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Josh and Jon are dead!! Noooooooooooo!!!!! Without their fearless leader and their second-in command, is this the end of the Treehouse Warriors? Come to think of it, without the stars, is this the end of Belch Dimension Comics? Will we have to rent this space out to another series next month?? Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!


Episode #: 201

Issue #: 13

Release Date: Apr 28, 2006

Title: "Soul Feud"

Story (out of 22 pages): 20 p.

Writer: Jahnesta T. Owen

Penciller: Jonathan M. Sweet

Letterer: J. Antwon Shea


After a life devoted to researching the black arts, Hiss Hole has discovered a spell that will purge a soul from a living body. Needing a perfect "specimen" for his mutation research, he has Slobber Face and Noodle Nozzle phone in a fake distress call to the Warrior treehouse. Jon and Josh naturally come running, and Hiss Hole speaks the incantation, in effect "killing" them.
Josh and Jon's spirits are left floating in a limbo between life and death, looking for their stolen bodies. But they only have a short while before their time runs out, and their passing becomes permanent....

This story was inspired to some degree by Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey (both the movie and comic-book adaptation), specifically the scene where they, after being killed by their evil robot doubles, float about town possessing people and causing havoc.

There's no credit for a colorist for a very good reason: this story is done completely in black and white. This lends it a spooky, almost manga feel.

Look also for references to Ghostbusters: Toben's (sometimes spelled "Tobin's") Spirit Guide, a (fictitious) reference book frequently mentioned in the cartoon by team member Egon Spengler, is consulted on page six. Ghost Josh and Jon leave a slimy residue on objects they touch or pass through, similar to the Green Ghost (aka "Slimer" or "Onionhead") in the film. And on page 20, the title and circle-and-line GB logo are parodied.

Nip and Tuck's designs look eerily similar to Gidney and Cloyd, the moon-men on The Bullwinkle Show.

page 4: Jon and Josh pass a storefront called "Swayze's Pottery Wheel Emporium". This refers to Ghost and its star Patrick Swayze, a reference to the touching (and often parodied) pottery wheel scene. The spectacle of demons coming up from hell to drag the dead away is also a reference to the film.

page 5: Though somewhat off-color, Josh's action in the middle panel is indeed a man's most likely and logical first response to suddenly finding himself in a woman's body (something not often seen in cross-gender body switches on Saturday morning!)

page 8: Molina has a poster of Nostradamus, the fabled 16-century French prophet who supposedly foretold the future in a series of rhymed couplets, on the wall of her room.
    On page 10 she mentions she is a "white Wicca", which means her powers are derived from nature. Her talents include reading the vibrations of the aural plane (alluded to in the first issue) and speaking to the dead.

page 15: "Century 23" is a parody of Century 21, the famous realty noted for its yellow jacketed salesmen.

page 15: Jigaboo Junction must be a fairly large metropolis to justify having its own subway system downtown.

page 17: "IFU" is a parody of IOF, the International Order of Foresters.

First appearance of Scragg, Marcie's boyfriend, who was mentioned in passing back in "Chinese Fortune Kooky".

page 18: Monty uses gasoline to clean a shotgun. Kids, don't try this at home.

page 19: Going by the date on the cover, and assuming he's about 15 or 16 now, then according to Tuck Monty will only live to see 46 or 47.
    The "Lou" referred to in the last panel is no doubt short for "Lucifer", another name for the devil and ruler of hell.

There is a single two-page pin-up in this issue:

The Ten Tenents of Liberalism. A comprehensive guide to the enemy's philosophy and tactics, suitable for hanging on the wall of your bedroom, bunker, or campaign headquarters.

Look inside!
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