke,Com Jagdishkumar, Com Manish Mahure, Com D H Bhad,Com Gajendra Kinge,Com D G Poke, Com Mahendra Harane, Com Nilesh Jichkar, Com S M Hole,Com Ghatole,Com Mrs Kanchan Wankhede,Com Mrs Kandalkar, Com Mrs Wankhade Com Mrs S R Deshmukh and many other were present during lunch hr demonstration.  Com Rajkumar Raut DS BSNLEU  and Com Band Jt Sec Vid NFTE ,Com Naresh Isasare were also supported the demands raised by SNEA(I) CHQ including the demand of 30 % superannuation benefit for all those recruited in BSNL. Com S H Gandhi thanked all for their active support and appealed all to participate in Dharana on 6th Mar and Relay Hunger strike on 19-21st mar 2014.  , Leaders of different unions also addressed the gatherings during demonstrations and gave their support to the demands raised by SNEA(I) CHQ New Delhi . SNEA (I) Amravati conveys sincere thanks to one and all...



10 Feb 14: SNEA(I) served notice for Trade Union actions on 10.02.14

View Notice Copy


1. Replace existing non standard pay scales by standard pay scales of E2, E3, E4 etc for JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs and equivalent cadres up to SGJAG. No demotion of the basic cadres JTO / JAO, SDE / AO.

2. Implement Time Bound Functional promotion between 4 to 6 years as per the terms and conditions for absorption in BSNL analogous to CPSU cadre hierarchy with first Time Bound promotion uniformly after 4 years w.e.f. 01.10.2000.

3. 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees as per the agreement between the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations and the BSNL Mgt on 12.06.2012.

4. Promotion from JTO(T) to SDE(T) under 67% quota for the vacancy years 2009-10 onwards, JAO to AO promotions, holding of LDCE from JTO(T) to SDE(T) against 33% quota for the vacancy years 2010-11 onwards, SDE to DE promotions in all streams, DE to DGM promotions.

5. Settlement of long pending pay anomalies i) Pay protection during officiating promotion till the implementation of TBP ii) Antedating of increment iii) Senior drawing less pay than Junior after promotions.

6. Increase the number of Management Trainees (Intl) from the proposed 150 to a minimum of 300 and take expeditious action to complete the recruitment process.

Trade Union Programmes:

25.02.2014: Lunch Hour Demonstration at CHQ, Circle/SSA HQs.

06.03.2014: Full Day Dharana at CHQ, Circle / SSA HQs.

19.03.2014 to 21.03.2014: Relay Hunger Strike at CHQ, Circle / SSA HQs.


Further course of Trade Union action will be intimated in due course.

Comrades, last few years, Association is struggling to resolve the long pending HR issues trough deliberations. Considering the stiff competition in the telecom field, as a responsible Association, we have resorted to great restraint, strictly following the path of negotiations, fully focusing on the growth and financial viability of the company. The Management appears to have exploited our concern for the prospects of the Company, in turn, closing its eyes on the genuine issues pending for a very long time. The lethargic attitude of the BSNL Management in looking at the serious issues, not to speak of resolving them, has left the Association with no other alternative but to serve notice for Trade Union actions demanding the immediate resolution of the issues. As per our Patna CWC decisions, we tried our level best to have a united struggle in the banner of United Forum but could not succeed. The proposed move to demote the basic cadres JTO/JAO to E1 scale and other major pending issues forced the Association to serve the notice.



1)Dear Comrade, SDE General o/o GMT Amravati has received New year Diaries 2014,printed and published by SNEA MH Circle. Procedure for distribution of diaries will be started soon. We  are sorry for the little delay in distribution of new year diaries...

2)Revised Welfare cheque of Rs 1 lakh , given by SNEA(I) CHQ as a major of welfare scheme for SNEA members  is handed to the nominee of late Shri N P Panchariya AGM CFA-III ...We are thankful to GS/CS SNEA MH Circle/All India Treasurer/AGS/Jt Sec North SNEA(I)/Circle Treasurer for settlement of welfare claim of late shri N P Panchariya.   


Happy Republic Day!
On D Eve Of 65th REPUBLIC DAY,
Lets Salute & Remember D Soldiers
Who Sacrificed Their Lives
To Protect Our Nation..


 22 Jan 14: GS SNEA(I) CHQ writes to CMD BSNL, for kind

Personal intervention on crucial and important HR issues, in a time

bound manner, to avoid industrial unrest. The issues are -

a. Standard IDA pay scales E2, E3, etc. and first time bound promotion after 4 years.


b. CPSU cadre hierarchy as per the terms and conditions of absorption.


c. Promotion from JTO to SDE for vacancy years 2009-10 onwards.

d. 30% superannuation benefits to the BSNL recruited employees.


e. Removal of pay anomalies lingering on for last seven years.


General Body Meeting of SNEA(I) Amravati was conducted on 10th Jan 2014 in the Conference Hall ,Doorsanchar Bhavan Amravati. Members discussed various HR as well as tech issues which will be persued by SNEA(I) Amravati....   


SNEA Amravati wishes "Happy & Prosperous New Year '2014 to one and all.  


 SNEA(I) Amravati welcomes Shri Ramashray Prasad GMT Amravati :

Delegation of SNEA(I) Amravati welcomed Shri Ramashray Prasad,New GMT Amravati,  on 21/12/2013. He is a BSNL absorbed officer  and  assume the charge of GMT Amravati after his first ever regular promotion in BSNL as GM. Shri Ramashray Prasad was presented a beautiful flower of bouquet and welcomed by the delegation of SNEA(I) Amravati comprising of Com A V Changole Dist President SNEA(I) Amravati ,Com P H Kandalkar DS SNEA(I) Amravati ,Com S R Kalmegh ACS(E) SNEA(I) MH Circle, Com V R Jadhao Dist Treasurer, Com H N Bagade Vice President , Com V J Pande Vice President, Com S P Dhok Exe member, Com S H Gandhi, ADS, Com Manish Mahure Exe member, Com N D Wakode , Com Jagdishkumar.


SNEA(I) Amravati thanked Shri Ramashray Prasad, GMT Amravati  for making efforts in resolving the  issue of non payment of temp advances to the executives of Amravati which was pending from last 3 months due to ERP problems. Our executives who have paid money from their pocket for maintaining the BSNL services in Amravati are now experiencing the big relief. Various issues like unavailability cables, drop wires, batteries, power plants, etc were discussed with him. GMT Amravati was optimistic that all these materials will be made available with proper persuasions to all levels. He appealed all to come forward for the development of BSNL. Delegation of SNEA(I) Amravati also assured their fullest support and contributions from members for improving the services and for betterment of BSNL.


 Shri RAMASHRAY PRASAD joined as new GMT Amravati.


Com P H Kandalkar DS SNEA Amravati alongwith ACS met DGM OP Amravati today on ERP issue and on the issue of non receipt of temp advances to the executives of Amravati ssa and problems faced thereof..DGM OP Amravati and DGM Fin agreed on the problems faced by the executives and  difficulties faced while imparting services to customers but expressed their  helplessness as Circle Office is not paying requisite attention to Amt issue of non receipt of temp advances....This was the main reason why temp advances are not given even though all information is sent to circle office        To come out of this deadlock, CS was contacted when discussion with DGM was going on. CS asked to send the details of sanctioned of temp advances by head SSA ...Accordingly whole information is mail to CS.....Now matter is being persued at circle office Mumbai ....Let us hope for the best....  



Welfare Claims of late Shri N P Panchariya AGM CFA-II BSNL Amravati worth Rs. 1,00,000.00 (Rupees One Lakh only) is  settled by SNEA (I) CHQ: SNEA (I) Amravati  conveys  its sincere thanks to SNEA (I) CHQ specially Com. R. Rajan, Treasurer CHQ & Com. K. Sebastin, GS for settlement of Welfare claim of  Late Com. N.P. Panchariya, AGM  CFA-II Amravati. SNEA (I) Amravati also conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to com M S Adasul CS SNEA(I) MH Circle, Com Bhonsale Circle Treasurer for early settlement of claim.  Welfare cheque will be handed over to the nominee soon.

Comrades, you are aware that SNEA(I) has welfare scheme for its paid members and in case of death of such member, association is contributing as assistance to the aggrieved family with payments of Rs. 1,00,000.00 (Rupees One Lakh Only). SNEA (I) is the only association having such social welfare scheme which recognizes the members and always give helping to its members hand even after death of the members. This amount is not big, but its payment at crucial period helps a lot for family members, when they are facing lot of problems & when head of family& earning hand is no more with them to take care.



Meeting of delegation of SNEA Amravati with DGM Amravati.


Delegation of SNEA(I) Amravati comprising  Com P H Kandalkar DS SNEA(I) , Com S R Kalmegh ACS(E) SNEA MH Circle and com D H Bhad met DGM Shri Vijaykumar Lilhare. DGM Finance Shri Tayade and Shri V S Labhane AGM Admn and Shri D B Dange AGM Plg were present in the meeting.


Following issues were discussed in the meeting.

1) Immediate Payment of temp advances to all executives in Amravati which is pending from more than a month .

2) Floating tender for AC unit repairing, EPBT

3) Bringing Btys /PP form Mobile Store at Pune

4) Immediate relieving of Shri S H Gandhi SDE Achalpur-II/Mrs S R Deshmukh JTO Ch Rly 

5) Issue of requisite certificate for OBC concession –JTO as Gp C at the time of appointment

6) Proper reviewing of APARs of some of the executives

7) Providing UPS supply to Edge router of Mobile equipments- Issue settled

 Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous Dipawali....

May the divine lamp lights up light of happiness,sukh and shanti in the life of every comrades of SNEA(I) Amravati. 


Congratulation to New Circle Office Bearers of SNEA MH:

SNEA(I) Amravati congratulate New Circle Office Bearers of SNEA(I) Maharashtra elected in 5th Circle Conference of SNEA(I) MH held on 1st to 3rd Sept 2013 at Goa. Hearty congratulations to Circle President Com. S.V. Bhad , SDE Nashik. And Circle Secretary Com. M.S. Adasul,, SDE Circle Office Mumbai,Com. V.B. Kokate VP, SDE Ahmednagar, Com. S.B.Bhosale, CT, JTO Circle Office Mumbai Com. S.R. Kalmegh, ACS East, SDE Amravati.,Com. S.R. Bhise, ACS West, SDE Kolhapur,Com. V.J. Bhandirge, Joint Secretary HQ, SDE Circle Office Mumbai.Com. M.M. Wadhwani, Joint Secretary, JTO   Kalyan, Com. Y. B. Bhongle, Joint Secretary, Kokan, JTO Ratnagri.,Com. B. N. Kore, Joint Secretary South, DE Solapur. Com. V.R. Choudhary, Joint Secretary, Pune, SDE Pune.,Com. N.D. Barde, Joint Secretary North, DE Dhule. ,Com. V. P. Sanap, Joint Secretary Marathwada, DE Parbhani.,Com. S.A. Sarode, Joint Secretary Vidarbha, JTO Chandrapur.,Com. S.M. Sahare, Joint Secretary NRU, SDE WTP Mumbai. , Com. S.C.Vete, CWC Member, SDE Goa.,Com. S.P.Sonawane, CWC Member, SDE Pune.,Com. R.S.Kolapkar, CWC Member, SDE Aurangabad. , Com. N.S. Gadre, CWC Member, SDE Yavatmal.,Com. M.P.Pandhre, CWC Member, SDE Nagpur. And  Com. P. N. Patil SDE Nashik as Auditor for SNEA (I) Maharashtra.



General Body Meeting of SNEA(I) Amravati was held on Satuday the ,27/07/2013 at Conference Hall ,Amravati inwhich various HR and Development issues were discussed. Meeting was presided  by Com H N Bagde Vice President SNEA Amravati and by Com A V Changole which was attended by nearly 45-50 executives inspite of having heavy rain outside. Com S R Kalmegh ACS (E) ,Com S H Gandhi ADS , Com V R Jadhao Div Treasurer,Com S P Dhok Executive mem and ex-DS,Com D H Bhad OS, Com V D Mishra, Com Kawadkar,Com Isokar,Com Badhe, Com Chavan, Com Dhore, Com Dike, Com Wankhade,Com Nagarnaik, Com Wakode,Com Sherekar ,Com Ghatole, Com Kinge,Com Jichkar ,Com Com Gawande,Com Karale, Com Sorte,Com Hole,Com Jagnade,Com malviya,Com Khandelwal,Com Kirankumar,com Jagdishkumar,com Raghu,Com Chaudhari,Com Sorte and Mrs Lonkar,Com Mrs Kandalkar, Com Mrs Wankhade and many others attended the meeting.

Com P H Kandalkar, DS SNEA Amravati elaborated in detail the list of issues taken with the  administartion and it's persuation and settlement thereof. He also thanked DGM Amravati and AGM Admn for issuing orders for all  pending request transfers of JTOs and SDEs.       


SNEA(I) Amravati Salutes Com. G. L. Jogi, roaring Lion of BSNL in General and SNEA(I) in particular on his superannuation retirement from Office works. With his retirement from Office he will able to spare more time for association activities and SNEA (I) CHQ will be in strong position to settle all pending HR issues of executives and issues related to growth & development of BSNL.


DS SNEA Amravati has sent welfare claim of  late com P N Panchariya ,AGM BSNL Amravati ,amounting rupees 1 Lakh to CHQ thourgh our Circle Secretary SNEA MH Circle.....We are expecting early sanction and approval from GS SNEA CHQ New Delhi.


Congratulations to one and all !!!

78.2% IDA merger settled.

BSNL CO endorsed the presidential order issued by DoT. Date of effect will be 10.06.2013, the date of issue of PO. The arrears payment issue will be taken up with DoT. Comrades, our justified demand of 78.2% IDA fitment for 100% IDA neutralization w.e. from 01.01.2007 is implemented by BSNL.



SNEA(I) Amravati whole heartedly congratulates and conveys sincere thanks to all the comrades  of SNEA Amravati and leaders of  other Unions and Associations of Amravati SSA for their active & massive support to the call given by Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations for day long Dharana at Doorsanchar Bhavan Amravati. SNEA(I), AIBSNLEA(I),BSNLEU,NFTE,AIBCTES participated in yesterday’s Dharana. Each and every one participated in Dharana demands for 78.2% IDA merger and expressed their commitment and aggression to make the forthcoming  INDEFINITE STRIKE wef 12/06/2013 a great success.



 Agitational programme for the settlement of 78.2% IDA merger 

(Call of the Forum). 

 22-05-2013    -Demonstration at SSA Circle and Corporate level. 

 05-06-2013    - Dharna at SSA, Circle and Corporate Office level.

 12-06-2013     -     Indefinite Strike

Organise the programme successfully.




SNEA Amravati meeting with DGM Amravati:-Details 

Meeting started at 13.30 Hrs and ended at 17.30 hrs with point wise discussion on each and every development as well as HR issues of the executives in Amravati SSA. Meeting was headed by Shri Vijaykumar Lilhare TDM Amravati. Other participant in the meeting were  Shri D B Dange AGM (N/w &Plg), Shri V S Labhane AGM Admn/HR, Shri R B Vyawhare CAO ,Shri S B Dandage AGM-CFA-III, Shri Dhobe AGM-CFA-I, Shri C A Girnale AGM-CFA-IV, Shri N D Wakode SDE General, Shri Gondane SDE Electrical, Shri Khande JE Electrical.

SNEA was represented by ACS, Com P H Kandalkar DS Amravati, Com A V Changole Dist President ,Com S H Gandhi ADS-I, Com Mrs A K Chungade ADS-II, Com V R Jadhao Dist Treasurer, and Com Manish Mahure Executive member.


Following major issues discussed in the meeting :


1)Timely finalization of  cable maintenance tender in rural.

2)Timely finalization of tender for A/C Maintenace.

3)Timely finalization of tender for tightening of nut/bolts in all types of BSNL towers.

4)Timely finalization of Dismantling of towers.

5)Supply of maintenance materials like EPBT,5 pair cable,jelly, Batteries for Exchanges/BTS ,Power plants etc

6)Floating tender for proper wiring in small exchanges exchange.

7)Maintenance/repair of DG sets in the field along with replacement of DG bty sets

8)Implementation of all pending request rural to urban request transfers of executives in Amravati SSA

9)Posting of additional SDEs/JTOs in rural SDCA

10)Settlement of EPF issue

11) Posting of TTAs/Sr TOAs,PM in rural as well as in urban at the places mentioned in the agenda.

12)Giving representation to SNEA in health, sport and welfare committees


Two hour marathon Meeting was conducted in co-ordial atmosphere. We have given all necessary feedback on each and every issue. DGM Amravati assured SNEA  for early settlement on all above.


Important decisions made in discussions.


i)All above mentioned tenders will be finalized soon.

ii)To persue circle office for allotment of stores.

iii)Jelly required for cable maintenance in urban shall to be procured thr temp Advances

iv)For proper cooling inside the BTS hut, arrangement of exhaust fans in Rajapeth BTS will be tested on example basis.   

v)DS will submit the list of exchanges where wiring is to be replaced and mode of action will be decided thereafter.

vi)DGM Amravati assured to implement all pending request transfers of executives from rural to urban most probably in the next week.

vii)Posting of TTA,Sr TOA ,PM will be done on need basis and due consideration will be given.  

viii)proper representation will be given to SNEA in all committees.


Concluding remarks were made by Shri V S Labhane AGM Admn/HR. Finally ,meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com P H Kandalkar DS SNEA Amravati.


Meeting with DGM Amravati: In pursuance with the agenda submitted by Com P H Kandalkar ,DS SNEA Amravati,  meeting was granted to SNEA Amravati on 24/05/2013 and conducted  in the conference Hall ,Doorsanchar Bhavan Amravati. More details follows....


Congratulations comrades for making todays Lunch hr demonstration a grand success which was posible due to your active participation.Forum of BSNL Unions /Associations has given call for agitation programme and requested comrades throught India to register strongest protest against undue delay in granting 78.2 % IDA merger as per agreement signed between the management and Forum on 12/06/2012. 

SNEA(I),AIBSNLEA,BSNLEU,NFTE,AIBCTES participated in yesterdays demonstration. Speakers appealed all to participate fully in forthcoming Dharana/Indefinite strike.



Vidarbha Tour- Spl GB Meeting of SNEA Amravati…

Spl. GB meeting of SNEA Amravati was conducted on 10/05/2013 at 5.15 hrs in the evening at jam packed conference hall of Doorsanchar Bhavan Amravati. SNEA Amravati and other districts organized this spl meeting to express their gratitude toward CS and Circle body of SNEA MH Circle for declaring GADCHIROLI as “All India Tenure” .  In spite of having very hot temperature and after completing spl GBs at Chandrapur, Gadchiroli and Wardha in the two days hectic  schedule of vidarbha , Circle Secretary Com M S Adasul, Circle President Com S V Bhad and Circle Treasurer Com P N Patil , arrived at Amravati  without any sign of tiredness because of the enthusiasm, love and affection  shown by the alert and active comrades of all the four districts. These leaders with CWC Member Com N S Gadre, Jt Sec Vidarbha Com S A Sarode were welcomed at the gate by the comrades of Amravati with slogans of SNEA Zindabad,  Com Adasul Age Badho , Com Bhad Age Bhadho , hum tumhare sath hai….and slogans of SNEA zindabad.

