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Music - xSF - 2008-06-01
Music - Other - 2008-09-01
Music - Various- 2008-01-29
Works in Progress - 2006-12-30
Tools - 2015-06-27


[2015-06-27] Add thd2thp console application.

No DAT updates in a long time.  Maybe sometime in the future?  Added xSF Plugin Pack, courtesy of manakoAT, for people wanting an easy way to get all the latest plugins for xSF goodness.

MDX Updated.  660 sets, a lot to go...  The current version of clrMAME seems to have a problem with high ASCII chars.  It does not seem to convert the escaped XML into the corresponding characters.  Normally I remove all high ASCII from my DATs due to different regional settings, but since the MDX files point to the PDX files with high ASCII, I cannot avoid this without altering the original files' data (which I do not want to do).  As a result, the "Kyuukyoku Tiger (1987)(Taito)(Unicco)[ARC]" set may give you problems.


-- Updated MDX.  Had a preliminary datafile laying around and figured I'd just post it.  The date says 2008-05-16, but it was only added today.
-- Removed clrMAME profiler since I don't have the set up yet.

  Updated VGM datafile.  This one is also VGMToolbox only.  Tons of new stuff, tons of dupes removed.  This is a large reason I built VGMToolbox.  Way too many dupes in this set.  Some files from the previous sets turned out to be badly formatted.  You may want to hold onto them until the next release and I have some more time to sort them out and figure out how I want to handle them.

  Updated USF datafile.  This is the first "official" datafile for my VGMToolbox tool.  It will not work with other scanners.  Grab the tool here.

[2008-05-19]  Added link to my new tool, VGMToolbox.  Check out the page for information and a link to this open source emulated music auditor and tool.  Use it to create proper datafiles for emulated music files.

  ManakoAT has taken over the Various - Music - Streamed datafile.  You can find it here.

  Adding format specs for informational purposes.  See the Tools section.  Work is in progress on a new tool to scan and rename sets (among other things).  The goal is to avoid tagging related file duplicates.  Of course, this tool was also on the Failed RAID, so it is not as far along as it once was.

[2008-02-15]  After almost a week of uploading probs on the host, finally got the latest MDX up.  511 sets total.

  Another 2SF update.  Corrected ripper.

  Streamed updated.

  USF Updated.

  VGM Updated.  FastElbJa's ADPCM player updated to v1.44h.  Thanks, as always, to FastElbJa for all his help.

  PSF2 Updated.

  Hoot Updated, new set Hoot - IBM PC.  Enjoy!

  Renamed a bunch of MGS files from Various - Unknowns and moved them to Various - Minor.

  Happy Holidays!  Hope all had some good holidays, or at least enjoyed the time off of work.  PSF updated.  All Modland alternates and new PSF Mirror sets should have been added, except for Squaresoft74's old/alternate sets.  He has asked me to only include the latest version of his rips.  So if you have some left over sets and they are the same as some of his new sets, you will know they are bad.

  NDS Updated.

  SSF Updated.

-- New DAT, Bandai WonderSwan WSR music.
-- Streamed music update.  I have included a 'new files only' DAT in case you have backed up your older files.  This DAT, as you can probably guess, contains only the new files.  It does not have sets with fixed names to prevent duplicating backed up sets.  Thanks as always to FastElbJa for doing so much of the work on this DAT.
-- I have also added a plugins section to the Tools area of the site.  For now, it only contains the 'in_wsr' plugin for Bandai WonderSwan files.  It took me a long time to find that plugin, so I figured I'd share what I can.

  Big update time.  Added some DATs that have been slowly built over the past few months; not totally complete, but enough to get you hunting.  Keep an eye on in_cube, FastElbJa has started porting formats from his player to the winamp plugin.
-- Updated DATs: HES, GSF, SPU

  NSF Update, added some new games and random stuff found about.  Thanks to anewuser for his pack, I've only added some of it so far.  Thanks also to the ever vigilant rippers.  Total of 4032 files identified so far.  I also separated NSFEs into their own sub-folder.  After looking this set over, I think it will be due for a clean up soon; too many long nights have produced some inconsistent naming.  Other updates coming include HES, GSF, NDS, MDX, SSF, and more.


-- SNSF, Various - Unknowns Updated.
-- FastElbJa's player updated to 1.44e.

Guestbook added.  Exciting new developments in SSF land, see VORC for details.

[2006-12-30] SPC Updated, 500 sets renamed

-- NEW DAT: MSX Various - Music - [KSS] (2006-12-08), been working on this one for some time and didn't feel like adding another WIP DAT.  Anyhow this is complete, enjoy the tunes, and be sure to check out Wolf - Callisto's Theme and Hegega - Ys I (Long Time Ago) [Carbuncle Big Band], these ones are my current favorites!  For best listening results I highly suggest KbMediaPlayer, check VORC for the link and Hex125's English patch.  I have listened to almost every track in this DAT and this player cannot be beat for full, rich sounding KSS tunes.

Atari SAP WIP updated, ~120 more tunes renamed.

QSF Update

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