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This section was added on the 27th August 2017

I uhhh....I can't remember what I was going to write here as my crappy internet took over 10 minutes to load this editor so I gave up and am using my mobile data. I wanted to mention something about redesigning this page?

*EDIT - like an hour later*

Ahem... I have a dream. Well, I have several actually but one of them is to create order on the internet. Maybe not the kind you're thinking of, I mean the ultimate search engine. Designed like the Apple store, with features similar to StumbledUpon but the playful interface of older websites, I want to categorise any and every website for people to discover new places to chill out at. Want to find video game websites talking about Mario? But you want to find a shitty blog type website that probably has like 10 followers in the chance of finding undiscovered talent? To be able to do it easily? With filter options, a randomiser, website image previews, reviews, featured content, etc? That's the WIST project. But right now, I'm unable to do that, so let me share what I've found myself on the web and maybe you'll find something new here.

Some things here are mainstream, some of them are cute, some are cool, some are useful for everyday stuff, some are entertaining etc.

Marksmithwas12 Pages

Here you'll find all of the websites I've created accounts for over the years! It's possible that at any point these could be shut down, and it's possible I've missed some or will create new ones in the future

Youtube Account
Newgrounds Account
Google Video Account (rob level video)
Freewebs Account (SM64information)
Freewebs Account (MarksMovieMakerSite)
Freewebs Account (MarkSite2)
Freewebs Account (BHJM)





Freewebs (#1 BHJM)

Freewebs (#2 Marksite2)

Freewebs (#3 MarksMovieMakerSite)

Freewebs (#4 SM64Information)

Freewebs (#5 SM64Provider)

Freewebs (#6 Marksmithwas12)


Wow, I've made a lot of websites over the years! Any links in red mean they've been deactivated due to inactivity.

If you want to web(dot)archive(dot)org these, you might need to re-word some of them from (eg) to

The last one is barely ever used as I'm sticking to this one. Why? Because Freewebs changed a lot of features when they became just 'Webs' and I can't add more than 10 pages over at Marksmithwas12 

Some of these prompt downloads for MIDI tracks. That's because back then, you could embed music onto webpages.

Game Talk

(Username: Marky Sparky)

A now dead, online forum that sparked inspiration in thousands of its users.

Clicking the screenshot will open an actual webpage I saved to my computer back when it was active, modified so it displays at a set resolution (as not to incorrectly display for mobile users)

I used to be active on here daily from probably late 2005 until mid 2008? Then the admin decided to create a successor known as GTX or Game Talk 2.0. It never happened  There currently is a fan site open that's very similar, but it lacks the features the original dominated in.


A website you can sell your pre-owned console or PC games!

I'm inactive here, and am thinking about deleting my account...actually I think it might've already been purged? 

Mario Fan's Games Galaxy

A really neat website full of Super Mario related material, I cannot recommend this enough to people who love everything Mario. Music/tile/sprite rips, Mario fan games, community stuff, etc

I rarely go on this website. I do love it! I just don't make much time for anything these days really other than YouTube and Social Media. I submitted one thing to the website though


Probably the only hugely successful website on the internet that's public (for example, YouTube is a private website), made by everyone, for everyone. This website almost rivals YouTube. Flash Games, Flash Movies, Music, Art and contains a fair share of Adult material if you're interested.

I've submitted a few things here over the years, but nothing really exciting. A lot of my flash work is over at BHJM I believe?

I really would like to get back into Newgrounds some day.


Kind of like a blog where you post whatever is on your mind in 140 characters or less. Sound bytes of info really. They try to keep things simple, but politics are beginning to ruin the back-end maintenance of the websites core features 

I'm very active here! Woah! I don't usually re-tweet a lot, and when I tweet it's mostly ordinary stuff, but where I'm most active is replying to other users big and small, and favourite'ing like 20-50 things a day.

Video Game Music

(Username: Marksmithwas12)

A website for uploading MIDI files of gaming music users recreate! Search from video games past to present, although you're unlikely to find much after umm...maybe 2012? Not because people aren't uploading, it's actually because each upload needs manually checking and there's now a queue of like 7,000 files? You can still browse these new uploads, it's just they won't be categorised.

That was a long description! Yeah, I've only uploaded 1 track here, technically 2 if you count a demo of the same track. You should be able to find it in the 'New' section under 'Marksmithwas12'?

This website dates back to the 90's I believe? So they have a lot of iconic Video Game MIDI's here, some that were even featured in Flash games/Game Maker games.


Despite people's mixed reactions to how the platform is today and what it evolved from, part of what makes YouTube YouTube, is the user base. You get to upload almost anything you want. Whether that means ads can be placed on it is another matter.

I'm still pretty active here, I try to get out a video at least once a month. Check my 'About' section for a better understanding of what it is I do!

Google Video

(Were usernames a thing on here? I think my name was Marky Sparky but they removed the ability for viewers to see not long into it's lifespan)

I really like talking about this website despite it being shut down since 2011. This website used to rival YouTube, but that's like saying everyone at the start of a race is joint 1st place. This website was not the first for online video, and it wasn't great at playing videos, but the best features of what made this website somewhat successful were handed over to YouTube.

I can't help but think that if Google Video had never existed, YouTube wouldn't have been what it is today. Maybe. I'm pretty sure the coders that worked on Google Video began working at YouTube in 2006, but I could be wrong?

Here's a broken link to one of my old videos (rob level video)



















The Angry Video Game Nerd

Gravedigger's Horizon

I'm giving this one a poetic name just because!

