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What's black and white and Red all over? A campus newspaper, of course! Kit digs deeper to unearth Rhea Borstein 's murderous machinations. But will her story end up on the front page...or the obituaries?


This story is part of an arc: 1 2 3

Epidsode #: 302

Issue #: 26

Release Date: May 28, 2007


The three maps on the wall are (from the top) the United States, the State of Missouri, and Mississippi County, MO. This suggests Jigaboo Junction is in lower SW Missouri.

The corpse in the body bag is Harbinger news editor Mack Burke. The arm which is visible is wearing a very distinctive wristwatch.

The sign on the door reads "PHOTO LAB--KNOCK BEFORE ENTERING".

The text on the computer screen (left of center) reads "C2+T2=Tom L. Lies". This represents an algebraic anagram for "Scott Mitchell".


Title: "SweetTart"

Story (out of 24 pages): 12 p.

Writer: Tawana and Che Most

Penciller: Scott J. Hanna and J. M. Sweet

Letterer: Noah Jewett

Colorist: Annette T. "Jo" Shaw


The issue opens where the last one left off: SweetTart outnumbered four-to-one by a gang of carjackers. Just when her superhero career is seemingly about to end before it's begun, suddenly the thugs' leader falls at the blow of unseen fists. Jon appears literally out of thin air. The two fight the punks together...then turn around and fight with one another. Jon disappears into the dark bowels of the city, and for the second time that night, Kitty screams after him for not being very helpful. She returns home, disgusted, her first night as a superhero a total bust.

Kitty awakens the next morning to the sound of the phone ringing. It's Lyle Turncoate, asking her if she can come to work on a Saturday. She turns him down, but doesn't say why: she's afraid Little and Borstein are lying in wait for her. She knows she can't just blow off school and The Harbinger and stay cowering in her room forever. If nothing else, she owes it to Meg to expose these murderous jackals. Maybe, she thinks, it's not time to retire SweetTart just yet!


The title of this chapter refers to Frank Sinatra's famous song "That's Why the Lady is a Tramp".

Jon's powers introduced: invisibility/cloaking; teleportation.

page 3. SweetTart mentions that Megan Nyce's disappearance occurred a week ago, establishing the time frame of this chapter as Friday, Mar 30th/Saturday, March 31.

page 4. In the last panel, a copy of the AJM comic book is seen on an end table. Its cover features Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, two regulars from the AJM forums (mentioned in the notes to last issue).

The Jigaboo Junction Public Library looks very different from how it was depicted in BABF01. There it was seen to have a large column of steps in the front. Either this a different library or a different entrance.

page 10. SweetTart's derisive nickname for Jon refers to the title of the Swedish pornographic film I Am Curious (Yellow).


Title: "The Belch Dimension's Stupidest Home Videos"

Story (out of 24 pages): 8 p.

Writer: Matthew A. Jencks

Penciller: A. Stone Hackman

Letterer: J. Antwon Shea

Colorist: Jack Staten Monahew


Looking to win the $10,000 prize for the best home video from his favorite television show, Billy enlists Ben's help. Video camera in hand, the two knuckleheads search all over town to find their ten-grand shot. But will they end up taking home the big prize, or will shooting video kill the comic-book stars?

Previous episode references
  • AABF09--someone mentions the Rodney King video

    The title refers to the popular amateur home video TV program, America's Funniest Home Videos (ABC), perhaps best known for its numerous videos of people being struck in the crotch, complete with a humorous sound effect dubbed in at the moment of impact.


    There is one two-page insert appearing in this issue:

    "Clinton Wins, America Loses". A reprint of a column written by Smoking Cat editor, artist, and writer J.M. Sweet, which first appeared in the Arkansas State University Herald on Nov 8, 1996.
    Look inside!
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