Dist President SNEA Amravati Com A V Changole presided over the spl meeting which was attended and addressed by following office bearers

1)Com S V Bhad Circle President SNEA MH Circle

2)Com M S Adasul Circle Secretary SNEA MH Circle

3)Com P N Patil Circle Treasurer SNEA MH Circle

4)Com N S Gadre  CWC Member SNEA MH Circle

5)Com S A Sarode Jt Secretary Vidarbha SNEA MH Circle

6)Com S R Kalmegh ACS (E) SNEA MH Circle

7)com H K Chavan DS SNEA Wardha

Even though the Spl GB meeting at Amravati was arranged in a short notice ,large numbers of SNEA members were present in the conference hall so as to get the updates on various issue from their leaders. Meeting started with two minute silence to observe condolence to late com N P Pancharia AGM, a  member of SNEA Amravati. After the felicitation of all the guests, Com P H Kandalkar ,DS SNEA Amravati gave DS report in detail. Meeting begins at 5.30 hrs and lasted around 9.30 hrs in the night with pin drop silence to listen each and every word of com M S Adasul  Circle secretary SNEA MH Circle. CS, in his own popular style ,highlighted each and every prevailing issue of BSNL ,development issues ,organizational issue and pending HR issues of executives . Circle President Com S V Bhad in his speech asked executives to be vigilant in their day to day work and appealed all to work for betterment of BSNL. Com P N Patil thanked all the members of SNEA Amravati and com P H Kandalkar DS SNEA Amravati as well as Com V R Jadhao Dist Treasurer for clearing all circle/chq quota and all pending funds and making their outstanding nil…  .Com N S Gadre CWC member, Com S R Kalmegh ACS SNEA MH Circle and Com S A Sarode Jt Sec Vidarbha thanked Com M S Adasul ,Com S V Bhad and Com P N Patil for declaring Gadchiroli as All India Tenure and having accepted the request and coming all the way for vidarbha tour in the middle of May, hottest month in the summer. Com H K Chavan DS Wardha,Com Suyawanshi executive member Yeotmal were present in the meeting.   

This meeting was also attended by Shri D B Dange AGM N/W-Plg and DS AIBSNLEA and acting TDM Amravati, Shri S B Dandage AGM-CFA-III,Shri R B Vyawhare CFA, Shri Dhobe AGM CM, Shri D R Dike AGM Trans,Shri C M Girnale AGM  CFA-IV ,Shri S N Chavan AGM Trans/CFA-II and Com G M Talmale Ex-President SNEA Amravati.  Com R S Raut DS BSNLEU, Com S A Tatte Dist President BSNLEU and Com N B Band and Rahate DS NFTE were also present in the meeting. Com Kolwate JTO Dham was felicited in the hands of Com M S Adasul for being selected for the post of Dy SP Wireless. Com S P Dhok Ex –DS SNEA Amravati also felicited com Kolwate on behalf of SNEA Amravati. Meeting was nicely anchored by Com Smt A K Chungade ADS-II and vote of thanks was delivered by Com S H Gandhi ADS-I.

It is because of the splendid efforts of Com S H Gandhi, Com V R Jadhao, Com S P Dhok , Com Devnath Bhad, Com N D Wakode, Com R L Kawadkar, Com  N B Vitalkar, Com Jichkar and others  which have made this spl GB of Amravati a grand success and memorable one…

In the recent fire incidence near BSNL store, Amravati  ,it is reportedly known that WTP Fiber cable worth Rs 28 lakhs is burnt cusing heavy loss to BSNL. The fire was due to electric short circuit.



SNEA (I) Amravati salutes to the sincere, dedicated and long services rendered by Com. G. S. Waghmare Sr. PS to GMT Amravati.on completion of services in BSNL and superannuation retirement on 30th April 2013. We wish you a very happy and prosperous retired life......

Date:- 27/04/2013

Innocent peoples are being cheated in Vidarbha area on the name of leasing their land for erection of 3G Towers in the name of company whose name is shown in resemblance with BSNL by offering very high monthly rents of about Rs.40,000.00 per month. In new idea of cheating, such fraudulent are demanding initial deposit amount of Rs. 17,000.00 in their bank accounts as processing or registration charges or any other charges. By offer of such high amount deposit innocent people get easily trapped in their net. Some of subscribers are coming in mobile office to enquire about this but some of them are depositing the money directly without verification. The cheaters are taking benefit of BSNL brand name & faith of peoples on BSNL and may runaway after receiving the initial amount from the victims. Due to this, not only the victims lose their hard earned money but BSNLs image is also being tarnished and other staff and officers may have to face anguish of such victims. All the comrades are requested to be alert from such cases & cheaters and bring awareness among other BSNL staff, officers & esteemed BSNL customers.


 SNEA Amravati delegation met with Shri Vijaykumar Lilhare TDM Amravati yesterday on 22/04/2013 and requested to give meeting to the association on the agenda already submitted by DS SNEA Amravati. Delegation also requested to issue pending rural to urban request transfers of executives of Amravati. TDM Amravati assured to issue all pending request transfers and fix early date for association meeting. Delegation compromises of Com S R Kalmegh ACS E SNEA MH Circle, Com P H Kandalkar DS SNEA Amravati,Com A V Changole District President SNEA Amravati and Com S H Gandhi ADS SNEA Amravati.  


SAD NEWS: Com. N P Panchariya AGM CFA-II, Amravati SSA ,aged 59 yrs passed away today morning at 10.45 hrs due to massive heart attack. Com. Panchariya was sincere executive of BSNL, and very active member of SNEA (I) Amravati. His untimely departure is great loss to his family members, BSNL and SNEA (I).  We pray almighty to give courage to the family members of late Com. Panchariya to come out of these difficult crises and let the departed soul be in heaven with peace.


 Gadchiroli  & Sindhudurg declared ALL India Tenure:-  In accordance with the   the resolution of SNEA CEC at  Aurangabad  and vigorous persuasion by  Com M S Adasul CS SNEA MH circle, BSNLCO finally declared Gadchiroli  & Sindhudurg as ALL India Tenure.  It gives big relief to the executives of MH circle as now onward  they can complete their All India Tenure within MH only. Long pending demand of executives of Vidarbha area is now fulfilled…  We extend our sincere thanks to Com G L Jogi CHQ President ,Com K Sebastin GS SNEA(I), Com A R Manani Vice president CHQ, Com Vivek Wankhade AGS CHQ, Com M B Sangle Jt Sec West  and Com M S Adasul CS SNEA (I) MH circle and all those who has persued it. SNEA Zindabad….


SNEA Amravati salutes to the Greatest Son of the Soil, Mahamanav ,BharatRatna  Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar...A Great Visionary, Historian, Politician, Philosopher, Jurist, Humanist & Emancipator of millions on his 122nd Birth Anniversary....


 CHQ News:Great breakthrough:

Airtel has to Stop the 3G roaming services:

Judgment of Hon’ble High Court of Delhi fully vindicates the stand of this Association on providing of 3G services by Bharti, Vodafone and Idea through illegitimate roaming pacts, without having 3G licence and spectrum. SNEA(I) was the first to move to High Court of Delhi in Nov, 2011 challenging roaming agreements between Bharti, Vodafone and Idea to provide 3G services in Circles without 3G licence. 


 Swarna Award for Amravati CSCs:

Maharashtra circle has declared Swarna Award for CSC’s for 2nd and 3rd Quarter ending.

Amravati Main CSC  has won Swarna Award under Category –I CSC  in both 2nd and 3rd Quarter

whereas  Under Category-III CSC ,the award goes to Chandur Bazar CSC for quarter ending


Congratulations to all ........


SNEA Amravati writes to TDM Amravati for the various difficulties faced by the executives working in field and their pending HR issues. DS Amravati has requested TDM Amravati for the early meeting on above.


 On occasion of world Women’s day BSNL Management approves child care leave:


 International Women's Day

 Today is a good day to recognize and speak out against the scourge of violence against women.

Executive meeting of SNEA Amravati was conducted inwhich discussion on various development as well as HR issues were taken place.


DS has requested to all SNEA executives  in Amravati SSA to give suggestions, development  issues or any other pending issues to be taken with management on his email address . Pls see that it should reach as early as possible.  


 SNEA(I) Amravati Conveys its sincere thanks to all comrades of Amravati for their active participations in Full Day Dharana and mass lunch hour demonstrations  demanding immediate approval of 78.2 % IDA fixation....



FLASH NEWS: UPDATE FROM SNEA (I) CHQ: ITS Repatriation case dismissed by hon. high court dellhi. Hon. High Court Delhi dismissed the plea of DoT to allow ITS to continue on deputation in BSNL and directed DoT/BSNL Management to implement its order to repatriate unabsorbed ITS within six weeks.


SNEA 'New Year Diaries 2013 , printed and published by SNEA MH Circle are now being distributed by SDE Planning, Amravati. All SNEA members are requested to collect it at the earliest....   


For Deactivation of any unwanted VAS on BSNL mobile, pls send sms,  STOP to the no 155223....... This is as per latest guidelines issued by VAS section BSNLCO New Delhi 


Com M S Dafre JTO Warud and Com M A Khan JTO Achalpur is retiring today..... SNEA Amravati wishes both of the active members of SNEA Amravati a very happy and prosperous ,healthy retired life........



SNEA (I) Amravati welcomes Shri. V. K. Mahindra CGMT MH Circle on his visit to Amravati SSA: High level Delegation of SNEA (I) Amravati welcomed Shri. V. K. Mahindra CGMT MH Circle on his visit to Amravati SSA on 10th January 2013  in a special meeting by CGMT MH with office bearers of all the Unions & Associations of Amravati SSA.

On behalf of SNEA(I)  Com. S. R. Kalmegh ACS(E) SNEA MH Circle , Com A V Changole  District President Amravati , Com P H Kandalkar DS SNEA Amravati ,Com S H Gandhi ADS, Com S P Dhok, Com Manish Mahure welcomed  Hon’ble CGMT with Flower Bouquet and submitted the agenda on development as well as on HR issues. Com V R Jadhao, Com Shekuwale, Com H N Bagde, Com S P Mahatme, Com D H Bhad, Com V J Pande, Com Mrs Arati Chungade, Com Vijay Dhore, Com Nilesh Jichkar, Com Vivek Mishra, Com U W Kawalkar, Com Kirankumar, Com S P Virkhare and others were also present. During discussions CGMT MH Circle heard & replied all the queries & suggestions from Unions & Associations representatives of Amravati District.

Thereafter CGMT MH Circle addressed huge gathering of all  executives of Amravati SSA in the conference Hall ,GM Office Amravati l meeting wherein  Shri A R Sawathkar, Sr GM Mobile Nagpur, Shri Vijaykumar Lilhare DGM Amravati and Shri Ajay Mehtre DGM Mobile Amravati were also present. Hon CGMT was welcomed with beautiful flower bouquet by Shri Vijay Kumar Lilhare.  Hon’ble CGMT addressed the jam packed conference hall & in his two hours speech he has expressed the concerns about Present Situation of BSNL, Declining Revenues, Quality of Service, etc. and given stress on utilization of existing resources in most optimised way so that operational expenditure can be curtailed. He told that MH Circle has made merger of mobile wing with SSA as a step to increase quality of service but still there is a lot of scope for improvement in GSM services by various methods just as reducing the total percentage of BTS downtime, Proper utilisation of existing equipments as per need and demand of subscribers.

He appealed all the employees of BSNL to change their old mind set and altogether shall work with hand to hand for better customer satisfaction and improving the quality of service in broadband, lease line etc.  He further suggested that we should not loose amount of money which we are getting as subsidy through VPTs, DSPTs also due care shall be taken so that penalties imposed on BSNL shall be bare minimum.




SNEA Amravati  welcomes Hon’ble Shri V K Mahendraji CGMT MH Circle on his official visit to Amravati SSA on 10/01/2013. Hon’ble CGMT will be addressing the special meeting scheduled on the same day in conference Hall at 10.00 Hrs in the morning.  



Wish you all a very

 Happy & Prosperous New Year 2013.


 DGM Recruitment in BSNL, Date Extended upto 31st Dec 2012: BSNL CO extends last date of ‘Online Registration’ for BSNL internal candidates applying for DGM recruitment up to 31st December 2012.  Last Date of receipt of Computer Generated Form by BSNL CO is 4th January 2013.  All eligible and interested candidates are requested to apply and complete all the required formalities in time. For online registration visit   


Circle office has diverted fund to BSNL Amravati and hence our executives in Amravati can get their pending temp advances ... thanks to CS for proper persuation and giving relief to all executives in Amravati.

 Due to increase in consumer price Index for industrial workers for the month of October, 2012  by 2 points (i.e. 217 from 215), There are chances for increase in IDA by 4 % from 01-01-2013.....


 Diwali: The Indian festival of lights! Wish You All a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous




Trade Union programmes:

11th -13th October, 2012 :  “SAVINGRAM” CAMPAIGN

11.10.2012                    : Lunch hour demonstrations.

15.10.2012                    : Mass Dharna.

26.10.2012                    :Parliament / Raj Bhawan/Collectorate March

29.10.2012 onwards      : Indefinite Non-Co-operation.

29.10.12 to 03.11.12     : Day long Hunger Strike


 As per JF CHQ call for observing protest week , all members of SNEA Amravati continue their protest by wearing black badges and participated in mass in lunch hr demonstration on 05/10/2012 infront of Doorsanchar Bhavan Amravati. Members of AIBSNLEA/AIGETOA also participated in lunch hr demonstration. Major office bearers of non executives unions BSNLEU/NFTE also expressed their anguish for non settlement of issue of ITS absorption....      



Protest Week by United Forum of BSNL Executive Associations from  1st to 7th Oct 2012

All the comrades will observe protest week from 1st October 2012 to 7th October 2012 by wearing black badges and participate in lunch hr demonstration.



SNEA (I) Amravati salutes to the sincere, dedicated and long services rendered by its following members on completion of services in BSNL and superannuation retirement on 30th Sept 2012.     

Com. R. Y. Deshmukh SDE OCB/E 10 B Amravati.

Com. R. D. Mirkute, SDE MDF Amravati.


 Increase in Loan Amount: Amravati BSNL Employee's Co Op Society has increased the laon amount from Rs 5000/- to Rs 10,000/-...  . It will be effective wef 1st Oct '2012


 Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) has revised it GPRS/2G Mobile Internet offerings and reduced 2G Data usage under its Prepaid  and Postpaid GPRS Pack of Rs.98 and Rs.89.

From 1st October, 2012, BSNL Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers using 2G GPRS Packs of Rs.98 and Rs.89 will get 1250 MB free data usage instead of 2GB or 3GB. BSNL will also launching new 2 GB GPRS Plan/Pack for Rs.111  & Rs.125 for Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers respectively. The Free Data usage can be used as ‘Home and Roam’ across India.

Date:- 18/09/2012

Forum of All Unions & Associations Amravati organized massive lunch hour demonstration programme today in front of Doorsanchar Bhavan Amravati as per call from CHQ New Delhi. Leaders and members of all unions and associations gathered at 13.30hrs which prominently include  SNEA,AIBSNLEA,AIGETOA, BSNLEU, NFTE, AIBCTES . The fabulous gathering of executives and non executives was addressed by all of them reiterating their readiness to execute all forthcoming CHQ calls with full strength and vigour…



Countrywide Demonstration on 18th Sept 2012 Demanding Repatriation of Unabsorbed ITS Officers by 30th Sept 2012

                           Lunch Hour Demonstration....Ensure  full  participation......


 Amravati Admn has also cancelled the transfer order of office bearers of SNEA and retained them as is where is basis...


SNEA leaders' transfer orders cancelled as per orders of Honorable Delhi High Court


 EiD Mubarak:

SNEA(I) MH circle wishes all our beloved

members, well wishers, BSNL customers and their

family members on the occasion of Ramzan Eid.


 Meeting with DGM Amravat:i:: Delegation of SNEA Amravati met DGM Shri  V L Lilhare and disussed pending issues of executives of SNEA Amravati. It was the 1st meeting with DGM after the formation of new body of SNEA Amravati....Delegation was led by Shri P H Kandalkar ,DS SNEA Amravati.


  BSNL corporate office further elaborated the method for pay fixation on first up gradation under provisions of Employees Promotion Policy , consequent to pay revision w.e.from 01-01-2007.   >>>Letter>.>


1)Merger of staff working under Mobile wing with concerned SSA  is being issued as was demanded since long by SNEA and now there will be only one unit i.e SSA and one single group will be formed for all purpose of transfer & posting within SSA(Urban/Rural), Circle office  will maintain only one waitlist for each SSA. Henceforth request transfer will be made only for SSA and not for TD or mobile separately. This will remove disparity among executives for local transfer

2)BSNL warning over missed calls & SIM cloning:  Next time if you get a missed call starting with +92; #90 or #09, don't show the courtesy of calling back. BSNL has issued alerts to subscribers — particularly about the series mentioned above — saying that calling the number back after a missed call may make a user susceptible to SIM Card cloning.


The Emergency General Body meeting of SNEA (I) Amravati  was held on 21st  June 2012 in the Conference Hall Doorsanchar Bhavan, Amravati  to discuss various organizational and development issues.

         In this General Body meeting Com. A V Changole, Com. P.H.Kandalkar and Com. V R Jadhao are elected as District President, District Secretary and District Treasurer for next term of SNEA (I) Amravati. Com S P Dhok Ex DS SNEA Amravati played key role in unanimous election of new body of SNEA Amravati.

  >>>>>Click here for whole Body >>>>>>>


 Emergency General Body Meeting Today:

SNEA Amravati is conducting Emergency General Body Meeting on 21/06/2012 at 18.00 Hrs at Conference Hall, Doorsanchar Bhavan ,BSNL Amravati.. All are request to attend in time....


LDCE for JTO to SDE Promotion- Covering letter declaring the provisional results, BSNL  asks discrepancy/errors if any to be brought to its notice before 23.6.2012


Exchange/Braodband restoration work is in full swing in RLU Camp Exchange Amravati.....


 Congratulations comrade, Agreement signed. Major demand of 78.2% IDA fitment settled. Strike deferred. We congratulate the entire BSNL employees who exhibited exemplary determination to settle the demand. Employees Unity Zindabad  SNEA Zindabad..

We also congratulate Com S M Bahurupi, Com R A Chatur, Com Gajendra Kinge, Com Mrs Kanchan Wankhade, Com N G Ladhake, Com P Dahiwade, Com V B Dabrase and Com Umesh Chaudhari for passing LDCE for JTO to SDE promotion under 33% quota....


 CHQ News:--The meeting of Forum of all Unions/Associations in BSNL and management ended without any settlement. Hence CHQ calls upon all the leaders and cadres  to go ahead with full mobilisation for the strike. The strike will start from 0000 hrs on 13-06-2012. It will be a stay out strike.


 Grand Success of DHARANA at Amravati:- 

 CHQ  call of "Dharana" given by Forum of all Unions and Associations in BSNL was successfully executed at BSNL Amravati in which each and every leaders of various unions and Associations &  their  members participated in large number.  At the time of Lunch Hr demonstration , leaders appealed  to  participate in large in the proposed  Indefinite strike commencing wef 13th June 2012 and expressed their solidarity & commitment for the success of strike…  

We are very much thankful for your active participation and overwhelming response…

Pls keep it up….


Meeting of all Unions/Associations in Amravati:- Leaders of all Unions and Associations of BSNL Amravati met  yesterday to chalk out the strategy for smooth execution of Dharana on 6th June and Indefinite Strike wef 13th June 2012. It was decided in the meeting that office bearers of Unions/Associations shall sit on Dharana on 6th June'2012 and others will join in between/during lunch period. It was also decided to make the proposed agitational programme a grand success.


 Massive Lunch Hr Demonstration:-As per CHQ Call of Forum of all Unions and Associations of BSNL , massive lunch hr demonstration took place in front of GM Office Amravati in which all leaders and members of various unions and associations in BSNL Amravati participated in mass and registered their strong resentment . Leaders expressed their anguish in discrimination by management in giving 78.2% IDA,LTC and other perks and allowances to absorbed employees vis-s-vis unabsorbed. It was unanimously decided to participate fully in Dharana on 6th June and Indefinite strike wef 13th June ‘2012.


