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Hello and welcome to the all new website for New Era Developments , here you will find all the news related to our team , Sim City 4 and smallville so take some time and poke around and be sure  check out the all new New Era Exchange. If anyone has any questions for the webmaster he can be reached via email at xstylez@live.ca ,thank you and enjoy the site .

just as an extra side note the site is still under construction and not all features will be working correctly , as of right now only New Era Members can upload to our exchange.


The Official Smallville Magazine 100-Page Special!

The official Smallville Magazine 100-page special is out in stores now, donít forget to get your copy today! Among a lot of articles, Kristin Kreuk talks about Lana's future.

"Heading up this 100-page special we have an in-depth interview with the Green Arrow himself - Justin Hartley talks about the Black Canary, fighting Lex, and why super heroes should always be naked! We step into the dressing room with Smallville costume doyenne Caroline Cranstoun, where she lets us in on some secrets, including why Clark has 24 red jackets! Also in this issue, we bring you the first part of our Season Seven episode guide, track Chloe Sullivanís journey from High School snoop to city-savvy journalist in our Character Profile feature, and interview regular guest star, Aaron Douglas. Plus all the usual staples, including quizzes, posters, Daily Planet news and Strip-to-Screen. Finally, as itís an extra special issue, we give you the chance to win your own Justice League action figures and 3-D comics!"

Donít miss this super-packed issue of The Official Smallville Magazine. For more information visit Titanmagazines.com

The SimCity Box

A has unveiled a new SimCity bundle set for release in June later this year. The package will contain SimCity 4 with the expansion, SimCity Societies, AND a few new goodies; including:

SimCity Societies Destinations: SimCity Societies Destinations enhances the SimCity Societies experience by providing all the tools players need to create an entire city or town based on attractions and amenities that visitors enjoy. With an enhanced map generator, players can identify each cityís opportunity for diversion and the city can capitalize on that draw. From sprawling theme parks and tropical beach resorts to country hiking trails, players can control more than 100 new buildings to create their customized destination.

The Sims Carnival SnapCity
: The Sims Carnival SnapCity is a unique city-building simulation game with a puzzle twist that is both strategic and accessible. In a fun, open-ended gameplay environment, players are challenged to position falling, colored blocks in just the right places to build the best possible cities. Featuring an array of industrial, commercial and residential neighborhoods, itís never the same city twice! The fun never stops as you save your city from natural disasters, man-made catastrophes, even out-of-this-world alien attacks!

The price will be $39.99. The press release mentions North America specifically, so weíre a bit unsure whether or when this will be released worldwide.

Season 7 DVD Release Date Revealed

New Era  has learned that, barring any changes in schedule, Smallville: The Complete Seventh Season DVD set is due to be released on September 9, 2008. Pre Order your copy today

New Era begins advertisment campaign

Look for some new advertisments hitting the site this week as we begin an ad campaign for both  Smallville Detication  and Kryptonsite watch for the new ad's next monday