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A man-hating cyber-psychopath is leading a one-woman crusade to cleanse the city of chauvenism! Can our two proud male chauvenist pigs put a halt to the triple-X (chromosome) terror of ...The Feminazi?


Episode #: 503

Issue #: 51

Release Date: Jul 5, 2009

This story is part of an arc: 1 2

Title: "Feminazi"

Story (out of 24 pages): 20 p.

Writer: Tawana and Che Most

Penciller: M.S. "Nat" Cohen

Letterer: Jose A. Wheat

Colorist: Annette T. "Jo" Shaw


Late one night at a New York publishing firm a meek secretary accidentally falls from a window more than thirty feet from street level.

The story flashes forward to ten years later in Jigaboo Junction as, while recovering "from the privations I endured on New Flung", Jon backdates an entry in his case log describing in incident that happened months before. He and Josh had a run-in with a nut who nearly took them out when he blew up a corner newstand. While Jon got the stand operator to safety, Josh attempted to stop the suspect. The bomber, a large man in a hooded sweatshirt, attacked Josh and fled. Several days later, they encountered the same "man" when a destructive rampage broke out in a theater they happened to be in. It turned out the suspect was really a woman, albeit a large, almost masculine one wearing body armor and enhanced with cybernetic implants. The obviously disturbed woman, who called herself "Feminazi", handily defeated Jon and Josh, then made her escape.

Meanwhile, Marcie's new job inadvertently put her in the line of fire when she started recieving creepy phone calls from a stranger--first at work, then at home, with cryptic rhyming messages.

Even more shockingly, a connection turns up between THe Feminazi and Marcie's mysterious boss...a man with a very restless--and pissed--skeleton in his closet....

The story contains a number of veiled references to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass:
  • Barbara Fuerer is a dead ringer for Alice Pleasance, a character from the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Mad as a Hatter"--who in turn was modeled (as was the Mad Hatter) after the Alice of the original book. Both the comic and cartoon deal with a character obsessed with someone to a point they become self-destructive, though here it's hatred, rather than love.
  • Alice's fall down a rabbit hole in AiW is alluded to on page 2, as well as her going through the (window) glass (from TtLG) on page 4.
  • Barbara's boss calls for the "Liddell" file, a reference to the real-life little girl Carroll modeled his character after, Alice Pleasance Liddell. (page 1) Later he calls for the "Duckworth" file, a reference to one Rev. Duckworth, a mutual friend of Alice and Carroll who accompanied them on a boating outing one afternoon.
  • Barbara's boss is named John Dodgson "Jack" Ladd, "Dodgson" being the author's real name (Charles Dodgson). He is even modeled after Carroll to some extent, and a picture of the author hangs on his office both in New York and Jigaboo Junction.
  • Jon alludes in his report to the psychedelic sixties hit "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane (page 3).
  • When nervous, Ladd stutters. Carroll was said to speak with a noticeable stammer.
  • Jack Ladd leaves "Pleasance Publishing" (another Alice name-check) and goes to work at "Haigha and Hart Telecommunications". "Haigha" (pronounced "hare") was a character from TtLG, a (human, presumably) reprise of The March Hare from AiW. The name "Hart" and the first three letters in "Telecommunications" form an anagram of the word "Hatter", his bizarre tea-swilling companion.

    This story (CABF09) took place sometime between the events of BABF03 and DABF05, as indicated by Jon still seeing a psychiatrist (first mentioned in the former story) and the nightmares he had begun experiencing (a major part of the latter's plot).

    page 5. A "Fekul the Baby" comic is visible on the rack in the extreme foreground of panel one.

    The secretarial post Marcie holds here is likely the same one she was interviewing for in "House Cleaning Blues".

    page 10. The movies showing at the Apalco are:

  • "Ernest Takes A Dump"
  • "Beetlejuice Goes Hacidic" (partially obscured on marquee in first shot, visible in later panel on page 12)
  • "Stale Magnolias"
  • "Dark Hunger 3: Just Desserts".
  • "Hooters"
    Inside the lobby (panel 6) is a poster for "Joe Dirt 2: Meet Jack Shit" (Josh's head conveniently blocks the last bit of the title as the boys pass it).

    page 10. In the line for "Hooters" are many regulars and one-shot characters, many of them from very early on in the series:
    Row 1 (L to R)

  • One-Eyed Jack from "High Sea Hijinks".
  • one of the black gang members who beat up Billy in "Ear-Phonies"
  • Will I. Ketchum
  • Joachim Rinkley, who first appeared in "Up the Demi-Jon Staircase"
    Row 2 (L to R)
  • The Mr. Haney functionary from "Carnival Knowledge"
  • comedian Andrew Dice Clay
  • Yung Hsien Chu from "Chinese Fortune Kooky" (or, as that was a time-travel story, this may actually be a lookalike decendant)
  • Habib the Convenience Store Guy
  • Mack E. Burke (an odd choice on the artist's part, as he is deceased)
  • The FartKnocker
  • Married With Children's Al Bundy
    Row 3
  • the nameless man in the smiley-face sweatshirt from "A Fair Fight".
  • the surgeon Josh accidentially assaulted from "Dizzy Doctors" (unnamed in the story, though in a deleted scene Hiss Hole addressed him as "Dr. Proctor").
  • three figures obscured behind Jon's speech bubble, though the arms of the ones visible on the far left and right suggest they are black
  • the nameless sporting-goods store clerk from "Elementary School, My Dear Potson".
  • JJPD Det. Conrad Williams
    Row 4
  • The Don Knotts functionary from "Plant Feud"
  • two of the black gang members who beat up Billy and Ben in "The Belch Dimension's Stupidest Home Videos"
  • perennial Presidential candidate H. Boss Payroll
  • one of the safe movers from "Driving Miss Crazy"
    Row 5
  • Tony Moneran
  • Gangrene Trickle
  • Jigaboo Junction Boll Weevils player Michael Borden from "Guidance System".
  • Cat-Man from "The Superhero Roundtable"
  • Reginald Montenegro ("What A Drag!)"
    This issue is dedicated to pop star Michael Jackson and actress Farrah Fawcett, who both died only four days before this issue's release, on Jun 26.


    Title: "Dusty Rhodes' Wild Side"

    Writer:Nathan E. Stowe

    Penciller:Ethan W. "Meat" Jackson

    Letterer: Shane T. Eaton

    Colorist: Annette T. "Jo" Shaw


    The host of "Wild Side" conducts a sociological study of blacks in their native habitat, the urban jungle, to find out what makes them tick.


    Look inside!
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