Com B S Dhawade SDE Genl. o/o GMT Amravati is retiring today on superannuation, SNEA Amravati whole hearted thanks to Com B S Dhawade for being with us as a member of SNEA Amravati and giving valuable support.

We wish him a very happy and peaceful retired life.



Hon High Court of Delhi outrightly dismissed the modification application filed by BSNL seeking 25 months time for repatriation of unabsorbed ITS officers working in BSNL.

desperate plea made by the BSNL counsel to give time upto 31st December, 2012 was rejected by the Hon Court. Hon HC while dismissing the application of BSNL directed it to complete repatriation process by 30th Sept '2012


 MH Circle has reminded all SSAs about proper manning of all unmanned exchanges in their SSAs and released data of SSA wise unmanned Exchanges in MH circle. According to which out of total 4823 exchanges(20.2%) i.e 974 are unmanned.In Amravati 25 exchanges are unmanned out of total 125 exchanges


 MH Circle office issued inter SSA transfers in the cadre of SDE...

>>>>Click Here for Copy of the Ltr>>>>>

Date:- 08/05/2012

SNEA Amravati  meet Sr. GMT Amravati: Delegation of SNEA Amravati  meet  Shri D C Dwevidi Sr GMT Amravati  today . Shri Vijay kumar Lilhare DGM Amravati ,Shri R B Vyawhare CAO , Shri V S Labhane DE Admn  and A B Chavan SDE Admn  were present in the meeting. Delegation was comprised of  Com  S R Kalmegh  ACS(E) SNEA MH Circle, Com S P Dhok DS SNEA Amravati, Com A V Changole Dist President , Com P H Kandalkar Vice President  and Com S H Gandhi Div Treasurer SNEA Amravati.

Following issues were discussed in the meeting.

1)Unequal distribution of work among executives in Amravati SSA and various discrepancies in the recent transfer orders of JTOs/SDEs including transfers of ladies comrade.

2)Unavailability of CDMA spares like internal batteries, Patch Cable Antenna .

3)Maitenance of EPBT  and  SMPS module repairing tender

4)Mobile coverage specially in Amravati City , replacement of batteries , proper AC arrangement in BTS

5)Improper delivery of telephone bills to subscriber …      


 99% ITS officers decided not to get absorbed in BSNL/ MTNL - ITSA.The Delhi High Court has given two weeks time to the ITS officers for giving fresh option, either to get absorbed in BSNL/ MTNL or to revert back to the government service. The two weeks time has expired on May 1st. Under this circumstance, a spokesperson of the ITSA has told the Business Line that 99% ITS officers have decided against joining BSNL/ MTNL.


 Loksabha Questions:  At the time of answering question no. 4307 The minister of communications and IT informed Lok sabha on 02-05-2012, in respect of ITS officers absorption in BSNL/MTNL, that as on 30.04.2012 there are 1454 Group ‘A’ ITS officers on deemed deputation to BSNL and MTNL 394 have been relived to Join DO


 NEW2nd May 2012: OA No.36 / 2011 ( JTO to SDE Promotion - DOPT Seniority guidelines case) at Hon. CAT, Chennai: Today judgment delivered, the case is dismissed by Hon. CAT Chennai. Congratulations to all, SNEA(I) stand vindicated once again


1)Order for request transfers of SDEs/JTOs from Amravati rural to Amravati city is issued by AGM Admn/HR Amravati on 28/04/2012.. SNEA Amravati is thankful to Sr GMT Amrvati and DGM Amravati for considering the request of SNEA Amravati and issuing all pending request transfers. There are some discrepancies in the transfer order which will be strongly raised .....

2)With the interventions of SNEA Amravati , work of cable maintenance is partially started....Presently work of rectification of all immergent cable faults are in progress..  


Private Operators Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Idea Cellular, Uninor and Videocon who are unhappy with the TRAI’s recommendations on spectrum, warned that high spectrum costs would lead to a 25-30% hike in call rates.

While Government said it is difficult to predict likely changes in call rates of mobile telephones in the wake of cancellation of 122 licenses as per Supreme Court verdict. This is because, as per the current Tariff framework, call rates of mobile services are under forbearance except for National Roaming where ceiling tariff has been specified. Mobile operators have the flexibility to offer different tariffs depending on the market conditions and the other commercial considerations  …. Courtesy…..Telecom Talk


 BSNL revenue decreased by 2.04% in the year 2011-12:   When all other operators recorded 10% to 15% increase in their revenue (from operations) during 2011-12 comparing to last year 2010-11, BSNL recorded 2.04% decrease in the revenue (from operations) as per the information available to us.(2010-11 Revenue-Rs 25541.89 Cr and 2011-12 Revenue-Rs 25019.85 Cr). MH Circle stands second (-9.14%) in the list of decline of revenue where as Punjab circle recorded -11.76 % loss of revenue.


BSNL Amravati-Cable maintenance deadlock continues..... Cable contractors mainly in Amravati city area have not started their cable maintenance work eventhough the list of faulty lines due to cable fault is increasing. Today,More telephones are out off order due to digging by outside agencies for laying underground pipe lines in Amravati city...Efforts are being made to end the deadlock and find out probable solution...... 



Grand Colourful District Conference of SNEA(I) Nashik: The well attended, effectively conducted and  efficiently anchored Grand colorful District Conference of SNEA(I) Nasik was held on yesterday i.e 22nd April 2012 from 10-00 Hrs at T.R.C. Hall, Sanchar Parisar,Canada Corner, Nashik. The Grand marathon Open session of the conference which lasted for more than 6 hours was attended and addressed by many of distinguished personalities from BSNL and SNEA which includes:

1.            Shri Mahendra kumar Jain, Sr.GMT Nashik,

2.            Shri Nitin Mahajan, Addl GM(CFA-I) Nashik,

3.            Shri Rakesh Srivastava, DGM(Mobile)Nashik

4.            Com.A.R.Manani, Vice President SNEA(I) CHQ.

5.            Com.V.M.Wankhede, AGS SNEA(I) CHQ.

6.            Com.M.B.Sangale,Jt.Secretary(west) SNEA(I)CHQ.

7.            Com.S.V.Bhad,Circle President SNEA(I) MH Circle.

8.            Com.M.S.Adasul,Circle Secretary SNEA(I) MH Circle.

9.            Com.P.N.Patil,Circle Treasurer SNEA(I) MH Circle.

10.         Com.S.R.Kalmegh, ACS (East) SNEA(I) MH Circle.

11.         Com.N.D Barde,Vice President SNEA(I) MH Circle

12.         Com.S.P.Sonawane,CWC member SNEA(I) MH Circle

13.         Com.M.V.Mali,Jt.Secretary (North),SNEA(I) MH Circle.

14.         Com. S.A.Bhadane District President SNEA(I) Nashik.

15.         Com.A.R.Akhade, CEC member SNEA(I) Nashik

16.     Com Jadhav Orgnising Secretary SNEA(I) Pune

                         In the afternoon session, DS Com.M.B.Sangale submitted his DS Report in which he under the huge Clapping by entire house told that during his present term he got increased membership of SNEA(I) Nashik from 134 to 202 members and thus making it the fourth largest SNEA(I) District in MH. after passing of Treasurer report and discussion on organizational matters, old body was dissolved and election for new District body of SNEA(I) Nashik was held in which entire District body of SNEA(I) Nashik was elected unanimously and unopposed according to which Com.A.R.Akhade was elected as District President, Com.S.A.Bhadane was elected as District Secretary, Com.G.G.Borse was elected as District Treasurer and Com.S.A.Chavan was elected as new CEC member from SNEA(I) Nashik

Date:- 20/04/2012

Nearly 500 telephone connections in Amravati City are out of order. BSNL Amravati is facing severe problems for repairing of landline telephone connections in Amravati city and other area as Cable contractors in BSNL refused to repair the telephones and completely stoped the Cable work. It is to mention here that work of repairing of underground cable is outsourced by BSNL Amravati and being done through cable contractors . As cable contractors are not executing their work , restoration of cable faults due to which more than 500 telephone connections in Amravati city area are out of order is being badly delayed. Subscribers are bitterly complaining.


Another Judgment of Hon. Delhi High Court on ITS absorption case.  >>>Click here for abstract>>>



Another Fire in Navrangpura Telephone Exchange Ahamadabad.  The 1500 service paralyzed totally in the town. Employees service books were burnt in fire in accounts section, which were lying in the open. Loss/Damage is estimated above 50 lakhs

Date:- 17/04/2012

Major fire in telephone exchange at Bhopal A major fire had broken out in the Central Telephone Exchange building including TAX at Bhopal in the early morning of 13th April, 2012 which has affected landline/mobile services resulting into overall loss worth Rs 100 crore to BSNL.    


As decided in Nanded AIC Welfare claim amount has been raised from Rs 40,000/- to Rs One Lakh, hence monthly Membership subscription also raised from Rs 40/- to Rs 70/-  In 28th AIC at Nanded, the monthly subscription enhanced from Rs 40/ to Rs 70/- w.e.f 01.04.2012. Accordingly the welfare claim amount also enhanced from Rs 40,000/- to Rs 1,00,000/-



 SNEA Amravati pays it’s respectful homage to Bharat Ratna Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the father of the Indian constitution on the occasion of his birth anniversary(14.04.2012).


Chandrasekhar panel to study roadmap for grand alliance of telecom PSUs: With the objective is to create a telecoms ecosystem at the PSU level, where C-DoT will handle product development, ITI will be systems integrator and handle production of telecom gear, which, in turn, will be bought by BSNL and MTNL. Idea is very good but days will decide the future of this grand alliance…



The 28th AIC was conducted at Shankarrao Chavan Sabhagruh, Shivajinagar,Nanded, Maharashtra, from 28th March-2012 to 1st April-2012.

The following comrades were elected as CHQ office bearers.






Com. V.M. Wankhede, SDE

Com. A.Chandrasekar, JTO Civil

Com. Sankar Sanyal, SDE

Com. Panduranga Nayak, JTO

Com. H.Muthu , JTO

 Com. Arvind Pal Dahiya, SDE


WEST      : Com. M.B.Sangle, SDE

CENTRAL : Com. C.B.Singh, AGM

SOUTH    : Com. P.Padmanabha Rao, SDE

NORTH    : Com. Tilak Raj Thakkur, SDE

EAST       : Com. Ramesh Kumar, SDE

Congratulations & Best wishes to Com. A.R.Manani, Com.V.M.Wankhede & Com.M.B.Sangale For their new assignments at SNEA CHQ:


Inter SSA Request transfers in the cadre of SDEs, Order issued for 29 SDEs who had completed tenure stay:  MH Circle today issued Request transfer order for 29 SDEs who had completed tenure stay at Gadchiroli, Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg, the same number of SDEs has been transferred and posted from the SSAs where tenure completed SDE has opted on one to one basis. Earlier Inter SSA Request transfers in the cadre of JTOs was also issued  for 27 JTOs who had completed their tenure stay 

 Orders have been issued by the consistent pursuance of CS SNEA(I) MH Circle.


 Grant of five advance increments to JTOs Of 2007 & 2008 Batches - regulation of future increments: BSNL has issued clarification regarding regulation of future increments after fixing initial pay at Rs.19020 for JTO Batches 2007 & 2008


Com Mrs Rahatgaonkar SDE WLL Amravati is now transfered and posted to Akola SSA as per her request. SNEA Amravati was persueing her case from last six months... 

“Protsahan Bhatta” to employees working in Naxalite affected areas: MH Circle has instructed Head of SSAs of Gadchiroli, Chandrapur, Bhandara, Yavatmal and Nanded to submit proposal for Grant of “Protsahan Bhatta” to employees working in Naxalite affected areas under these SSAs. This is as per Maharashtra circle’s notification dated 7th December 2004. The proposal along with Documentary proof and IFA certificate is to be sent to MH circle office latest by 17th March 2012.


Auctions for awarding 4G spectrum to be held this year :The Empowered Group of Ministers have decided yesterday, the 05th March, 2012, to earmark the 700 Mhz band spectrum for offering 4G mobile services. As a result of this more spectrum will now be available for high speed video and data services. Communications Minister, Shri Kapil Sibal has stated that auctions for awarding 4G Spectrum will be held this year.



JTO to SDE LDCE going to be held as per schedule: NO Postponement of Exam CHQ appeals to all Our comrades and activists throughout the country to remain extremely alert to ensure that no court grants any interim ex-party stay on holding of LDCE for promotion to TES Gr. B on 4th March'12 .

This exam which will promote more than 3000 JTOs to SDEs is being conducted after sustained and strenuous efforts of this association and its profound commitment to promote as many JTOs as possible to TES Gr. B through provisions of TES Gr.B RRs.In this context , its important to inform our activists that Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam on 29 Feb'12 and Hon'ble CAT Chennai on 1st March '12 refused to stay holding of exam after detailed arguments.

Best of Luck Comrades…


New Attractive Tariff for Landline Customers….Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL), announced the launch of new tariff plans for its landline customers offering Free Unlimited Own Net local and STD calling facility.BSNL Introduces Unlimited Local Calling Plan UL-Rs.350 and UL-Rs.500 for Urban area SSAs having L/L equipped capacity less than 100000 and All rural areas irrespective of capacity. While for Urban area/Cities SSAs having L/L equipped capacity more than 100000, similar plan will be available for Rs. 450 and Rs. 600.With UL Plan-350 and UL-450 customers can make unlimited fee calls From BSNL Fixed Line to BSNL Fixed Line anywhere in India. While Landline to BSNL Mobile call charges will be 60p/min and BSNL to any other network Rs.1/min.


Successful stir by non executive in BSNL Amravati :- 'It was the first time since Independence that trade unions, cutting across ideological and political affiliations, have joined hands to register their protest on a wide range of issues arising out of the liberalisation policy. Strike given by all major unions in BSNL was successfully executed in BSNL Amravati. Workers unity zindabad...


**CHQ News:-CBI files case in BSNL - WiMax deal, raids 9 places ---Media Report Persistent and unrelenting stand of the Association repeatedly questioning the integrity of ex CMD and Director CM, by mortgaging the interests of BSNL in all respects while taking series of decisions on Wimax, roaming agreements with SWAN and procurement of GSM and exposing their one murky deed after another stands fully vindicated.

**BSNL Launches 3 Android Tablets, Price Starting From Rs. 3250.

**SNEA has extended support to the call of one day strike on 28th feb 2012  given by all Central Trade Union.

Strike is against the hostile policies of the government to promote private sector by destabilizing and demolishing CPSUs, including BSNL. 



Admit Card/Hall Ticket has been Generated for LDCE: All the candidates appearing for JTO to SDE LDCE scheduled to be held on 4th March 2012 are requested to login to  and by using your USERID and PASSWORD can get newly generated ADMIT CARD, take printout of the same, affix your Photograph, sign in relevant column  and obtain signature of controlling DGM/GM.   

Hall ticket for the LDCE from JTO(T) to SDE(T): The JTOs who forgot the username / password may send email to the DE section of the BSNL Corporate office (email id - DE section will intimate the earlier user name / password.


 Hall ticket for the LDCE from JTO(T) to SDE(T):   The JTOs who forgot the username /password may sent mail to the DE section of the BSNLCO. DE section will intimate the earlier user name / password.

 As lot of vacancies are available in the LDCE quota and only few vacancies are available in the seniority quota, all the eligible JTOs joined upto 01.07.2006 are once again requested to prepare for the LDCE and get promotion in LDCE quota. The vacancies in seniority quota is only a few hundreds


 HALF DAY CONCESSION FOR MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS: The election commission has declared half day concession is applicable for the voting purposes in the municipal elections to be held on 16th feb12.



We extend our sincere thanks to all office bearers and members for their full involvement and commitment.



1) Crucial United Forum meeting held on 11th Feb 2012: The crucial Circle Secretaries/CHQ Office bearers meeting of United Forum of Executives ( SNEA, AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA) was held on 11th Feb 2012 at CTO, Eastern court building, Janpath, New Delhi to decide the strategies for the successful implementation of “Indefinite work according to rule and Non cooperation” agitation programme  w.e.f 15th Feb 2012. The meeting discussed the mode of non cooperation and the stand towards the unabsorbed ITS officers who are continuing in BSNL even after repatriation in the non cooperation movement

2)Great Aschivement:- Our dream home at New Delhi , “SNEA Bhavan”, at Ramesh Nagar, is formally inaugurated on 11th Feb’2012. SNEA(I) MH Circle was represented by AGS Com.A.R.Manani, Circle President Com.S.V.Bhad and Circle Secretary Com.M.S.Adasul.


**SNEA calls upon Emergency Meeting of CSs & CHQ office bearers at Delhi inview of ongoing struggle commencing from 15th Feb 2012 , 3 days Dharana & Work according to rule. AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA also conducting similar types of meetings to finalise the future strategy...

**Inaguration of SNEA Bhavan is also scheduled on 11th Feb'2012.


 Highly Successful Lunch Hour Demonstration in Amravati SSA:- Under the Banner of United Forum of Executives in BSNL, successful Lunch hour Demonstrations were held at Amravati on 07/02/2012. In spite of  scheduled Zilla Parishad elections ,most of executives of Amravati SSA gathered  infront of GM Office Amravati to protest against arbitrary notification of Special Recruitment Rules of Sr. DGM, non- finalization of E2-E3 standard IDA pay scales & CPSUs Cadre hierarchy in BSNL. ACS (E) SNEA MH Circle,Dist President Com A V Changole ,Vice President Com P H Kandalkar and Com N P Pancharia addressed the gathering and appealed all to participate in the Dharana in enmass.Com Mrs M U Kawalkar , Com V R Jadhao, Com V J Pande.Com H N Bagade,Com R Y Deshmukh,Com R N Chavan,Com N D Wakode,Com S P Mahatme,Com Bhakre,Com Hole, Com Harne,Com Poke,Com D B Gawande, Com Naresh Vitalkar,Com Nagarnaik, Com Dikey,Com Kirankumar,Com Jagdishkumar,Com Ashfaq,Com Isokar, Com Mrs A J Waghmare, Com Mrs Kadu,Com Mrs Wankhade ,Com Mrs Kandalkar ,Com Mrs jayade ,Com Vyawahare,executives from account and civil and many others were present. DS of BSNLEU and DS NFTE along with some non-executives also  attended the Lunch hr demonstrations ….  Thank u comrades…Pls keep it up …..


United Forum of Executives of BSNL appealed to make the demonstration on 7th Feb., 12 a spectacular success and  march on valiantly and fearlessly to that great and what could possibly be greatest struggle commencing from 15th Feb.,12 that will expose vested interests and defeat their diabolical game plan, eventually deciding our destiny and giving new direction to BSNL.



WELFARE CLAIM:- DD of Welfare amount  Rs 40,000/- in respect of welfare claim of late Com Shyam M Wanve SDE Paratwada ,Amravati SSA was handed over by SNEA Amravati to his wife , Mrs Jyoti  S Wanve. Com S M Wanve was died due to massive heart attack.  Team of SNEA comprising of  ACS(E) SNEA MH circle, Com A V Changole Dist President, Com S H Gandhi  Div Treasurer ,Com S P Virkhare Org. Secretary , Com M S Harne SDE and Com Anil Vyawhare  went to his house at Paratwada on 02/02/2012 and personally handed over this SNEA welfare fund.

 Mrs Jyoti Wanve expressed her gratitude toward SNEA and thanks for the help. She has also extended thanks for the financial support of Rs 85,000/- given by all executives of Amravati SSA after making individual contributions irrespective of association.

