Minute Man Dart League

We have been a team in the Minuteman dart League since 1993 shooting out of Smuggler's Cove in Lynn,Mass.We have won 3 State Championship's since then.We are starting a rebuild of the team this year with hope's to return to the playoff's and bring home another State Championship. We are now starting back in the B division. In the Minuteman Dart League divisions start as low as (J) and progress from H; to C, B, A, & Super (A) or also called Double (A).

As of the Spring Season 2005 Super (A) was no longer a division in the Minuteman Dart League.

 With over 1,000 teams each and every season, we as a team were very proud to be in the top 24 teams within our league, and hopefully we will again be at the top.

We would like to give thank's to Smuggler's Cove Bar in Lynn,Mass on Washington St. for allowing us to represent the bar with our team..

If you would like to contact us,please email us with your question's or comment's below.





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