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Grab your love beads, bell-bottom jeans, and tie-dye tees...crank up some Jefferson Airplane or maybe a little "Crimson and Clover". It's a bent look at The Long, Hot Summer of Love, with your hippie dippy hosts Will B. Caustic and Prof. Bobcat! The Belch Dimension's headed back to the lazy, hazy days of turn on, toon in, and drop out!


Issue #: 52

Release Date: Aug 15, 2009


The psychedelic cover art was a reproduction of a design by an uncredited artist that appeared on a 1989-issue Mead flapper binder.

Wraparound (2 pp).

Will B. Caustic and Professor Bobcat honor the 40th anniversary of Woodstock by devoting their radio show to that history-making weekend of August 1969. They then reflect on what the following three decades gave us, and ponder what the first decade of the 21st century will be best remembered for.

page 1. Caustic is correct; Dylan, who was himself recovering from a near-fatal motorcycle accident in 1966, was invited to perform at the Woodstock festival but bowed out at the last minute. He claimed his son had taken ill, moreover, he didn't care for the look of the hippies who had come for the event and were camped out on his property. He would, however, perform at the Isle of Wight festival a fortnight later.

page 1. The "album" art is not actually from the cover of any Bob Dylan album. It was a poster by famed graphic designer Milton Glaser that was included inside the jacket of Dylan's first "Greatest Hits" compilation record.

page 24. The "Happy Days" clip is actually a title card from the short-lived Fonz and the Happy Days Gang cartoon produced by Filmation, which added the characters of Mr. Cool, Fonz's dog, and Cupcake, a cute girl time-traveller from the future.

The 80s clips are, going clockwise from top:

  • A DeLorean automobile (a reference to the film Back to the Future)
  • Martin Short as "Ed Grimley", who first appeared on Saturday Night Live, then later his own cartoon series
  • Punky Brewster, another 80s staple who appeared in both sitcom and cartoon form, seen here with her magical pal Glomer
  • Rubik the Magical Rubik's Cube (and yes, it was a real show!)
  • He-Man (as Prince Adam)
  • Tom Hanks (from Big)
  • Cyndi Lauper

    Title: "Desolation Row"

    Story (out of 24 pages): 10 p.

    Lyrics: Bob Dylan

    Producers: J. M. Sweet and Scott J. Hanna

    Arranger: J. Antwon Shea

    Set Design: Theo A. "Jet" Swann


    The Belch Dimension Players assume the roles of characters in Dylan's famous surrealistic ballad (Highway 61 Revisited, C 1965)

    Goof: On page 11, the second-to-last panel, "letters" has been misspelled as "eltters".

    Title: "Dognet"

    Story (out of 24 pages): 7 p.

    Writer: Jake C. Thomas

    Penciller: Ethan W. "Meat" Jackson

    Letterer: Jose A. Wheat

    Colorist: Theo A. "Jet" Swann


    In a Dragnet parody that has literally gone to the dogs, Buddy--as "Sgt. Joe Budday"--and partner "Det. Billie Brannon" (Brandy) look into a recent rash of petnappings and try to crack a phony gourmet coffee racket--but soon discover the two cases are connected!

    page 12. The opening lines are actually taken from "Mathnet", a recurring sketch on Square One TV. It was essentially a Dragnet spoof aimed to teaching creative problem-solving, using mathematics and deductive reasoning, which was aimed at younger viewers.

    In his "Joe Friday" role, Buddy utters several humorous variations on Friday/Jack Webb's supposed catchphrase, "Just the facts, ma'am. However, Webb never actually used that particular wording. That honor goes to comedian Stan Freberg, who recorded two Dragnet parodies, "St. George and the Dragonet" and "Little Blue Riding Hood".

    Disgusting as it may sound, Kopi Luwak is a real thing. The coffee is brewed from beans found naturally in wild civet dung or cultivated in special civel farms. Supposedly the journey through the civet's intestinal tract dissolves the hard shell of the seed, and the digestive juices improve the flavor. The rare brew sells in some gourmet shops for between thirty and $100 a cup!


    Title: "The Nudie Bar"

    Story (out of 24 pages): 5 p.

    Writer: Nathan E. Stowe

    Penciller: J.M. Sweet

    Letterer: J. Antwon Shea

    Colorist: Jack Staten Monahew


    Jon and Josh take Ben out for a night in a strip club.

    page 19. The nudie bar's name is a reference to the seventies husband-and-wife duo "Captain and Tennille", famous for songs like "Love Will Keep Us Together".

    The storyline, setting, and ending were essentially lifted from the Married With Children episode "Rites of Passage" (#616).

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