Our late Com S M Wanve has left his two Childs whose  responsibility now lies on Mrs. Wanve’s shoulder.   Son is studying in 2nd std. while her elder daughter is studying in 6th std. Both are studying  in the same school where Mrs  Jyoti  Wanve is teacher.  While speaking , Mrs  Jyoti Wanve told to the team that my son  has now decided to become doctor as he is expressing that ‘My father has died since his heart stops working and now I will see by becoming doctor that none of the fathers’s heart  will stop working suddenly  like that of my father’………… Great sentence by very small child….Isn’t it?

When Mrs Wanve was telling such incidences, both of the small Childs were busy in playing with the mobile!!!!! Unaware of the future but ready to fight with the strong support of her mother…….

We left his house by keeping our strong wishes for their bright future…..

We  extend  our  sincere thanks to Com G L Jogi GS,Com A A Khan  and Com A Sebastin AGS CHQ ,Com A R Manani AGS(W), Com M S Adasul CS SNEA MH Circle for  early settlement of welfare claim.


United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations released  Circular to all CHQ Office Bearers, Circle / District / Branch Secretaries and all activists of SNEA(I), AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA for mobilization of 3 Days Dharna programme on 15th, 16th and 17th Feb'2012 along with 'Work According to Rule' and 'Non Co-operation Movement' programmes to protest against the arbitrary notification of Special Recruitment Rules of Sr. DGM, non- finalization of E2-E3 standard IDA pay scales & CPSUs Cadre hierarchy in BSNL


 Com J V Gawande retired from service yesterday.SNEA Amravati extends it's warm wishes for his happy,healthy and prosperous retired life.

Com K Raghuvaran joins as new members of SNEA Amravati. We welcome him in SNEA Amravati.


 NEWs from CHQ: *****United Forum serve the notice for indefinite work according to rule and non co-operation to BSNL Management.*******  

Organizational Action Programme will be as follows :

1. 3 Days Mass Dharna on 15th, 16th, 17th Feb'2012 at all SSAs/Circle/BSNL CO level.

2. "Work According to Rules" & "Non Co-operation Movement" will start at 9.00hrs of 15th Feb'2012 indefinitley till the settlement of demands.

Let us come together and make the agitational program a Grand Success. Remember its a Fight for Survival of our Careers in BSNL.


 SNEA Amravati Executive meet:- Emergency executive body meeting of SNEA Amravati was conducted on 27/01/2012.


 Meeting with GMT Amravati:- Delegation of SNEA Amravati met Shri Dinesh C Dwivedi Sr GMT Amravati yesterday on 24/01/2012 and had elaborate discussion on various development issues along with some pending HR issues of executives of Amravati SSA. Non receipt of telephone bills by the subscribers in Amravati, shortage of EPBT ,replacement of Bty sets in some of the mobile BTS in Amravati city locations,floating of labour tender,pending LTC bills, Completion of DPC for TBP ,request transfers of executives from rural to urban,etc. Meeting lasted for 1 and half hour and GMT agreed to consider our request positively....   



Glorious Historical & Highly successful CEC Meeting at Mumbai: A Glorious, Historical & highly successful  2 days CEC meeting of SNEA(I) MH was held as per notified schedule on 21st & 22nd Jan 2012.  Open Session was attended and addressed by following dignitaries.

1) General Secretary SNEA(I) Chq Com.G.L.Jogi.

2) Sr.General Manager MH Circle Hon’ble Shri G.Jayaraman

3) Asst. General Secretary CHQ Com.A.R.Manani,

4) Circle President Com.S.V.Bhad,

5) Circle Secretary Com.M.S.Adasul,

6) Jt.General Secretary MTNL Executive Association, Mumbai Com.Mathias.

7)  AGS MTNL Executive Association, Mumbai Com.Veerendra Singh.


CEC was also attended by both ACS Com V B Kokate and Com S R Kalmegh,all CWC members,Jt. Secretaries, CEC members, DS from nook and corner of MH circle,delegates,obersvers,many SNEA members from WTR,WTP, MH Circle office and Kalyan. CEC was grand successful due to active participation of all and open deliberations on all HR and development issues in BSNL.

SNEA Amravati was represented by Com A V Changole Dist President and Com S H Gandhi Div Treasurer. 



NEW20th JAN 2012:  Agitational Programme by United Forum:   After the meeting with DIR(HR), UF leaders discussed the future programme of action as there is no headway in the discussion with DIR(HR) except the promise to have further discussions. GSs of SNEA(I) & AIBSNLEA, President/AIGETOA and other CHQ office bearers of the Assns participated in the discussion. UF further decided to intensify the agitational programmes and decided to launch




b)       THREE DAYS MASS DHARNA ON 15TH, 16TH & 17TH Feb 12.


For the preparation, GSs of all the three Assns will be addressing the combined General Body meetings at Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune/Mumbai on 27th, 28th and 30th January and 03rd Feb: 2012.


LDCE for promotion to SDE :- Change of Exam Centre for those who have come on inter-circle transfer… BSNL has fixed 25.1.2012 as last date for submission of request for change in Exam Centre.

BSNL ENDORSES DPE ORDERS ON IDA REVISION: BSNL has endorsed the DPE orders increasing IDA from 52% to 56.7% w.e.f.1.1.2012


Wefare claim of our comrade of SNEA Amravati late Shri S M Wanve SDE is now settled . All India Treasurer Com Mutthu has sent the cheque of Rs 40,000/- which will be handed over to the family of late Shri Wanve. We are thankful to CS SNEA MH circle for early settlement of claim.



First CEC meeting of SNEA(I) MH Circle to be held on 21st & 22nd Jan 2012 at Mumbai

Click here to view copy of     >>> Notice>>> >>  Circular>>>


 Comparative study of BSNL Special Lateral Recruitment Rules - 2011

with BSNL MS RR-2009 and the genuine demands of Executives.

30.12.2011: First CEC OF SNEA(I) MH AT MUMBAI


 30th Dec 2011: CEC Meeting of SNEA(I) MH to be held at Mumbai on 21st & 22nd Jan 2012:  

CS SNEA(I) MH vide Notice No: SNEA(I)/MH/CEC Corr/2010-2011/4 Dated Tuesday, 26th December 2011, Notified to hold the First CEC meeting of SNEA(I) MH Circle on Saturday the 21st Jan 2012 & on Sunday the 22nd Jan 2012 at  TRC Hall, CTO Building, Hutatma Chowk, Near Churchgate Railway Station, Fort, Mumbai, PIN 400001, The CEC is to commence from 10-00 hrs of 21st Jan 2012. 

30.12.2011: IDA 4.7% WEF 01.01.2012

NEW3Oth DEC 2011:   4.7% increase in IDA w.e from 1st Jan 2012: as per increase in price index during last 3 months time period, the IDA increase for the BSNL employee will be 4.7 % w. e. from 1st Jan 2012 Now the new IDA will be at the rate of 56.7% from present rate of 52% (orders are expected to come shortly)


 NEWS :-30.12.2011: The All India conference at NANDED, Maharashtra is rescheduled on 30th, 31st March & 1st April 2012 with pre-AIC CWC on 29th March '12.  The notification regarding the above will be issued very soon.


CHQ News:-1) BSNL Board has approved the new Recruitment Rules as a one time measure to recruit around 450 SAG/HAG officers in the E9 grade and 600 JAG/NFSG officers  in the E6, E7 grade. SNEA CHQ is carefully examining the provisions of RRs and its effect on our carrier aspects. All comrades are requested to remain in a state of complete organisational preparedness to respond to any such eventuality at a short notice.

2)It is reliably learnt that the BSNL Board has approved E1+5 increments for JTOs who have joined after 01.01.2007.


3)Management has approved to conduct LDCE from JTO to SDE(T). Very shortly the LDCE will be notified for the same vacancy years and for the same number of vacancies.  Most likely the LDCE will be conducted in the month of March'12


Congratulation to Com.S.V.Vaidya for being elected as District President, Com.S.R.Suryawanshi  re- elected as District Secretary and Com.S.K.Nemade  as District Treasurer in the Dist conf. of SNEA Jalgaon held on 18th Dec’2011  

Congratulation to Com.S.R.Pise for being re-elected as District President, Com.S.A.Sarode  re- elected as District Secretary and Com.B.S.Jiwane  re- elected as District Treasurer in the Dist Conf of SNEA Chandrapur held on 19th Dec’2011

Congratulation to Com. Ashok Zade for being re-elected as Dist.  President,  Com. Kishor Kapgate re-elected as a District Secretary and  Com. Abhay Koche re-elected as Dist .Treasurer in the Dist Conf of SNEA Gadchiroli held on 19th Dec’2011.


 TBP: The continuous follow up from SNEA Amravati has finally yielded the results that the time bound DPC of executives of Amravati SSA have been finally completed. We extend our sincere thanks to GMT Amravati and specially to Shri Y H Lilhare DGM OP and Shri Ajay Mhetre DGM Mobile  Amravati for their sincere & positive efforts..


 United Forum of BSNL Executive Associations writes to Sh. R.K. Upadhyay, CMD, BSNL regarding arbitrary tampering with BSNLMS RRs - move fraught with serious consequences

<Click Here for letter>>



Congratulations to one and all….

SNEA(I) Amravati  congratulates  everyone who made yesterday  one day strike in Amravati District  a spectacular success.

Let us remain in a state of complete preparedness till our legitimate demands gets settled. If BSNL mamangement ventures to betray the assurances given to JAC yesterday in view of one day Strike on 15th

Dec ,yet again, then further sturdy struggle seems to be inevitable ... So be ready for the struggle...

Struggle to save safeguard our feature....

SNEA Zindabad....JAC Zindabad...Our unity zindabad...


JAC appeals tp Participate enmasse in the strike on 15-12-2011: The entire Non-Executives and Executives of BSNL are going on a historic strike on this day for protecting BSNL. It is against the inefficient and indifferent management, which does not want to settle the genuine demands of the employees. Let us participate enmasse in this strike and stop BSNL from being killed. 



NEWS from CHQ: Struggle is the only way to protect our jobs and beloved Company. That is what our history of consistent struggle under the banner of JAC clearly brings out.

Let us quickly recapitulate how continuous struggle has protected our beloved Company from being sold and in the process securing our jobs so far.


·    Persistent efforts to sell the equity of the Company have been defeated.

·    Precious resource of the Company “Copper”

·    How we could succeed to procure 22 m GSM equipment in 2007

·    How we forced the Union Cabinet to take a very positive decision on revision of our IDA pension

·    How are we nearing success in forcing the government to refund obsolete BWA spectrum charges

·    How we have succeeded in settling the issue of payment of pension contribution

·    How we have forced the government to pay us Rs 6000 crores USO fund

·    How issue of ITS absorption has got a real head start because of our sustained pressure and to take this issue to its logical conclusion continuance of sustained effort is absolutely necessary.

·      How tenders for procurement of 14.37 m GSM, Cables, optical fibres cables, telephone instruments, MLLN and BB modems etc. etc have reached conclusive stages after our protracted struggle.

·      How are we nearing success in forcing the government to take a definite stand and action under provisions of 3G licensing against Bharti, Vodafone and Idea for their violation of 3G policy .


Comrades, politicians, bureaucrats, vested interests and a thoroughly unprofessional, inefficient and corrupt BSNL management would have eaten up our jobs and mortgaged the Company to vested interests had we not remained alert and consistently struggled from the platform of JAC.


Let us not be carried away by deduction of one, two or three day’s wages for going on strike since getting bogged down in that totally irrelevant and counterproductive debate would mean ending up in losing our jobs altogether. Let us also keep at the back of our minds that we have lost already our bonus and partially medical reimbursements and LTC. Any kind of let up on our part to struggle will end up in our losing the jobs, not one/two/three day wages.    


 *Meeting of JAC CHQ held with BSNL management w/o any fruitful result. strike decision stands....  prepare for struggle of 15th December, 2011. JAC of unions and association of Amravati SSA also met yesterday and appeals all members to take active part in the proposed strike of 15th Dec 2011...

*Action against 3G operators: The Telecom Ministry is contemplating to take action against 3G Private service providers for entering into roaming agreements for 3G services as this Violates License terms

*Rs. 800/- cross. Income tax refund to BSNL.



Sad News: Mother of Com.H.N.Bagade SDE RLU Amravati expired.

Last rites are being performed at Karanja Lad , today at about 13:00Hrs.

SNEA(I),Amravati shares the grief of Com Bagade’s family and prays God to

offer peace to the departed soul.



Remarkable breakthrough because of extraordinarily sustained and singular efforts of our Association – Govt. finally decides to refund obsolete BWA spectrum charges to BSNL.

Govt accepts BSNL proposal to return BWA spectrum

With Rs 548-cr medical bill, BSNL is not a healthy organisation

DoT to expedite the VRS of almost one lakh employees of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.


 Shri A.N. Rai will look after as Director (HR) :Shri A.K. Garg, Director (HR) is joining as CMD, MTNL on Monday the 05.12.2011. Shri A.N. Rai, Director (EB) will look after as Director (HR) of BSNL.


 Highly Successful Candle March of UF of executives of Amravati SSA.

As per UF CHQ guidelines, Our Valiant ,dedicated comrades of UNITED FORUM OF BSNL Executives of Amravati SSA participated in large to  make the “CANDLE LIGHT MARCH” in Amravati SSA highly successful and memorable .They have given  memorandum to Shri JITENDRA PAPALKAR Dist Collector Amravati demanding demanding immediate repatriation of unabsorbed ITS officers by giving charge to the absorbed CGMs/GMs/DGMs to save BSNL. Dist collector has patient hearing of  our grievances and got detail about our ongoing struggle.He assured to send this memorandum to appropriate forum.


Com D V Rokade DS AIBSNLEA/Vice President AIBSNLEA MH Circle , Com S R Kalmegh ACS(E) SNEA MH,  Com S P Dhok DS SNEA ,Com A V Changole Dist President SNEA ,Com D B Dange AIBSNLEA ,Com H N Bagade Executive Member ,Com S B Dandge  AIBSNLEA ,Com P H Kandalkar Vice President SNEA ,Com Manish Mahure,Com G Y Sherekar were present at the time of giving memorandum to Dist Collector and all other executives of SNEA/AIBSNLEA participated in Candle March …..

This programme was successful due to initiative taken by our Dist President Com A V Changole and both the ADS Com Mrs M U Kawalkar and V R Jadhao.

Thank You comrades…Pls Keep it Up….



Candle Light March on toady at circle/SSA HQs: 

Memorandum to be submitted to His Excellency Governor / District Collector after "Candle Light March" on 1st Dec’11.

 All Comrades of Amravati SSA are requested to be present  at o/o GMT Amravati at 17.00 Hrs on the issue of Immediate Reptriation of nonoptee ITS officers to DOT in enmass. 



 MH Circle Office have issued cancellation of transfer Order of all executives in Amravati who were transfered from Amravati Mobile to Amravati TD and vice versa.


Repatriation of ITS to DOT:- It is good sign that all all associations of the absorbed executives in BSNL are univocal on the issue of completion of ITS absorption. Allmost all GS of all the asociations are now demanding immediate for immediate repatriation of non optee ITS officers to DOT in enmass.


Successful Dharna  in Amravati :- Congratulations & Thanks comrades for making yesterday’s massive Full day Dharna programme  a Grand success:

Joint Forum of Executives of Association in BSNL Congratulates and Thanks all our committed esteemed members for their 100% participation in yesterday’s Day long Dharna programme in support for:

i)               Immediate repatriation of all non optee ITS officers.

ii)              Against selective and Phased manner Repatriation.

iii)             Against further back door entry of ITS officers by suitable framing RR

We have to reinforce our conviction and commitment towards the objective of this critical struggle and do not have to lose direction, focus and patience. Get ready for our future struggle


 DHARANA On 22ND November'2011:- Protest action Programme Continues: United Forum of BSNL/MTNL Executive Associations decided to continue it's ongoing  Protest against move to sabotage the absorption process in the name of phased manner repatriation strategy 

 Dharana is a part of Country wide protest against the sinister move by the BSNL/MTNL management to derail the absorption process . After successful Lunch Hr Demonstration on 15th Nov '2011 , UF of executive Associations will be organising country wide day long Dharna on 22nd Nov 2011 at all CHQ/Circle / SSA/ Headquarters. It will be followed by massive rallies at Capital headquarters in the next round of agitation. Office bearers of SNEA Amravati /Activists of the Association are requested to make elaborate preparations for Dharana infront of GM Office Amravati   >>>>>>>>>>>


Shri Dinesh  C Dwivedi  has taken over the charge of GMT Amravati alongwith his own charge of  GMT Akola . Our previous GMT Amravati  Shri C P Samant was relived yesterday so as to join at New Delhi. 



Massive Lunch Hr Demonstration in Amravati:-Thank you  comrades for making Lunch hour Demonstrations programme in Amravati a Grand success: 

All most all executives of BSNL Amravati participated in yesterdays Lunch hour demonstrations programme for single point agenda of immediate enmass repatriation of all non optee ITS officers.

we are grateful to all of you for ur 100 % participation and express our sincere thanks. Comrades  of SNEA  & AIBSNLEA Amravati alongwith nonexecutive union leaders from BSNLEU took part in lunch hour demonstrations, in UF agitation at Amravati. Com S  R Kalmegh ACS(E), Com S P Dhok DS Amravati and Com D V Rokade DS/Vice President AIBSNLEA Amravati have appealed all the comrades  to activelly participate in Dharana on 22nd Nov ‘2011 with same vigour . 


Repatriation of ITS officer to DOT has started but nobody knows how long it will take and  to what extent it will be implemented...Uncertainty continues.............

Date:- 09/11/2011


As per directives given by SNEA(I) CHQ for creating awareness among the public and the Hon. Members of Parliament  about anti BSNL policies , the comrades of SNEA(I) Maharashtra have taken initiatives and meeting different MPs. In first such attempt team of SNEA(I) Amaravati  comprising of Com. S. R. Kalmegh ACS(E) Mh Circle,  Com. S.P.Dhok DS Amravati, Com. S.H. Gandhi, Div Treasurer , Com. P H Kandalkar Vice  President  and  Shri. S P Mahatme Org Secretary  met Hon. MP Shri. Anandraoji Adsul  at Amaravati

Shri Anandraoji  Adsul was kind enough to get in depth information  about BSNL and anti BSNL policies. Initially issue of deliberate breach of 3G policy by Airtel, Idea and Vodafone and their calibrated and cartelization at the cost of state owned Company, BSNL and subsequent legitimization of such policy breaches through inordinate Corrections in NTP 11 by our own policy makers was discussed in detail.

Secondly issue of refund of BWA spectrum charges for allocation of nonstandard spectrum band to BSNL  considering current financial health of BSNL was also  elaborated.

Shri  Anandraoji  Adsul  assured to the team of SNEA Amravati that he will raise the issues in the coming Winter session of Parliament  and by sensing the effect of the issues on BSNL, he has agreed to raise this issue by writing letters to Hon. Prime Minister of India on both the issues of 3G issue and on refund of BWA spectrum Charges to BSNL.


1) DOT's clarification on its order dated 03-11-2011. ITS officers can not refuse work/functions assigned to them and they can not abdicate their posts till not formerly relieved from BSNL/MTNL. Acting very fast on this BSNL Corporate office and MH circle has endorsed the same clarification. 

 2)Com S P Dhok DS Amravati has sent telegram to Hon.MOC & IT shri  Kapil Sibal with copy to Shri Milind Deora- MOS for C& IT and Shri R.Chandrashekhar, Sec/DOT in accordance with  CHQ guidelines.