This section is for websites that no longer exist. Here, are the ones I used to be a member of, have visited, or even just found out about that no longer exist but you can still probably find a bit of information on them over at





DG Emu

Dragons Generation Emulation:

A ROM website with an interesting twist!

You download games with points that you get daily for free, or you can purchase points.

(I think this was the first website to successfully host Nintendo DS ROMs, as any other website at the time that attempted this got shut down by Nintendo.)

This website only let you download ROMs if you had enough points. Everyday, coming online would grant you something like 10 points (?) (The currency was GPs - Game Points? Global Points?) and you could save up to download a game by converting them to DPs (Download Points). NO idea why they did it like this? But I have a few ideas:

1) More page visits equals more ads shown and therefore more revenue?

2) This was some kind of way to get around the fact they were hosting video game ROMs and it meant this was more legal maybe? I think the cheapest any game was being 'sold' was 30dp (More on that later), so any random person couldn't just quickly come on and download a load of games in one go?

3) They wanted to stick out and be exciting? This kind of reminds me of Nintendo's somewhat recent 'My Nintendo' scheme where users can earn points by playing their smartphone games and trade them in for 3DS downloads (games, wallpapers, etc)

(More info found below)













Matching Man.mio

















DG Emu extra info: 

According to info found on the 'official' YouTube account, DPs for a game was determined by its size (I'm assuming that's measured in kb).

This website was founded in 2004 (the first forum topic explaining DP's and GP's was written May 2nd 2004 at 7:30am (I don't know what Timezone this was posted in))

Here's how DPs, and GPs (and the rest) worked according to the forum (in my own words):

DG Emu extra info: 

According to info found on the 'official' YouTube account, DPs for a game was determined by its size (I'm assuming that's measured in kb).

This website was founded in 2004 (the first forum topic explaining DP's and GP's was written May 2nd 2004 at 7:30am (I don't know what Timezone this was posted in))

Here's how DPs, and GPs (and the rest) worked according to the forum (in my own words):

  • 0) Quick note: The language used sounds like English isn't the creator's first language so I've tried my best to explain what I can.
  • 1) Every day you log in, you get given Global DPs. Except you do and you don't (ugh, here's where it gets confusing):
  • 1i) Global DPs (or Global Download Points), are a temporary type of currency that exist for 24 hours.
  • 1ii) Regardless of how many you had before that 24 hours are up, your Global DP count becomes 12.5.
  • 1iii) Global DPs can be converted into several kinds of DPs, but cannot be converted into GPs (unless you're a donator)
  • 2) GPs (Gold Pieces) do not expire, and can be earned in the forums. You can get 6GP for every post you make in the forum, and 10GP for creating a new Topic. Additional GPs can be given away as a reward by a Moderator.
  • 2i) GPs need to be converted to Global DPs in order to be redeemed, and you need a minimum of 30GP saved up to begin the conversion as there is a conversion rate of 30GP to 1 Global DP.
  • 2ii) Global DPs that were created from converting GPs are treated slightly differently to regular Global DPs, in which they do not expire.
  • 3) (I don't understand this, so here's a copy pasta): For every 1 rating you need 9% more GP to convert. However, with minus ratings, its -9% for every one minus rating you have.
  • 4) The cost of each game is based on their filesize? (It must also be based on popularity too as I can't find a clear connection between the 2 looking at a list on the Web Archive)
  • 4i) When converting Global DP to specific DP (NDS/GBx DP, NCDP, AtariDP, SegaDP, RetroDP), the daily Global DP is used up before the Global DP that was converted from GP.

End) So all in all we have:
  • GP) Gold Pieces (that do not expire, but aren't used for purchases)
  • Global DP) (Daily) Global Download Points (that expire after 24 hours)
  • Global DP*) Global Download Points created from GP (that do not expire)
  • NDS/GBx DP) Nintendo DS & Game Boy series Download Points (that do not expire)
  • NC DP) Nintendo Console Download Points (that do not expire)
  • Atari DP) Atari Jaguar, Atari Lynx & Atari 2600 Download Points (that do not expire)
  • Sega DP) Sega Genesis, GameGear, Sega Master System (SMS) Download Points (that do not expire)
  • Retro DP) MAME, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Wonderswan Color, PC Engine - TurboGrafx-16, Sam Coupe Download Points (that do not expire)


in any old order, they go:

Name With Link           Description (Written/ reviewed by me)

 Want an old game on your computer for free with no hassle? download them here! includes Atari2600, Atari5200, Atari7800, Colecovision, Game Gear, GBA, NGB, GBC, MAME, Neo Geo, NES, N64, SNES, NDS, PS1, Sega Genesis, Sega Master System and VirtualBoy. Does not include Mario Paint...but i DO have a copy... you MAY have to Request me.

 James Stuarts Kingdom   If you like SM64,  Gamesharks, Computers and Great humour, visit this website
 B T Scene (ROMS page)  i found a WHOLE zipped file (or was it another type of compression?) of differen Super Mario 64 versions. JAP (about 5 versions), JAP SE(about 2 or 3 versions), PAL (8 versions?), and NTSC (probally 6 versions) (hey! im too lazy to go into the file doesnt matter how many versions there are anyway...)
 Yoshi Art (Animation page)  a lot of cool stuff, but what i like best are the collection of GIF images.
 TMKSD Tripod (Music Page)  i found a bunch of MIDI files of some games i like. compared to VGMusic, there arent as much, but these are pretty good.
 Video Game Music  so many games! all songs on this website are fan made MIDI versions of the real song. cool to listen to.
 Blood Sports (SSBM page)  misleading title (to me it is) my favourite page, SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE MP3'S!!!
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