1) United Forum of  Absorbed executives of  BSNL observes telegram Campaign all over India on the the issue of absorption of ITS officers...Telegrams are being sent to Shri Kapil Sibal, Hon'ble MOC&IT,  with Copies to Shri Milind Deora, Hon'ble MOS for C&IT and Shri R.Chandrashekar, Secy(T), DOT ........

2)Com G L Jogi GS SNEA  issues NOTICE for AIC at Nanded ....


CHQ News:-- Case filed by some ITS officers at Hon CAT, Hyderabad:
Hon CAT declined to grant stay after detailed hearing for 3 days,
i.e 31.10.11,01.11.11 and 03.11.11. The case will be heard after 4 weeks.

4th NOV 2011:   Non optee ITS officers will be Repatriated back to DOT:
Repatriation of Group "A" officers of various services working on deemed
deputation in BSNL / MTNL back to their parent Department of Telecommunications
(DoT)- Regarding.
  <<Repatriation Order>>


  CHQ News:-    suggestions for contingency plan :

Joint Forum of BSNL absorbed Executive Associations, CHQ New Delhi writes to CMD, BSNL regarding suggestions for contingency plan upon repatriation of Group -'A'  non-optee from BSNL . Very uncertain atmosphere is prevailing in field  .....




News from CHQ:- Response of the Association towards draft NTP 11 vis-à-vis growth of BSNL- GS addresses Secretary DOT on NTP11- Circle/SSA Secretaries/ activists of the Association at all levels are requested to go through the letter in exposing telecom policy makers at the highest level and they must start a vigorous and sustained campaign against the diabolical provisions envisaged in draft NTP11-     >>>>>>>>>>>


Com D K Gulhane Retiring Today:- Veteran comrade ,our Ex DS SNEA and strong supporter of SNEA Amravati Com D K Gulhane, SDE MIDC will be retiring today on 31st Oct 2011. SNEA Amravati extends their hearty wish of healthy,peaceful and retired life...Thank you comrade for your strong contributions towards SNEA Amravati from the day SNEA started it's work in Amravati........



SNEA Amravati wishes all our members ,Officers ,BSNL staff, customers

 and well wishers a            




 4.8% IDA increase, payment order issued by BSNL:  BSNL corporate office today issued order for payment of IDA at revised rates w.e.from 1st Oct 2011, Now the new IDA will be at the rate of 52% from present rate of 47.2%, as it was being published on this website on 1st Oct 2011.



 One day strike by JAC on 15.11.2011

The JAC meeting held on 17.10.2011,unanimously decided to conduct the one day strike on 15.11.2011, opposing VRS, demanding PLI, restoration of medical allowance, LTC and on other demands. NFTE BSNL informed that they will be with the JAC for the strike on 15-11-2011.


Festive offer on BSNL's 3G data card:- On account of upcoming festive season BSNL has given promotional offer on 3G Data card by giving 20% discount on purchase of 3G data card procurred from M/S HFCL and M/s Teracom including 25% free usage for 6 months. Offer remains open for 90 days from 24/10/2011.



NEWS from SNEA CHQ:  Promotion from SDE to Adhoc DE: BSNLCO called for ACR (2006-07 to 2010-11) and other details for the preparatory work. The ACRs and assessment sheet has to reach BSNLCO latest by 30th November, 2011.


Executive promotion policy: Advance processing of TBP twice in a year – The cases maturing during July-December should be processed in April and the cases maturing during January – June should be processed in October of the previous year


 Highly Successful Medical Check Up Camp by SNEA(I) Amravati: The nature of work is changing at whirlwind speed. Perhaps now more than ever before, job stress poses a threat to the health of officers and employees of BSNL. Varying job conditions, uncertain job expectations, lack of resources, poor social environment, lack of interpersonal relations is leading into stress. This perhaps is causing several types of chronic health problems among employees. Recent incidence of massive heart attacks and sudden death was mainly due to the acute stress. Move often it is observed that officials are reluctant to get their medical check up done from the doctors as it includes expenses of nearly Rs 1000/- to Rs 2000/- and basically due to lack of self consciousness towards own health. In view of above SNEA(I) Amravati conducted Medical Check Up Camp at Conference Hall , Doorsanchar Bhavan Amravati on 8th Oct 2011 .This Medical Camp was conducted for all employees of BSNL Amravati and remains highly successful as more than 200 employees participated in the Camp even though it was nonworking day. Health Check up was done by specialist team of doctors from Care Hospital Nagpur and Health care tips were given through power point presentation. Queries raised after presentation were satisfactorily answered by the doctors.

Medical Camp  sponsored and organised by SNEA Amravati was successful due to combined efforts of dedicated team of SNEA Amravati which include Com. S.R. Kalmegh ACS(E)  MH Circle,Com. S.P.Dhok DS Amravati, Com.A.V Changole President, Com.P.H. Kandalkar Vice President,Com. V.R. Jadhao ADS, Com.S.H. Gandhi Div Treasurer, Com.S.P. Mahatme Org Secretary, Com.H.N. Bagade, Com.V.J.Pande, Com.Manish Mahure, Com.Nilesh Jichkar, Com.D.G. Poke,Com.D.B. Gawande, Com.D.H. Bhad, Com.N D Wakode, Com.Vitalkar, Com.S.P.VirkhareCom.D.R. Dikey,Com.Y.H. Nagarnaik, Com.A.N. Jagnade and all members and office bearers of other Association and Unions.  SNEA(I), Amravati is very much thankful to GMT Amravati for making available the conference hall for the above function.


Free Medical Camp:-

SNEA Amravati is organising Medical Check Up Camp for all employees of BSNL Amravati to get their medical check up done from renowned CARE HOSPITAL NAGPUR. Following test will be conducted by the specialist doctors .....Cardiologist Consultation, Blood check, BP Test, ECG etc.Medical camp will be in the Conference Hall, Doorsanchar Bhavan , o/o GMT Amravati on tomorrow 2nd Saturaday ,8th Oct 2011, during 10.00 Hrs to !3.00 Hrs . So be in time and utilise this oppurtunity for better Health ....

Wishing You all Happy Dassehra.......


 Strike deferred to the 1st week of November 

The JAC meeting was held on 04.10.2011, under the chairmanship of Com. Suresh Kumar. The meeting reviewed the discussion that took place between the JAC leaders and Director (HR) on 03.10.2011. Since the management did not respond to our demands, the JAC decided to go ahead with the strike. However, with a view to pave way for united struggle, the JAC unanimously decided to defer the strike to the first week of November. The JAC will again meet on 17.10.2011 and finalise the exact date of the strike


 It is learnt that IDA increase w.e.f.01.10.2011 is 4.8%


 Transfer Order of Com P R Datir SDE Amravati have been revised from Gadchiroli to Akola. Accordingly Com P R Datir has joined at Akola and posted as SDE Mangrulpir in Akola SSA.


 Massive Fast :- As per JAC New Delhi , Massive Fast was organised by JAC Amravati infront of Doorsanchar Bhavan Amravati on 27/09/2011. Office bearer's of SNEA ,AIBSNLEA,BSNLEU,AIBCTES and other active comrades overwhelmingly participated in the massive fast and made it a grand success. Though there was confusion in minds of some of executives/non executives  who were earlier interested in VRS scheme but after detail deliberations and necessory inputs by all the leaders doubts were cleared. Thay have came to know the real intentions of giving VRS...... Among participants, Com S P Dhok ,Com S R Kalmegh, Com A V Changole, Com S H Gandhi ,Com V R Jadhav,Com H N Bagade , Com P H kandalkar ,Com V J Pande, Com S M kale, Com D B Gawande Com R N Chavan, Com A R Ghatole, Com S P Mahatme,Com V D Mishra,Com Y H Nagarnaik, Com A N Jagnade ,Com S M Holey, Com D K Gulhane,Com L M  Vikhar , com Vitalkar, Com D G Poke, Com D H Bhad, com Girnale Com U W Kawalkar, Com D R Dike etc from SNEA Amravati and Com D B Dange, Com M P Fursule, Com S B Dandage, Com A D Petkar, Com P M Dhobe, Com Dadimani, Com Chaudhari ,com Shrinivas , Com A S Raut, Com S A Tatte,Com Latif Khan, Com R D Ramteke, Com S K Deshbratar, Com Bagade and many more participated for the success of the one day fast......                       



Why should VRS be opposed?

 It is not at all a panacea to turnaround BSNL.  

 Trade unions have to stage a spirited and protracted fight to protect their workforce, not become instruments of facilitating narrow consideration of allowing people go to their homes prematurely with a little money – no, not even in the wildest dreams.

 CAGs report on Air India’s present disaster is an eye opener for all. 

 No Organization has ever got revived by adopting redundant and counterproductive measures like freezing of wages, incentives, promotions, voluntary or forcible retrenchments, etc. etc. Forcing the government and   management to take recourse to serious, positive and pragmatic policy interventions pursued in a sustained and focused manner and involving the entire workforce in rebuilding process has resulted in turning around of companies from rock bottom, not retrenchments or any other primitive measure.  

The issue before us, let us have a deeper understanding, is not whether VRS or, for that matter, any other counterproductive measure is justified or not. The huge challenge before us is revival of our strategic beloved Company.    

 Fundamentally, BSNL has bled and continues to bleed on account of meeting the massive social obligations of the government without compensation envisaged in policy commitments to achieve basic objectives of providing universal services at affordable prices in remotest parts.  

Before going into the reasons of BSNL’s present precarious position, let us look at what CAG has to say about Air India’s and Indian Airlines present deep crisis:

Unless trade unions wage a spirited and protracted fight to expose the policies of the government and management that continue to cripple BSNL, measures like VRS, wage freeze, moratorium on promotions etc etc. are going to be just of no consequence in revival of BSNL. Assuming today, one lakh workers go home prematurely, next year remaining two lakh would be a huge liability unless company starts growing exponentially and this growth is possible through sustained struggle  alone.

 The real issue, therefore, before us today is to safeguard Company from getting bankrupt to save future generations from losing their jobs. The issue certainly is not whether trade unions should become instruments of sending their workers home early: the real challenge is how to protect our workers from such exploitation and vulnerabilities. Individuals, not trade unions, have however freedom to make a choice between the two. Let none of us be carried away by narrow considerations and forget that Organizations have never got rebuilt through draconian measures, but through positive policy initiatives forced through sustained struggle.     


1) ITS absorption - option called for the absorption of ITS and other similar services. Last date for submitting option -08-11-2011 and last date for forwarding of option to DOT with prescribed performa by BSNL/MTNL - 25-11-2011

2)Transfer of EPF balance from one account to other -  SSA heads are instructed to look in to the matter and to interact personally with EPF authorities


Addl. Secretary DOT asked CMD BSNL to approve VRS scheme as discussed in their meeting on 1st september,2011 along with identification of non-sensitive parking lots for 15% non-performers (CGMs, PGMs, GMs) and identification of field stock of motivated and capable officers to replace non-performers and action plan


 NEW12th Sept 2011:  As per CHQ INSTRUCTIONS ON PROPOSED DHARNA ON 14TH Sept 2011:  SNEA  has decided not to participate in the Dharna programmes on 14th Sept 2011


Central HQrs of SNEA has not taken any decision as yet regarding participation in the programmes of protest action on 14th Sept 2011, calls for which has been given by Central JAC. This is for information of our field units.

 We strongly feel that the move by the management to curtail any of the existing rights/concessions of the employees, under the guise of saving the company should be strongly opposed. The employees cannot be punished for the failures of otherpolicy makers . This is in view of the latest order of BSNL management which orders ,    

     (1) Withdrawal of Medical Allowance "without voucher".

(2)Withdrawal of Encashment of Leave while availing LTC/HomeTown LTC.


(3)   Freezing of LTC for 2 years.


Circle office Mumbai gave the permission for MBA Course… SNEA Amravati successided in resolving the pending issue of executives of Amravati for  grant of recquisite permission for MBA  which was pending since long. After  contineous  persuation by SNEA Amravati, necessary permission was recently granted by circle office Mumbai giving relief to the executives in Amravati SSA.   



Calculation of payment of arrears of Time Bound Promotion of executives of Amravati SSA is finally over and detail has been sent to Cashier for payment . Pending Payment will be disbursed to all after receipt of the funds for the same which will be received soon by coming Monday/Tuesday...... 







Com S P Dhok DS SNEA Amravati requested Shri C P Samant GMT Amravati to give meeting to SNEA Amravati for dicussing HR and development issues of BSNL Amravati


 Com Onkar G Sorte SDE Civil has joined SNEA Amravati. SNEA Amravati whole heartedly welcomes Com Sorte in SNEA Amravati Pariwar......


SNEA Amravati Welcomed Shri V K Lilhare,

new DGM OP BSNL Amravati  

who is recently being posted at Amravati SSA . Shri V K Lilhare DGM Amravati appreciates the working of SNEA MH in general and SNEA Amravati in particular and expressed his readiness in resolving all development/HR issues of executives of Amravati SSA. He also emphasised the need of joint efforts of all for overall development of BSNL Amravati.  SNEA Amravati delegation was comprised of Com S R Kalmegh ACS(E)  SNEA(I) MH Circle, Com S P Dhok Dist Secretary ,Com P H Kandalkar Vice  President ,Com S H Gandhi Div Treasurer, Com V J Pande and Com S P Virkhare Executive members, Com Mrs M U Kawalkar ADS and Com Manish Mahore.     



6th Dist Conference of Ahmednagar :-Congratulations to Com.V.V.Kange for being elected as District President, Com.S.K.Ghuge as District Secretary of SNEA Ahmednagar and Com.D.U.Dhumane for District treasurer of SNEA(I) Ahmednagar in their 6th District Conference of Ahemednagar District.

4th Dist Conference of SNEA Latur:-Congratulations to Com.R.B.Mahajan for being elected as District President, Com.S.R.Kulkarni for being elected as District Secretary of SNEA Latur and Com.V.A.Patil for District treasurer in their 4th District Conference of Latur SSA.


Nation fight against corruption . Flames of cooruption have also affected our beloved BSNL.Time to introspect where we stand.......


Meeting with GMT Amravati:- Com S R Kalmegh, ACS SNEA MH Circle, Com A V Changole Dist President SNEA Amravati and Com S P Dhok Dist Secretary SNEA Amravati met GMT Amravati for giving permission for the proposed Medical Check Up Camp from Care Hospital Nagpur to be organised by SNEA Amravati in Conference Hall ,o/o Doorsanchar Bhavan Amravati. Earliar, permission for the same was refused on the remark of AGM Admn. However ,after thr discussion on essentiality of conduction of medical Camp in Amravati SSA ,Hon GMT Amravati granted permisssion.....

Date for the medical Camp will be declared soon after consultation with Care Hospital Nagpur and most probably within 10-12 days.


NEWS FROM CHQ:   GS writes to Shri Kapil Sibal, Hon'ble Minister of C & IT on blatant policy violation by Airtel - providing 3G services in Circles where it has no license - reminiscent of naked policy violation by RCOM in 2002-03- inaction by license enforcing authorities raises serious issue of connivance


 Request Letter from DS SNEA(I) Amravati for seeking permission from GMT Amravati for allowing conference Hall for one day for the proposed medical check up Camp of executives /Staff of BSNL Amravati by rcognised Care Hospital Nagpur....

.>>> Letter>>>> 


Draft Staffing Norms for Executives and Non-executives for different roles across the organisation: Director (HR) letter says 'Changes in the existing norms are necessitated because of advancement in technologies, changes in business process, falling landline subscriber base and outsourcing of some of the activities


1)Welfare claim of our late com S M Wanve is being sent to CS SNEA MH Circle . We are trying to settle this claim as early as possible sothat welfare claim of Rs 40,000/- from SNEA will be settled at the earlist possible.  

1) SNEA Amravati is persuing the tranfer case of com P R Datir SDE Amravati .


 Unsubscribed caller tunes: 'TRAI has recently issued a direction on 4.7.2011 to all service providers that in all cases of activation of value added service, the service provider has to obtain a confirmation from consumers within 24 hours of activation of value added services through SMS or e-mail or fax or in writing, failing which the value added service shall be de-activated without any cost to the consumer.


 Congratulations to all JTOs/JAOs, Good News:  Time bound promotion to JTOs/JAOs after
completion of 4 years:  BSNL corporate office issued clarification that all those JTOs/JAO
who had crossed their next pay scale i.e of SDE/AO after implementation of 2nd PRC
on 01-01-2007 after completion of 4 years may be considered for promotion immediately
after completion of 4years and CRs/SRs may be called for the period of last 4 years only
instead of usual 5 years period, JTOs/JAOs already promoted after 01-01-2007 on the basis
of earlier pay scales may also be given benefit of this new order and accordingly all
such JTOS/JAO who had been previously given first time bound promotion after 01-01-2007
after completion of 6 years,their date of Increment and date of promotion will be changed
as per their benefit, Payment of arrears will be made and now onwards all JTOs/JAOs can be
given first time bound promotion after completion of 4 years period only


 02.08.2011: Shri R.K.Upadhayay,CMD, BSNL,has received the prestigious Voice & Data Award for best broadband service provider and best fixed line service provider, from Shri R.Chandrashekhar, Secretary,Telecom and IT...


SNEA Home :

SNEA CHQ has taken the ownership of  our SNEA Home at New Delhi and is now ready for use. SNEA comrades visiting New Delhi or nearby places can book the suites in SNEA Home thr respective Divisional Secretary........ 


Congratulations, Good news for BSNL : Telecom Commission, the decision making arm of the Department of Telecom, today cleared the Rs 20,000-crore project to provide broadband connectivity to all villages in the next three years. "The Telecom Commission has approved the project that will be funded through the Universal Service Obligation (USO) Fund. We will take the proposal to the Cabinet soon," Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal told reporters.The objective of the scheme -- National Optical Fibre Network -- is to extend initially the existing optical fibre network which extends up to districts Head Quarters/Block Head Quarter level up to gram panchayat level by utilising USO Fund. This work is initially to be awarded to BSNL only.



27th July’2011   Meeting with Sr.GM(HR/Admin)MH Circle Shri G.Jayaraman: On 27th July after the conclusion  of official meeting with Sr.GM(HR/Admin) in conference hall regarding improving the productivity of BSNL, High level SNEA delegation including AGS(Chq) Com.A.R.Manani,Circle President Com.S.V.Bhad,CS Com.M.S.Adasul,Circle Treasurer Com.P.N.Patil, ACS(East) Com.S.R.Kalmegh, ACS(West)Com.V.B.Kokate, Jt.Secretary Pune Com.Bharat Sonavane, Jt.Secretary Kalyan Com.M.M.Wadhwani, DS Mumbai Circle Office Com.R.R.Rai made a courtesy visit to the chambers of Sr.GM (HR/Admin) MH Circle Shri G.Jayaraman, felicitated him with a flower Bouquet on his once again assuming charge as Sr.GM(HR/Admin) MH Circle and discussed various pending HR issues including:

§     Relieving of Executives from tenure stations who had completed 2 year service at tenure stations.

§     Issue of Transfer order of all those Executives who had completed minimum of 2 years of stay and had asked for transfer on own cost.

§     Relieving of executives without substitute from SSAs where there is no shortage.

§     Fast Clearance of all EB proposals submitted by SSAs specially from Nashik.

Association assured full and total support to Hon’ble Sr.GM(HR/Admin)Shri G.Jayaraman in implementation of all HR policies and Guidelines drawn by BSNL Corporate office, and wished him Best of Luck.

Date:- 26/07/2011

 BSNL coporate office has issued instructions to vacate all rented offices of BSNL and shift to BSNL owned buildings/offices....


SAD NEWS  Our most dedicated member of SNEA(I) Amravati Com.Sham.M.Wanve, SDE Paratwada,Amravati ,aged about 42 years, expired on today early in the morning due to massive heart attack and sudden heart fail, attack was so severe that he died immediately before any treatment could start. He was most talented, fully devoted and expert in C DOT exchanges in Amravati. His untimely death has caused unrepairable loss to Wanve family in particular and BSNL Amravati in general. We pray Almighty to give strength and courage to bereaved family members of Com.Sham.N.Wanve in this hour of crisis, May his departed soul rest in peace.


 DE Officiating promotions held up:- Due to dispute of seniority list of TES  Gp B  and as matter is subjudice , officiating promotions of SDE to DE's are not being issued and being held up . How ever circle office have clarified to make looking after arrangement till the matter is settled.  


 BSNL to launch prepaid card for transactions on web, mobile: 'Apart from this, the card will enable them to make online bill payments for utilities like electricity, telephone, cooking gas, mobile, water, book rail or air tickets, renew DTH subscription, citizen Services by Government and other such services,


 Absorption of ITS:- Hon'ble Principal bench, CAT New Delhi delivered judgment:------

"In the light of the above discussion the impugned order dated 24.09.2009 is quashed  and set aside with directions to the Respondents not to give any further opportunity to the officers of the   Department of  Telecommunications , who continue to be on deemed deputation to BSNL and to repatriate them to their parent Department"



Growth of telephone connections in the month of

May, 2011  >>>>>>click Here>>>>



Meeting with PGM (Finance) MH Circle:  As per agenda given by SNEA (I) MH Circle to PGM (Finance) MH Circle on 27th March 2011, PGM (Finance) MH Circle Shri S. C. Johorey had called SNEA (I) Maharashtra Circle to discuss these points in detail. Accordingly a high level SNEA delegation  participated in a marathon meeting with Top level management of Finance wing of Maharashtra circle at Committee Meeting hall, 6th floor, Admn Bldg, Santacruz, Mumbai-54.

SNEA (I) Maharashtra Circle was represented by:

1.       Com. A. R. Manani, AGS SNEA (I) CHQ.

2.       Com  S. V. Bhad, Circle President SNEA(I) MH Circle,

3.       Com  M. S. Adasul, Circle Secretary SNEA(I) MH Circle,

4.       Com P. N. Patil, Circle Treasurer, SNEA(I) MH Circle

5.       Com S. R. Kalmegh ACS (E), SNEA(I) MH Circle

6.       Com.V. B. Kokate, ACS (W) SNEA (I) MH Circle.

7.       Com.V. J. Bhandirge,Jt Secretary HQ at MH Circle office

Finance wing of MH Circle was represented by:

1.             Shri S. C. Johorey, PGM (Finance) MH Circle.

2.             Shri V. M. Doddamani, GM (Finance) MH Circle.

3.             Shri Venkatachalam, DGM FC MH Circle.

    Various issues including that of CDR,financial crunch of funds, shortage of materials etc and pending HR issues were discussed in the meeting,Initiating the discussion, CS Com. M. S. Adasul briefed the management about various problems, difficulties being faced by all the executives in the field because of non availability of funds due to which entire development activities had come to standstill



New6thJuly 2011:

Vidarbha Tour of SNEA (I) leaders for District Conference of SNEA (I) Wardha & SNEA (I) Yavatmal:

 District Conference of SNEA (I) Wardha: The historical District conference of SNEA (I) Wardha was conducted on Monday the 4th July 2011 at TRC Hall, Telephone Exchange Bldg Wardha. The comrades of SNEA (I) Wardha made it a grand success by their active involvement & active participation and 100 %   presence. The District conference was attended by office bearers of neighboring districts and representative of all unions & associations of Wardha SSA. The some of prominent personalities who attended the District Conference are:

1. Shri H K Mahajan, Sr GMT Wardha

2. Com S V Bhad, Circle President SNEA(I) MH Circle,

3. Com M S Adasul, Circle Secretary SNEA(I) MH Circle,

4. Com P N Patil Circle Treasurer, SNEA(I) MH Circle

5. Com S R Kalmegh ACS (E), SNEA(I) MH Circle

6. Com T B Wankhade CWC Member, SNEA(I) MH Circle

7. Com C S Nandanwar, Jt Sec Vidarbha SNEA(I) MH Circle

8. Com S K Gangathade, Senior leader & Ex CWC member,

9. Com P R Fasate, DS SNEA(I) Nagpur ,

10.       Com S P Dhok DS SNEA(I) Amravati,

11.       Com S A Sarode, DS SNEA(I) Chandrapur,

12.       Com D H Mehare, DS SNEA(I)  Bhandara,

13.        Com P D Labhane, CEC Member SNEA(I) Nagpur,

14.       Com S V Narsekar, Dist President SNEA(I)  Nagpur,

15.       Com S H Gandhi Div Treasurer SNEA(I)  Amravati ,

16.       Com S B Borwadkar, Dist Treasurer SNEA(I) Nagpur,

17.       Com V H Mankar, Org Secretary SNEA(I) Nagpur

18.       Com B S Kamble, DS/CWC member of AIBSNLEA,

19.       Com A J Pathan, DS BSNLEU Wardha.

20.       Com G D Burade, DS NFTE Wardha,

21.       Com Mrs. Ambade, DS SCSTEWA Wardha,

            District Conference was inaugurated by of Shri H K Mahajan, Sr. GMT Wardha and other dignities by lightening traditional lamp & Saraswati Pujan. Com. H.  K. Chavan, DS SNEA (I) Wardha presented his report for the SNEA (I) Wardha activities and its progress & growth over the period.  Com. B.V.Bute District Treasurer presented audited account of SNEA (I) Wardha.

As a special event Com. S. K. Gangathade,, Senior leader & Ex CWC SNEA (I) Maharashtra Circle was felicitated with shall, shriphal and colorful bouquet for his consistent efforts for strengthening SNEA in Vidarbha region.

                In his address as Chief Guest of the District Conference Shri H K Mahajan, appreciated the activities of SNEA (I) and role of SNEA (I) members in development of BSNL. He congratulated the executives of Wardha for their active role in day to day activities and especially for the successful implementation of the CDR project in Wardha District. He furthered expressed for need to review of current procedure and formula adopted for justification of executives only in Maharashtra circle and difficulties faced due to this staff equalization formula. He told that small SSA like Wardha are adversely affected as very less no of executives are being  justified  against  the  quantum and type of  work  which is  same for all SSA with slight deviation.

            Com M S Adasul, CS SNEA MH Circle, in his speech highlighted the current issues being pursued by SNEA (I) & its status. He appreciated the house about the views of SNEA(I) about the VRS, merger of BSNL-MTNL-ITI, outsourcing of works by BSNL, role of JAC in development of BSNL and status of various DPCs and court cases, Competitive Examination, pursuance of EPF issue and its status etc. He specifically expressed that SNEA (I) is bound to protect right of each and every members and SNEA(I) will oppose any out of way favoritism to individual and support only for policy decision. He thanked all the comrades of SNEA Wardha for their valuable contribution for the proposed SNEA Home at New Delhi.

Com S V Bhad, Circle President SNEA MH Circle highlighted MNP issue in his concluding presidential speech and need to improve  mobile services using all existing resources. He mentioned that issues in MNP are very small which can be resolved through personal interactions with the customers and proper pursuance. He elaborated house about the status of SNEA(I) demand for E-@ & E-3 scale to the executives and assured house that SNEA(I) will fight for this right and basic cause.

Com. S. R. Kalmegh ACS (East) SNEA(I) Maharashtra Circle in his speech expressed views about the overall growth of SNEA(I) Wardha over the period and its concern to resolve issues of BSNL development & HR issues of executives & appreciated the working of Com. H K Chavan, DS Wardha & his team. Com. C S Nandanvar, Jt Secretary Vidarbha expressed difficulties faced by executives in day to day works in field units and need for its timely resolution. 

By keeping the glorious tradition of SNEA (I), new body of SNEA Wardha was unanimously elected for the next term & Com R P Sathone is elected as Dist President, Com H K Chauhan is reelected as Dist Secretary and Com S B Nival is elected as Dist Treasurer.  Click here for newly elected Office Bearers <<<<<< >>>>>>>>>

The proceedings of district conference were nicely anchored by Com N G Nanotkar and vote of thanks was expressed by Com S K Gangathade.



New7thJuly 2011:   District Conference of SNEA (I) Yavatmal: The traditional and unique in its arrangements and organization District Conference of SNEA (I) Yavatmal was held on Monday the 4th July 2011 at Conference Hall, Telephone Exchange Bldg Yavatmal. The overflowing enthusiasm and active participation with cultural activities by comrades of SNEA (I) Yavatmal made the conference a memorable event for one and all who participated in the meeting. The District conference was attended by office bearers of about each and every District in Vidarbha area and representative of all unions & associations of Yavatmal SSA. The some of prominent personalities who attended the District Conference are:

1.                 Shri A.K. Mohabe, Sr GMT Yavatmal

2.                 Com S V Bhad, Circle President SNEA(I) MH Circle,

3.                 Com M S Adasul, Circle Secretary SNEA(I) MH Circle,

4.                 Com P N Patil Circle Treasurer, SNEA(I) MH Circle

5.                 Com S R Kalmegh ACS (E), SNEA(I) MH Circle

6.                 Com T B Wankhade CWC Member, SNEA(I) MH Circle

7.                 Com C S Nandanwar, Jt Sec Vidarbha SNEA(I) MH Circle

8.                 Com P R Fasate, DS SNEA(I) Nagpur ,

9.                 Com S P Dhok DS SNEA(I) Amravati,

10.             Com S A Sarode, DS SNEA(I) Chandrapur,

11.             Com D H Mehare, DS SNEA(I)  Bhandara,

12.             Com. Kishor Kapgate, DS SNEA(I) Gadchiroli,

13.             Com. P. D. Saoji, DS SNEA(I) Buldhana,

14.             Com. H. K. Chauhan, DS SNEA(I)  Wardha,

15.             Com P D Labhane, CEC Member SNEA(I) Nagpur,

16.             Com S V Narsekar, Dist President SNEA(I)  Nagpur,

17.             Com. S. R. Pise, Dist President , SNEA(I)Chandrapur

18.             Com S H Gandhi Dist Treasurer SNEA(I)  Amravati ,

19.             Com S B Borwadkar, Dist Treasurer SNEA(I) Nagpur,

20.             Com V H Mankar, Org Secretary SNEA(I) Nagpur

21.             Com. D.B. Shende, Executive Member SNEA(I) Wardha

22.             Com S. M. Dudhadkar, Executive Member SNEA(I) Akola

23.             Com R. K. Patil DS  AIBSNLEA Yavatmal,

24.             Com A.S. Damle, DS BSNLEU Yavatmal.

25.             Com  S B Shete, DS NFTE Yavatmal,

26.             Com  S B Kawale,  DS SCSTEWA Yavatmal,

27.             Com. Sunil Benodikar, President BSNLEU Yavatmal.

The Open session was inaugurated by Shri. A. K. Mohabe, Sr. GMT Yavatmal and leaders of SNEA (I) Maharashtra Circle. In a traditional way the welcome of all the dignitaries and representatives from other districts was done in a special "Varhadi" style with Tika, Topi &  Sela and welcome song was presented by Com. T.B. Wankhade, JTO Yavatmal on flute”Basuri” with his team & own music system.

 On behalf of BSNLEU Yavatmal CS & CP were felicitated by offering bouquets by Com. A.S. Damle, DS BSNLEU Yavatmal. On behalf of NFTE Yavatmal, CS & CP were offered bouquets by Com. S B Shete, DS NFTE. 

In his address as Chief Guest of the District Conference Sr.GMT Yavatmal, Shri A.K. Mohabe, has expressed his feelings of his working experience in Yavatmal & dedication of Yavatmal executives. He appealed members to be updated with technology and involve in works and give proper attention to grievances of the esteemed customers as well as TAC members and Hon. MPs. He guided house over problems faced by field units and how to overcome these problems.

            Com M S Adasul, CS SNEA (I) MH Circle, in his speech touched the issues from field problems to the issues being taken care by SNEA (I) Maharashtra Circle and SNEA (I) CHQ about the future of BSNL and its executives.  He guided house with the views of SNEA(I) about the VRS, merger of BSNL-MTNL-ITI, outsourcing of works by BSNL, role of JAC in development of BSNL and status of various DPCs and court cases, Competitive Examination, pursuance of EPF issue and its status etc. He elaborately explained about the malpractices and favoritism in account wing of Maharashtra Circle and its protest by SNEA (I) Maharashtra Circle for uniform implementation of policy guidelines for all. 

Com S V Bhad, Circle President SNEA MH Circle, appreciated in his special style of the work culture and unity of Yavatmal comrades. He elaborated house about the overall activities of SNEA (I) Maharashtra Circle and how steps are being initiated in resolving issues of executives in BSNL. He made aware house about SNEA(I) demand for E-2 & E-3 scale to the executives and assured house that SNEA(I) will fight for this right and basic cause.

Com. P.N.Patil, Circle Treasurer, thanked all the comrades of SNEA Yavatmal, for their valuable contribution of Rs. 25000.00 for the proposed SNEA Bhavan at New Delhi.

Com. S. R. Kalmegh ACS (East) SNEA(I) Maharashtra Circle in his speech expressed views about the activities SNEA(I) and how Vidarbha has taken lead in SNEA(I). He specially appreciated Com. N. S. Gadre and his team for the special activities being carried under banner of SNEA (I) Yavatmal.

Com. T.B.Wankhade, CWC Member expressed his feelings about SNEA (I) working style and how it is benefiting the executives in BSNL.

Com. C S Nandanvar, Jt Secretary Vidarbha expressed difficulties faced by executives in day to day works in field units and need for its timely resolution. 

On behalf of Yavatmal comrades, Com. N. S. Garde, DS SNEA (I) Yavatmal, was felicitated by CS with a special & beautiful garland for being elected as CWC Member SNEA (I) Maharashtra.

Com. S.V.Bhad Circle President felicitated and given warm welcome to new members of SNEA (I) Yavatmal.

 In a beautiful and special style a cheque of Rs. 25,000.00 (Rupees Twenty Five Thousands was handed over to Com. P.N.Patil Circle Treasurer & other leaders by District Office Bearers of SNEA (I) Yavatmal.

In a special style a warm and memorable farewell was given to following active and dedicated leaders of SNEA (I) Yavatmal by CS with memorable presents and bouquets on their transfer to Nagpur.

1.     Com. S. M. Surpatne, Ex DS SNEA(I) Yavatmal,

2.     Com.  V. G. Khiratkar, President SNEA(I) Yavatmal

3.     Com. S. J. Nandeshwar, Executive Member.

    The following comrades were specially felicaited by CS & CP on their retirement & successfully completion of services in BSNL.

1.     Com. J. P. Atrey, Sr. SDE Rtd.

2.     Com. V. K. Bhagat, SDE Rtd

3. Com.  M. R. Kaulkar, JTO Rtd.

Com. K S Borkar AO & Com. S. R. Kinake PS donated Rs. 1000.00 each to SNEA (I) Yavatmal. Com. Mrs. V.K. Bobade, JTO & ADS SNEA (I) Amravati handed over Rs. 2000.00 to Com. P.N. Patil, SNEA (I) Maharashtra Circle as donation for SNEA (I) Bhavan New Delhi.

With more dedication, love & affection towards SNEA (I) Com. J. P. Atrey, who is retired from BSNL, has announced special recurring donation of Rs. 500.00 per month for next ten years to SNEA (I) as honour of the activities by SNEA (I). We have no words to appreciation for such dedication after retirement. SNEA (I) Maharashtra conveys sincere & special thanks to Com. J. P. Atrey, Sr. SDE Rtd for his dedication and the special motivation to SNEA (I) comrades. Com. Atrey who is keeping hobby of photography is now enjoying his hobby after retirement and has covered photos of the District Conference. We all have to learn a lot from dedication and activities after retirement from Com. Atrey.     

After meeting a special dinner was arranged in honour of guest and in keeping traditional of Yavatmal Com. D. N. Gedam SDE Yavatmal sponsored the dinner for all.  

As usual the entire District body of SNEA (I) Yavatmal was elected unanimously and unopposed with loud claps and Com. A.D.Metkar, Com. R.B.Shekuwale and Com. K.K.Gaidhani, were respectively elected as District President, District Secretary & District Treasurer.  Click here for newly elected Office Bearers >>>>>>>

The anchoring of the District Conference was done by Com. R.B. Shekuwale in his beautiful style & vote of thanks was given by Com. M. K. Gaikwad Executive Member



Mrs V K Bobade JTO Amravati is being relived today for joining her duty at Yeotmal. SNEA Amravati extends their whole hearted thanks for her contribution and active participation in association activity. We wish  all success in her next endeour.....

Date:- 27/06/2011

 JTO to SDE DPC, Judgment in favor of BSNL, now No Stay, NO Status Quo, Great Victory for SNEA:  Today  in Hon'ble Chennai CAT the OA no.1358/2010 regarding JTO to SDE promotion (SC/ST roster) has been favorably disposed OFF in favour of BSNL Management, Comrades this is only possible because of constant perusal by SNEA at Chennai as well as at BSNL Corporate office. Congratulations to one and all.


 1)ITI Ltd , MTNL merger with BSNL :- The BRPSE recommended merger of ITI, MTNL with BSNL. In Action Taken Report to DOT the BSNL administration has also not favoured the merger.

2)Concessional Broadband connection scheme for all executives below JAG is now extended for BB Unilimited plan of Home 499. 


We extend our sincere thanks to com M S Adasul ,CS SNEA MH Circle for persuing the tranfer case of Com Mrs V K Bobade JTO Amravati and modifying her place of posting to Yeotmal. Earlier she was tranfered to Raigad SSA . This modification is being issued as per her request considering her genuine medical difficulty .......


 1)MH Circle issues instructions to all SSA Head for immediate relieving  executives whose tranfer order is being issued recently.

2)Corporate office desires to implement the scheme of distribution of telephone bills through Phone Mechanic.



1) Com M S Dafare JTO who has recently came from Wardha SSA is now posted at Warud his home town. His request tranfer case was persued by SNEA Amravati . Consequent on his joining Com A R Ghatole SDE Warud is tranfered to Amravati on his request. We are thankful to GMT Amravati and Shri A D Petkar AGM Admn for considering their request......Comrades We are persuing other pending request tranfers........................

2)We welcome Com Rahul Chatur JTO to SNEA Amravati who has recently came from Raigad . He is posted at Amravati being worked at tenure place. We also welcome Com M S Dafare JTO Warud.



General Body Meeting of SNEA(I) Nagpur:  The General body meeting of SNEA (I) Nagpur  District was held under the president ship of District President Com. S S Kalode on 15-06-2011 at Ameniety Hall CTO Compound , Nagpur.

The election of new office bearers was held and entire District body was elected unanimously and unopposed according to which Com.S V Narsekar was elected as District President, Com.P.R.Fasate was elected as District Secretary, Com.S.B. Borwadkar was elected as District Treasurer and Com.P D Labhane was elected as CEC member for the next term. SNEA(I) Amravati congratulates all the newly elected office bearers of SNEA(I) Nagpur. Com S R Kalmegh ACS East, Com T B Wankhade CWC member SNEA MH ,Com C S Nandanwar Jt Sec Vidarbha, Com K T Kapgate DS Gadchiroli and Com S K Mehare DS Bhandara attended and addressed the meeting which was packed with spirited comrades of Nagpur district.


 Proposal of physical Installation and Commissioning of GSM projects by BSNL Staff instead of GSM turnkey Projects -- BSNLCO sought suggestions from CGMs <letter>

On line Training

 MH Circle issued general instructions on online Examination.....   >>>Ltr>>


GS Writes to CMD BSNL on Tardy progress in implementation of key ERP Project in BSNL due to usual lack of toughness on part of Management to act against incompetent and non performing CGMs. <<letter>>


Broadband Samadhan Scheme is now further extended upto 30/09/2011 with slight modifications.


 New 6thJun 2011:  Relieving of JTO, SDE & DEs:  


MH circle has issued instructions to all SSA heads for immediate relieving of all those JTOs,SDEs and DEs whose transfer orders have been issued from MH circle office and not implemented since then, compliance of all pending transfer orders is to be given to MH circle office before next management meeting scheduled to be held on 9th & 10th June 2011.


SNEA Home :- Thank you comrades for your overwhelming support in making contribution for SNEA Home at CHQ New Delhi , our own home for hundreds and hundreds comrades of SNEA(I) ......


We are persuing the tranfer cases of com Shri P R Datir SDE and Com Mrs V K Bobade JTO . Recently both of them have been transfered out of Amravati to Gadchiroli and Raigad SSA resp...... 

Date:- 30/05/2011

**** We welcome

Com Vivek Bhakre and Com Ashish Nandurkar in SNEA Amravati . *****


 Congratulation:- Amravati Cable tender deadlock finally ends......

In a joint meeting of BSNL officials and cable contractors, it is now unanemously decided to end the prolonged cable tender deadlock in Amravati SSA. All cable contractors finally agreed with some of the core issues which was causing delay in finalising cable tender. Since cable tender was not finalised in time, it was made difficult for our field executives in Amravati SSA to rectify the cable faults due to which no of cable faults were drastically increased causing panic in BSNL's landline customers. Our PSTN customers in Amravati is experincing this 2nd panic after the big issue of CDR billing. Any how ,our executives in Amravati are now feeling big relief as they were unable to rectify the cable faults due to financial and labour constraints.Meanwhile it is also been decided that cable faults will be cleared from cable contractors till the cable tender gets finalised which may take more or less  a month or two . Work will be carried out thr quotations well within the power of GMT till the time cable tender gets finalised. Shri A Suryanarayan DGM finance,Shri Jacob Darib & Shri R B Vywavhare CAOs, Shri D V Rokade AGM Plg, Shri D B Dange AGM CFA-III,Shri S B Dandge AGM CFA-I,Shri S R Kalmegh , Shri D H Bhad , Shri U W Kawalkar SDEs and all cable contractors attended this meeting......      


 Meeting of JAC CHQ with Dir HR :- Request for working as DSA for coperative society is accepted by BSNL....     >>>>Click Here for more Detail>>>>>>


CABLE TENDER:-  As per the decision in the GB meeting of SNEA Amravati held on 18/05/2011, all field SDEs in Amravati SSA met GMT Amravati on 20/05/2011 and elaborated in detail the problems arised due to unavailability of cable tender and delay in rectifying the cable fault.Underground works by various private /govt agencies is in full swing in Amravati SSA due to which BSNL's cable is being cut at various places resulting into large no of landline/BB complaints from customers. It was requested to GMT Amravati to finalise the tender as early as possible by sorting out the hurdles coming in finalising the tender. To do so it was also decided to have combine meeting of BSNL Amravati executives and cable contractor soon.     


 Freezing of Maha Krsihi Scheme: At last MH circle issued orders for freezing of most successful plan of MH the MKS (Maha Krishi scheme) according to which No new CAF is to be accepted for Prepaid after 21-05-2011,Data entry of pending prepaid connections is to be completed by 30-05-2011 and No new connection in MKS is to be given after 31-05-2011



General Body Meeting:- General body meeting of SNEA Amravati will be conducted on Wednesday the 18th May 2011 at 17.50 Hrs in Training Center Hall, Doorsanchar Bhavan ,BSNL Amravati to discuss issues of  unavailability of cable tender, request transfers and other important issues. DS SNEA Amravati have requested all comrades of SNEA Amravati to participate in time  and present their views.


Date:-17/05/2011: Buddha Purnima

 Buddha Purnima:-  SNEA Amravati warmly greets all the comrades and well wisher on the holy occasion of Buddha Purnima. Lord Buddha, through his enlightened teachings showed us the eternal path of ahinsa, right conduct and universal love. His thoughts shows the way for  compassion and universal brotherhood which is very relevant in today’s world.

Date:- 13/05/2011

 Unavailability of Cable Tender in Amravati SSA

All field SDEs of Amravati SSA are facing difficulties due to unavailability of regular U/G cable tender as period of extension of  a month given to the existing approved cable contractor has been expired on dated 30.04.2011. It is leaned that cable tender floated by GMT office is not being finalized since last three months due to obvious reasons as no tenderer seems to be willing to participate in tendering process. Cable tender was already floated 2-3 times  and now also GMT office has issued the NIT for the same, but there is no fruitful positive sign that this tender will get finalized soon. Delay in finalization of cable tender may badly affect cable maintenance in entire Amravati SSA. 

A decade has passed as rectification of cable faults , cable laying and associated work  are being  carried out through Cable Tender and our field SDEs were heavily relied on the contractor for the same. This procedure of getting the cable maintenance being done through cable contractor has abolished our own cable maintenance system by virtue of which we were rectifying cable faults from our own office field line staff.

Recently large no of underground works like laying of water pipe lines, drainage system, laying of electric cable, road widening , constructions of bridges etc are being  carried out by various govt/private agencies due to which BSNL’s cable is being cut repeatedly. Unavailability of cable contractor and Sudden stoppage of work of cable maintenance from cable contractor has made the task more difficult of rectifying the cable fault from our own staff under such adverse conditions. It is also essential to rectify cable faults in time for giving uninterrupted broadband service to our customers. Delay in rectification may result adversely and all of them are finding themselves in difficult situation considering financial constraint on one side and shortage of trained field staff and untrained outsourced personnel on other side. It is also unsafe and risky  to carry out these works from unskilled and unauthorized personnel which is against the rules and regulation of department circulated time to time.

Hence immediate finalization of cable tender is essential for timely restoration of cable fault or otherwise contracts of the existing cable tender may be further extended for a period of one/two months. In this regard most of the field SDEs in Amravati are also demanding guidelines for rectification of cable faults in absence of cable contactor


 BSNL-MTNL may get Rs 3000 crore as aid from Govt -A  news.


 NEW10thMay 2011:  Payment of cash in lieu of Towel,oap,Glass tumbler,Pen & Refills etc:  MH Circle has issued instructions for paying in cash an amount of Rupees 650/- to all Group-A & B Officers and Rupees 480/- to all Group C and D staff members in lieu of Towel,Soap,Glass tumbler,Pen and Refills etc for the year 2011-12.


1) Mandatory training under Executive promotion policy, change of mode reg: >>>>>

2) BSNLCO issued directions to CGMs not to implement JTO to SDE promotions issued on 30.03.2011 till further orders >>>>>

3)Message from new CMD Shri R. K. Upadhyay  >>>>>>


 Dear comrade, You must be receiving complaints about deduction of charges of unwanted sms from the BSNL mobile customers in your area from various content service providers. These customers are trying to contact our Call center for stoppage of this deduction but unable to do so resulting into tendency of closure of BSNL mobile numbers. If such customers are approaching you then you are requested to either 

1)Deactivate through website  and giving username as "cs" and password as "cs" or

2)send email to following mail addresses for SMS, VAS Content provider cases- Forceful activation, deactivation of VAS srvs..

These mail addresses  are only for official use and should not be discolsed to customers....   



Observing of  "Customer Delight Month" : 1st to 31st May,11


Customer Delight Month is to be observed by the JAC, from 1st May to 31st May.

The following targets are to be achieved during the month of Customer Delight Month:

·         Zero land line, OFC  faults : All faults to be cleared on the same day

·         Zero Broad Band faults : Cable faults to be cleared within 48 hours

·         Zero Leased line faults.

·         Zero BTS faults. Zero pending work orders of New Connections / Broad Band / shifting.

·         Redressal of customer grievances in respect of quality of service, billing, stopping migration of customers.

·         Visiting subscriber premises. Make the customers to learn using GPRS, through demonstration. This will enable the customers to avail value added services.

·         Proper upkeep of the batteries and power plant.

·         Identifying / disposing of scrap materials.

·         Effective utilisation of the space which had been occupied by scrap materials.

·         Maintaining punctuality - attending office on time.

·         Manning of the Customer Service Centres from 8 am to 8 pm and on second Saturdays & Sundays.

·         Giving proper publicity by issuing pamphlets to the public, displaying posters /flex boards and publicity through media. This is to give a message to the public that BSNL employees care for their customers.

·         Each employee should bring at least 2 new customers (land line, Broad Band/ Mobile etc.) during this month.

·         To take all measures to save electricity.  



Meeting with GMT Amravati:- Delegation of SNEA Amravati comprising of Com S P Dhok DS SNEA Amravati, Com S R Kalmegh ACS East SNEA MH Circle , Com A V Changole Dist President SNEA Amravati , Com S H Gandhi Div Treasurer Amravati, Com P H Kandalkar Vice President SNEA Amravati , Com P R Datir SDE met Shri C P Samant GMT Amravati and requested to issue all pending request transfers of JTOs/SDEs from rural to Amravati city.  Other issues like floating cable tender, floating power plant module repairing tender,Cdot card repairing , shortage of patch pannel cable and need to bring from Ahmednagar, etc were discussed. GMT Amravati agreed to review all........ 





Rs. Eleven lakh Donation from SNEA(I) MH circle towards CHQ building Fund @ New Delhi, for purchase of our own house at Delhi :     SNEA(I) MH Circle keeping its Glorious tradition alive, Donated Rs.11,00,000-00 (Rupees Eleven Lakhs) towards CHQ Building Fund,) i.e for building of our members own house at Delhi, Circle President Com.S.V.Bhad, CS Com.M.S.Adasul, and Circle Treasurer Com.P.N.Patil on behalf of entire SNEA(I) MH Circle body handed over Cheque of Rupees 11 Lakhs to our beloved GS Com.G.L.Jogi and AGS Com.A.R.Manani during the Open Session of 4th Circle conference of SNEA(I) MH Circle at Nanded on 23rd April 2011,


GS Com.G.L.Jogi thanked each and every comrade of Maharashtra and appreciated the efforts of SNEA(I) MH Circle office bearers and all District secretaries/District office bearers for rising on the occasion and making MH the  first telecom circle to collect & pay the donation of the tune of Rs.Eleven lakhs.

Thank you comrades, Thanks to one and all,




Grand, Marvelous & Historical 4th Circle Conference of SNEA(I) MH circle successfully


concluded at Nanded :  FLASH NEWS (Full report will be published very soon) The two day 4th Circle Conference of  SNEA(I) MH Circle  successfully concluded on the night of 23rd April 2011, The well attended Conference was grand, colorful and  Historical in the history of SNEA(I) MH as for the first time election of the new circle office bearers was held unopposed, unanimously and within minutes, Role of all District secretaries, specially that of DS Kalyan Com.M.N.Kotambe, DS Pune Com.V.M.Wankhede, DS Nashik Com. M.B.Sangle and DS WTR Mumbai   Com.G.G.Karpe was very important, positive, constructive and as per Glorious traditions of this association,  with their valiant efforts entire SNEA MH Circle body was elected in one voice, unanimously and with thundering claps, amongst  loud slogan shouting  of SNEA Zindabad, Names of SNEA(I)MH circle office bearers was announced accordingly Com.S.V.Bhad was Re-elected as Circle President, Com.M.S.Adasul was Re-elected as Circle Secretary and Com.P.N.Patil was Re-elected as Circle Treasurer for the next term, list of entire SNEA(I) MH Circle body is as below: 


Name of post


Posted in






Vice President




Circle Secretary


Mumbai Circle office


Asst Circle Secretary(East)




Asst Circle Secretary(West)




Jt.Secretary (Marathwada)




Jt.Secretary (Kokan)




Jt.Secretary (Head Qrs)


Mumbai Circle office


Jt.Secretary (Kalyan)




Jt.Secretary (Pune)




Jt.Secretary (North MH)




Jt.Secretary (South MH)




Jt.Secretary(Vidharbha MH)




Jt.Secretary (NRU)


WTP Mumbai


Circle Treasurer


Mumbai Circle office


CWC Member




CWC Member




CWC Member




CWC Member




CWC Member





 4th Circle Conference of SNEA(I) MH circle  

is to  be held on 22nd & 23rd April -2011 at   Kusum Natyagrah, VIP Road, Nanded, PIN 431602.

Pre Circle conference CEC is notified to be held on 21st April 2011 at Conference hall, Telephone Bhawan, Nanded.


 JTO to SDE DPC: Congratulations to Com D G Poke,Com V R Jadhav, Com M S Harne, Com Mrs A K Chungade, Com S M Wanawe, Com A B Chavan and Com Mrs J R Rahatgaonkar for getting JTO to SDE regular promotion.  All have been retained at Amravati as per promotional order issued today by Maharashtra Circle office . Congratulations to all once again............

16/04/2011,Mahavir Jayanti

SNEA Amravati extend warm greeting to our beloved members and esteemed customers on the eve of MAHAVIR JAYANTI , the birth anniversary of Jainism founder Lord Mahavir . Lord mahavir's life & teachings are constant reminders of the extraordinary power of non-violence ,truth & peace.



Joint Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Jyotiba Fule  and Bharatratna Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar was celebrated in Amravati SSA:-  All Unions and Associations and employees of Amravati SSA exhibited their solid uniqueness and solidarity in celebrating Joint Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Jyotiba Fule  and Bharatratna Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar on 13th April 2011 at Doorsanchar Bhavan in a well decorated Shamiyana specially prepared for this sole celebration and remembrance  of these grate leaders. Function was attended by large number of employees in Amravati SSA which was presided by Hon  Chandraprakashji Samant, GMT Amravati  and nicely anchored by Shri R D Ramteke. At the start of the function , Brief note was presented by Shri S R kalmegh.                     


Special Guest for this function were Dr Shri Dalbeer Bharati  Spl IG of Police Amravati and Smt. Dr Smita Deshmukh , principal of Art and Commerce College of Amravati. All those who were present in the function had experienced a speeches of high quality ,having in-depth knowledge of the subject and exclusive style of both the guests as each and every word uttered was listened with pin drop silence.  Shri Surianarayan DGM finance  and Chairperson of jayanti committee Shri D V Rokade AGM  Plg were also present on the dias. Function was also attended by Shri D B Dange AGM , Shri S B Dandage AGM, Shri P N Petkar AGM,Shri P M Dhobe AGM and Shri Jecab  CAO  Amravati . On this occasion , a drawing competition was  orgnised by Nitin Savarik  and prices were distributed by the  hands of  Guest. At last , vote of thanks was given by Shri Nagare who thanked each and every one  for their active participation including Shri J P Dongre and Shri P G Wankhade for taking leading role in success of this function. This Occasion was also attended by large no of members of SNEA  Amravati including Shri S P Dhok, Shri A V Changole and Shri S H Gandhi, Shri V R Jadhav, Shri V J Pande,  Shri s P Mahatme, Shri R N Chavhan, Shri H N Bagde, Shri P H Kandalkar, Shri Dike, Shri Khandelwal, Shri Meshram, Shri P M Dabhade,Shri D B Gawande , shri H K Malviya, shri A D Badhe…,Smr Bobade ,smt Kandalkar, smt Wankhade... and many more from other associations and unions.   


Case at Hon Chennai CAT on JTO to SDE promotion: The case, OA 36 listed for today. Meanwhile the applicants filed an application praying for interim injunction of the operation of the promotion order dated 30.03.2011. BSNL as well as our lawyer  strongly opposed the prayer for injunction of the operation of the order as there is no violation of the earlier direction of the Hon CAT. Hon CAT not granted injunction on the operation of the promotion order. The case is posted for 20.04.2011.


News:-1)JAC CHQ New Delhi met today and taken some important decisions to improve the quality of service, customer interface and total change in the work culture of Executives/Employees of BSNL: JAC felt that employees only can take the lead on revival of BSNL with the active and solid support from the BSNL Management. 

2)Review of Tenure stations in Raigad Division: 

MH Circle has reviewed the 11 tenure stations of Raigad Division

and excluded them from the list of tenure stations having tenure

facility. This order will be effective from 01-04-2012.>>List>>


Declaration of Holiday on 14th April,2011 - Birthday of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar......... Amravati SSA is celebrating joint Birth anniversary of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar and Mahatma Jyotiba Fule on 13th April 2011 at doorsanchar Bhavan ,BSNL Amravati……….


DS SNEA has requested GMT Amravati through a request letter to issue all pending request transfers  of JTOs/SDEs from rural to Amravati City. SNEA Amravati will be meeting GMT Amravati on this issue soon ......





 Time Bound Promotion: GM office issued the order for TBP of executives of Amravati SSA. Order include TBP from E3- to -E4 of one executive, E2-E3 of 15 executives and E1 to E2 of 10 executives of Amravati SSA.SNEA Amravati has consistetnly persued this case of pending TBP at local and circle level. We extend our thanks to all for issuing TBP immediately after receipt of approval from CGMT office Mumbai. 

Congratulations, with the consistent valiant efforts by SNEA(I) CHQ JTO to SDE Promotion orders issued for 1861 JTOs. 343 are from MH, only 8 have been posted out of MH, We extend our sincere thanks to SNEA CHQ for retaining 98% executives in MH Circle.

Assn didn't updated anything on our website regarding the progress of this DPC for the last few months as some court cases are going on at different CATs and there was a strong move to stop the promotions. Finally we could get the much delayed promotion orders for the vacancies upto the year 2008-09. The stay at Hon Chennai CAT was only for the vacancy year 2009-10 and for the second eligibility list.



4th Circle Conference of SNEA(I) MH circle to be held on 22nd & 23rd April -2011 at NANDED, Notice issued: 4th Circle Conference of SNEA(I)MH Circle is Notified and to be held on 22nd & 23rd April-2011 at  Kusum Natyagrah, VIP Road, Nanded, PIN 431602. Pre Circle conference CEC is notified to be held on 21st April 2011 at Conference hall, Telephone Bhawan, Nanded. Notice for which has been issued by CS SNEA(I)MH Circle.


 Pay scale of JTOs and SDEs: The Committee invited SNEA(I) for a formal meeting at 10:30 Hrs on 25.03.2011. Assn will reiterate its consistent stand for standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc for JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs etc and continuing pre-revised scale of 9850-250-14600 till finalization of new scales. In the earlier meetings on 03rd March and subsequent meetings, Assn made it clear that E1 + 5 increment for JTO/JAOs and E2 scale for SDE/AOs are not at all acceptable. Assn deferred the agitation only when Chairman and GM(SR) assured to review the proposal


 Untimely closure of Maha Krishi plan, SNEA registers protest: CS SNEA(I) MH Circle after making deep study and complying all reports/facts and figures circulated by MH Circle management and concerned officers involved in launching/marketing the most popular postpaid CUG plan ever introduced by any of the circle appealed CGMT MH Circle Hon’ble Shri Aloke Kaul to withheld the orders for closure of Maha krishi plan and suggested some modifications in the original postpaid plan, Association also pointed finger towards suspected involvement of private operators who want to create adverse publicity for BSNL to further their commercial interests.

Click here to view copy of CS letter to CGMT MH Circle>>>>>>  

Date:- 21/03/2011

 Congratulations:- Our long pending TIME BOUND PROMOTIONS of execuives of Amravati SSA has been finally approved by hon CGMT MH Circle. TBP of Amravati was pending since Oct '2009. Orders in this regard has been received in the office of GMT Amravati. SNEA Amravati thaks to all who has supported in settleing the issue of TBP.  


CDR Issue:----
BSNL has adopted CDR to make its service provision /implementation easy
and faster but it seems that it is adversely affecting the overall functioning of BSNL
particularly in landline sector and Landline of subscribers are closing thier telephones
due to complete failure of CDR in dealing with their billing complaints and others. 
This has resulted in decline of BSNL's revenue in and subscribers are loosing faith
on BSNL .
In fact,CDR is  totally vendor based project which has been gifted to us
inplace of our own DOTsoft project.Problems in CDR are mainly
of two types 1) System generated ( i.e. shortcomings in s/w ) and it’s a vendor
mistake 2) Manual mistake ( Mistake committed while generating the order in CDR)
and its our mistake. for every problem which remained unsolved at our level,our
nodal incharge is requested to book the docket to solve the problem and the reason
behind it is no more hidden now.the funny thing is that instead of imposing penalty,
the vendor is being paid for the every closing of docket booked  and whatever
problem we are facing are mainly system generated .So technical agreement made
between vendor and BSNl is questionable ? and needs to be properly reviewed by
Top BSNL Mangement stop this flow of BSNL money otherwise if such projects 
remain continued further,  we will be left with work of collecting money from our
enraged  customers for poor services and passing it to vendor....that too at the cost
of loosing the little faith which subscribers are having on BSNL.


1)Introduction of CDR system: - Letter by GS NFTE----We too are facing similar type of CDR problems in MH .      >>>>Click here for Letter>>>>


09thMar-2011: Clarifications related to Executives Promotion policy: MH Circle office after passing of about one year has finally Endorsed the clarifications issued by BSNL corporate office on 29th March 2010 regarding fixation of pay on Time bound promotion and on getting regular Promotion.   >>>Letter>>>>


1) SNEA Amravati delegation met DGM Finance Amravati and  protested agaisnt the inordinate reduction in temp advances  of various SDE in Amravati on the name of  curtelment of expenditure. SNEA Amravati strongly objected this  reduction and tried to explain how it is going to  affect the overall working and have adverse effect.. Finally DGM Amravati assured to the team of SNEA that there wont be any reduction in temp advances in future.

2)Online payment of MSEDCL Bills. Now onward all the MSEDCL bills of BSNL Amravati  will be paid online. Prior to this, some of  these bills were paid thr cash by  taking temp advances and some were paid via cheque payment. As a result of this ,now there is no need to take temp advances for paying MSEDCL bills . We are thankful to GMT amravati for taking prompt action as per our request and CAO BSNL Amravati for taking initiatives . 


Dharana Programme Deferred:- Following the assurance given by the Chairman of the Committee and GM (SR) that the committee will consider all possible options to resolve the issue of pay scales of JTOs/SDEs and equivalent cadres in a satisfactory manner and not restrict resolution of the issue merely on the basis of E1+ 5 increments which according to this Association is nothing but demotion of the cadre, programme of Dharna on 4th March, 11 stands deferred. The Association will vigorously pursue to get legitimate pay scale for JTOs/SDEs and protect the dignity of the cadre of JTO. Maintain total organizational preparedness to respond to any challenge at a very short notice.

SNEA CHQ wholeheartedly congratulates the activists of the Organization for making extensive and elaborate Organizational preparation at grass root levels to make the programme of dharna on 4th March a grand success. Keep it up and protect the dignity of the cadre of JTO. 


 BSNL MS RR:    Copy of the Judgement of the case filed by AIGETOA & Others in Hon Chennai CAT on BSNLMS R/R        >>>>>>>


 Shri.S.C.Misra Member (Services) DOT will hold additional charge of CMD BSNL w.e.f 01-03-2011 till the appointment of a regular incumbent or until further orders which ever is earlier    >>>>>>>>


 SNEA(I) serve notice for Trade Union Action against demotion of JTO  cadre -- results demotion of SDE/JAO/AO cadre also:  

Demand: Provisionally extend pre revised 9850-250-14600 scale and process standard pay scale of E2 and E3 for JTO and SDE and equivalent cadres as DOT not approving mid scales proposed by BSNL.

Programs of protest action:

1.    Countrywide lunch/closing hour demonstration on 24th Feb.,11

2.   Full day Dharna at BSNL/Circle/SSA HQs on 04th March.,11.


News:- CLARIFICATION ON PAY SCALE OF JTOS RECRUITED AFTER 01.01.2007when committee is constituted to resolve this specific issue,  clarification issued by the Esst wing raises question mark  Assn will be very strongly reacting. Assn will not allow demotion of JTO cadre.   >>>> Letter>>>>

WiMAX licences were misused, confirms DoT report:  Shell companies got WiMAX licences from BSNL with the object of generating a high market valuation and cashing out, a preliminary report submitted by DoT to telecom minister Kapil Sibal has concluded  <Report>


SDE Officiating Promotional order of Com M S Harne JTO Mobile has been corrected and now he is promoted as SDE Mobile Amravati.. Earlier he was shown as working in Amravati TD and was promoted there.



No funds in the a/c of BSNL Amravati - Only Electrical bills /GPF payment


Financial transactions of BSNL Amravati have become almost standstill as Finance wing of  Circle office Mumbai has allotted negligible funds to Amravati SSA. In the beginning of feb’2011 , BSNL Amravati was having  negligible balance in it’s account.and lack of sufficient funds has resulted into non payment of  MSEDCL electriciy bills in time , non distribution of temp advances to field SDEs, Non payment of bills for small repairing /maintenance  work , non payment of TA/DA,LTC & other advances, non payment of GPF, non payment of advances for conducting open session, loknyayalaya etc, non payment of bills for small repairing/maintenance  work etc.
            It has come to our notice that CAO Amravati has requested for the financial fund of Rs 83 lakhs for 1st Feb -10th feb '2011 out of which only 34 lakhs have been allotted and for 11th feb'2011 - 20th Feb'2011 request was made for 98 lakhs but only 14 lakhs have been given so far . As on today BSNL Amravati has received fund of Rs 44 lakhs , out of which 40 lakhs are  utilised for paying electricity bills and remaining 4 lakhs for paying GPF. Rest is the story mentioned above. Due to non payment of electricity bill in time , one of BTS at Arjun nagar Amravati was diconnected by MSEDCL . Our SDEs in field /rural areas have recd several notices from MSEDCL for paying the MSEDCL bills of Exchanges and BTS and threat of possible disconnection of electric supply. Due to non receipt of temp advances, our field executives are unable to execute small unavoidable work for maintaining telecom services,. Due such financial crunch , everything is standstill and our executives are unnecessarily distracted from their daily routine work.

           This is happening at the juncture when we have to concentrate on achieving target set by Hon CGMT MH circle . Without funds , no one will be able to manage proper  telecom services. It will have retrospective effect in field eqpts/operations and manging manpower.  It is to mention here that due to delay in paying electricity bills , we have to pay approx 60,000/- extra as overdue in this month .


             SNEA Amravati have brought this issue in the notice of our Circle Secretary Com M S adasul.  This is also been discussed in the meeting with Hon GMT Amravati on dtd 15/02/2011 and he has also instructed CAO accordingly.Let us hope that adequate funds will be immediately released to BSNL Amravati


 Pay Scale of JTO / SDE cadres: GS write to CMD/BSNL on the strategic importance of JTO cadre -- Pride of the Company – JTO cadre – don’t break the back of BSNL by breaking its backbone --  consequences of arbitrary and retrograde decision to demote the cadre shall be grave and suicidal --- work study done by National Productivity Council (NPC) and IVth & Vth CPCs  recommended higher scales and higher status for JTO cadre in 1987 and 1996 -- Demands as an interim measure, JTOs recruited in the pre-revised pay scale of 9850-14600 be fixed in the same scale and action on war footing by BSNL management to place JTO/SDE in standard pay scales of E2 and E3 be initiated>>Letter>>


Nation pays tributes to the sacrifice of great legendary Shahid BHAGAT SINGH,RAJGURU AND SUKHDEB..............remember  on 14/02/1931 they were hanged to death , only one of it's unique sacrifice of their own life for Indian Freedom....


SNEA Amravati GB Meet:- Largely attended  General Body meeting of SNEA Amravati took place on 11/02/2011 in the president ship of Com A V Changole, Dist President SNEA Amravati. Jt Sec SNEA Vid-II , Dist Secretary Com S P Dhok  , Div Treasurer and allmost all members of SNEA attended the meet.

Participants in the meeting discussed various issues like ongoing improper CDR billing and majors to overcome this issue , Mobile services in Amravati, non availability of 10-20 pairs cable for restoration of cable fault and maintenance of cable which is repeatedly  being cut due to on going municipal development of work in Amravati, pending TBP of executives, payment of inadequate temp advance due to which all daily maintenance/other petty works are getting suffered, non issue of Cordect bills ,floating of maintenance tender, non execution of CDOT card/PP Modules  repairing by the existing tenderer, equal distribution of staff in Amravati including parvati bhavan,mobile provisioning & others, request transfers of JTOs/SDEs from rural to Amravati City ,non issue of MBA permissions ,provision of bulk diversion facility in CDR etc. Members demanded immediate availability of store for broadband maintenance. It is also decided to make a special efforts in the coming months to generate more prospective broadband customers at Amravati City and rural area so as to meet broadband targets..   


General body meeting of SNEA Amravati is scheduled to be held  tomorrow on Friday the 11/02/2011 , 17.30 Hrs at Training Center Hall , Doorsanchar Bhavan, BSNL Amravati. All comrades are requested to attend in time


 JTO to SDE(Offtg) promotion, Orders issued for 295 JTOs:  MH Circle has issued JTO to SDE (offtg)Promotion orders for 295 JTOs, w.e.from 31st Jan 2011 to 29th July 2011. All the officers has been given promotion in the same SSA.

Date:- 07/02/2011

Panic among subscribers due to incorrect bills and disconnection even after non receipt  of bills. Nearly 6-7000 telephone connections in Amravati are DNP and half of them have not received any bills from last 4 months..


 Change of designations on Time Bound Promotions: BSNLCO seeks views of the CGMs on the new designations suggested by the Associations. The suggestions if any has to reach BSNLCO latest by 15.02.2011. CSs should meet the CGMs and ensure that the reply is reaching BSNLCO latest by 15.02.11   >>>Letter>>>       >>>Suggestions>>>>

Date:- 04/02/2011


 Pay anomaly of JTO 2007 & 2008 batches: The committee is meeting today on 04th Feb. In continuation of the meeting with PGM(FP), Chairman of the Committee on 02.02.2011, GS along with both AGSs met ED(Fin) and other Committee members Sr GM(SR), Sr GM(Pers) and GM(EF) and held further discussions on the issue.  Assn explained in detail how the E1A scale was approved by BSNL and DOT in 2002 after the agreement with SNEA(I). Any proposal to give E1 scale or E1A scale with some increments is not at all acceptable as Placing JTOs recruited in E1A scale in E1 scale is nothing but a demotion. Further this will create further anomalies in the future also. So we requested to implement pre-revised scale as an interim measure.


 News:- PYARI JODI Scheme regularised.

We convey our sincere thanks to CS SNEA MH Circle for  his strong persuation for getting extention to the Pyari Jodi Scheme. Now Pyari Jodi promotional Offer is regularised in BSBL till further order. All terms & conditions and tariff will remain same.


Considering the overwhelming responce to the PYARI JODI" a promotional offer by virtue of which we are providing BSNL prepaid SIM to all landline customers, we have requested CS SNEAMH circle to see that it gets extended atleast upto March 31. Responce is also evedent from  the figures of  no of connections provided under Pyari Jodi  as displayed in MH Iintranet portal. But  this scheme is valid upto 90 days w.e.f 05.11.2010 which means that it is going to end after 2-3 days as period is over.
Also if we are giving Prepaid Krishi SIMs then Krishi postpaid should be immeditely stopped to avoid non payment of bills by krishi plan subscribers.


 News :-

 1)MNP status- As on today nearly 80,000/-  mobile customers of BSNL have requested for Port Out where as nearly 20,000 mobile customers of other private companies have requested for port in , in BSNL. These are the figures of all India since beginning of MNP. In AP circle figures of roll in is more than figures of roll out than all other circle

2) PENSION REVISION CLEARED BY THE CABINET: - The pension revision of the retirees of retired prior to 01/01/2007 has been cleared by the cabinet.The pensioners will get 30% fitment with 68, 8% IDA merger.

Date:- 29/01/2011

 GS writes to Hon MOC & IT regarding loss making Rural Services, BSNLs social obligation and demands Govt support as assured in NTP 99.   >>Letter>>


 Pay anomaly of JTO 2007 & 2008 batches: GS writes to Sh K. C. G. K Pillai, PGM(FP) & Chairman/Committee -- only way to resolve the anomaly as an interim measure is to extend the pre-revised scale of 9850-250-14600, the scale in which the JTOs are recruited till finalization of the revised pay scales...   >>Letter>>

Date:- 22/01/2011

 GS writes to Sh Kapil Sibal, Hon MOC&IT regarding Sam Pitroda recommendation on "Management structure and composition", its summary rejection by Telecom Commission, needs serious, unprejudiced and thoughtful reconsideration....>>>Letter>>


 MNP started from today.....

Experience of MNP from Haryana circle is an eye opener. Out of total number of 1.5 lakh subscribers who have ported out, 1/3rd are from BSNL. .  

 In absolute Numbers, BSNL is the Top looser and Vodafone is the Top gainer.


Meeting with GMT Amravati:- Com S P Dhok DS SNEA(I) Amravati , Com A V Changole Dist President ,Com S H Gandhi Div Treasurer , Com P H Kandalkar V.President alongwith  Com S R Kalmegh Jt Sec SNEAMH Vid-II met Hon GMT Amravati yesterday on 18/01/2011 and presented  New year Diary '2011, printed and published by SNEA MH Circle. On this occassion ,SNEA Amravati delegation discussed various issues with GMT Amravati which have been highlighted below.  

1)Poor Mobile Service :- WE expressed our total dis-satisfaction in dealing with recification of technical problems in Mobile equipments which has badly affected the mobile service specially in Amravati SSA. GMT Amravati also agrees on the view point and told that he is also receiving complaints about poor mobile service from the subscribers in Amravati . He has told that recent problems in mobile services are mainly due to overloading of MSC eqipts at Nagpur and unavailability of sufficient mobile eqpts there to cope with the extra traffic of mobile calls. In this regard , GMT Amravati told that he has brought all these problems of mobile customers of Amravati SSA to GM Mobile and PGMT Nagpur and we are expecting positive action on above.

2)Time Bound promotion :- TBP of executives of Amravati SSA was delayed due to administrative delay on the part of our admn section and circle office mumbai. GMT Amravati also agreed that TBP of executives is delayed beyond expectations but assured to settle within 15 days.   

3)CDR Billing problems in Amravati SSA:- In-correct billing, delayed billing in the  month  Oct/Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec '2011 and no billing for Cordect in the month of Oct/Nov/Dec'2010 has resulted in financial loss and surrender of landline connections. IPTC Incharge at pune who is handling CDR and billing of Amravati & Akola SSA has made several mistakes in the bill of Oct'2010 causing chain of billing problems from Oct'2010 to till now. GMT Amravati told that Bills of Nov/Dec'2010 will be issued soon and proper information will be given in the bill itself sothat there will not be any misunderstanding  of the landline customers about their bill.

4)Posting of sufficient staff for mobile provisioning work:- In mobile provisioning section , due to krishi plan /pyari Jodi connections, etc workload has been incresed considerably , more over as it includes manual intervention and retirement of some of the posted staff there ,  we have requested GMT Amravati to post additional staff in Mobile provisioning section which GMT Amravati has taken note of it .

5)We have also discussed the issue of  recent letter from AGM Plg asking to put date of checking in the bills of U/G Cable maintenance and construction bills. We expressed our oppose and difficulties in giving date of checking done by JTO/SDE and AGM which is not at all possible in day to day work in rural areas. GMT Amravati also agrees with our opinion and agreed to set aside such instructon and letter.

6)Request to settle all pending request transfers of executives of Amravati SSA. GMT Amravati agrees to discuss this issue in the next meeting.     



 News 1)After getting tremendous responce for KRISHI post paid mobiles, BSNL MH Circle prepaired to launch KRISHI prepaid Mobile SIMs.

2) JTOs officiating contempt case in Hon?ble Chandigarh High Court: Contempt of Court case in JTOs Officiating could not be heard on 13.01.2011. Senior advocates not present due to ill health. Case is adjourned to 01.02.2011.


 Special offers from BSNL for the port-in-GSM customers under Mobile number portability: <<DETAILS>>

1.  Port–in–charges will be fully waived off.  2. Free SIM.

3. For Prepaid customers:

     a) Additional talk value for Rs. 100 in addition to the normal free talk


     b) 5 GB GPRS free for one month.

4. For Postpaid customers:

    a) Activation charges will be waived off.

    b) 50% rebate in the FMC for first month.

    c) Freebies attached with the plan will remain the same 


New year Diaries' 2011 published and printed by  SNEAMH circle are received at Amravati. It will be distributed to all  SNEA comrades through planning section of  o/o GMT Amravati very soon within a day or two.... For more detail pls contact Com B S Dhawade SDE .....


 New Prepaid CUG Plan-100 :- Hon CGMT MH Circle approves the new Prepaid CUG Plan 100 especially for Amravati ZP teachers Co-Op Bank Amravati. Some of the detail of this prepaid CUG plan is highligted below.....

1)Minimum recharge per month=Rs 100/- per connections to avail CUG facility i.e unlimited calls within CUG. 2)Free talk time= Own n/w 150 minutes and other n/w 80 minutes per month 3)Free sms=50. Pls give wide coverage to this plan...... 


One more issue resolved...We extend our sincere thanks to  Hon GMT Amravati for modifying the  Place of postings of Com V. M. Nagthane SDE  from Morshi to Amravati  and Com R D Mirkute SDE  from Chandur Rly to Amravati... 


   IDA increases by 3.2 %  whose pay revised from 1-1-2007 and 5.4 % to others....


BSNLCO issues order directing the field units to stop the recovery of pay based the the clarification issued on 19.02.2010 on TBP    >>>>>>>>>>


 3G Mobile in Amravati : Amravati SSA is lounching it's most awaited 3G Mobile service w.e.f 03/11/2010. Official opening of 3G Mobile service in Amravati will be made with the auspecious hands of Hon Shri Anandraoji Adsul MP Amravati on 03/11/2010 at 11.30 Hrs, Venue: Hotel Mehfil Inn ,Camp Amravati.


 BSNL Distance learning scheme: BSNL has partially modified the existing guidelines on Management Education: part time/Distance learning scheme circulated on 05-09-2008, The revised guidelines will be applicable w.e.from 01-010-2010    >>>Letter>>>>


SNEA Amravati wishes a very Happy Dashara to all BSNL Employees and     well wishers............


 The BSNL management has strongly sent signals to the government that it cannot roll out WiMAX project in rural areas without financial support from government and demanded the grant of Rs.2395 crores to run the project on no profit no loss basis



BSNL was second largest GSM connection provider in the country in the month of August 2010:.As per the figures circulated after a long time BSNL has emerged as second highest GSM connection provider in Entire India after Vodafone in the month of August 2010, overtaking Airtel, Reliance and Idea. This is encouraging and moral boosting news for all BSNL employees


BSNL unions  are pleading management to give PLI/ Bonus equivalent to quantum that was paid last year....



10th BSNL Day:  Hearty Congratulations to all !!    BSNL has completed 10 Glorious  years of service dedicated to the nook and corner of nation, We all are proud to be the part of it. Happy BSNL Day……..Long live BSNL…….Long Live SNEA.


 MH Circle has announced names of Executives and Non Executives selected for the prestigious Sanchar Seva padak 2010. SNEA(I) Amravati Congratulates Shri D B Dange AGM CFA-CFAIII and Shri A G Khan and all other winners and wishes them great success to achieve further goals in their career with BSNL.