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About FreeWebs

I don't know the full story of their history, but this is pretty much the only free-hosting site I've ever really used, so I don't have any experience of Tripod, or Anglefire, even GeoCities, etc. Freewebs came out in the nineties. I looked this up once...and I really don't care to search again, but it was about mid nineties...
2001? I thought it...never mind...
FreeWebs came out in 2001 and it was a way for inexperienced users to create professional looking websites FOR FREE! 'Free' in the same sense as 'Freemium' which is used to describe Apps such as Angry Birds or any game/application that is free, but you get more features by paying for it...or am I confusing the word 'Demo' or even 'Trial' with 'Freemium'
It's kinda hard talking about this kinda stuff when you don't do your research -.-
Freewebs was an alternative to GeoCities, a website which required users to create webpages in Notepad from scratch, assuming they knew how to, then upload it to the GeoCities server, whereas FreeWebs offered templates, APIs, music, images, master pages, hidden pages, organisation, the works! Of course, other websites were doing the same thing. But what about the users who wanted to keep their free website free, the (presumably) majority who don't want to upgrade to premium for $x a month? That's where Freewebs shat adverts out like hellfire, 1 I remember in 2005 being for a FREE iPod Nano...or something...
1 sec...
, which would usually end up taking you to a malicious website that would install viruses onto your computer. Way. To. Go. Back in the days of Internet Explorer 5.0 (The update BEFORE you could browse using Tabs, and other cool modern stuff). Anyways, I'm unfamiliar with FreeWebs during 2001-2004, as I know they change a LOT, which is good for the community! I was first introduced to FreeWebs in 2005 by a girl in my class (The school had finally got a computer suite! I should probably make a bio page and explain this there...basically we used to have one, but it was basically pre-90's computers. They were rarely ever, ever used). This girl was showing me her website just before summer holidays...or maybe it was Easter? I'm not sure, but I do remember that this was my final year in primary school, as in September 2005 I went to Secondary School (aged 11 for you Americans). It wasn't until...hmmm...December the 20th 2005...maybe...? That I made Bhjm, and it was really cool! Now, I can finally get onto what I wanted to talk about!

Freewebs has changed for the worse. This will be done in points.
1) Signing up was as easy as 2 steps. 1, pick a username. 2, Enter a password of 4 characters or more, and you're finished! I think there was a waiting time for something you weren't allowed the full 50mb all at once until the first week passed or something like that. Now days, it's mandatory to use your email, and you get 1 website per email. The password is now a minimum of 8 characters I believe.
2) You had 50mb of space...I think? To be honest, I don't remember as I didn't have a concept of computer storage space back then. Luckily I never filled our 60GB harddrive up so it was all good XD The reason I say '50mb' is because one of my other websites has somehow gone 1.2mb over the 40mb cap, which makes me wonder if it was once 50mb? You can choose to ignore this point if you want
3)You used to have UNLIMITED pages for free. Now it's capped at 10
4) Certain music and templates are gone. It's to be expected, but it would be nice to see a revival of my favourite space theme, and Jazz MIDI
5) Certain free widgets are restricted now. I can't remember specifically so I'll need to confirm this at some future point. I think it was forums? Or the interactive photo album?
6) They added mobile support! I don't remember when, 2014? 2013? Whenever, it was awesome...and I think I only used it once. It would've been more useful to me in 2010 or whenever (whenI got an iPhone)
7) Freewebs deactivates old accounts (or maybe it's all accounts?) if the user hasn't signed in within 3 months. I guess that now means I'll be here more frequently...
That means I'm FORCED to come here more frequently as well as Bhjm, Marksite2, SM64Information, possibly Marksmithwas12 and possibly mjhb? Because...nostalgia

Youtube news section

Old Description (for anyone interested)

I make random videos that no one else dare to! I dance, I play games, I do minor hacks, and I even complain about stuff that pisses me off!

enough blurbing, hi, My name is Mark, and I live in a house. The computer is my life, so uhh, I kinda guess that makes me a nerd, but I enjoy spending my time making videos, and/or watching videos/Facebook.

If you like my videos, please don't forget to 'Like' them =]

December 8th 2009, new video coming in the next few days, of Luigi and sonic...

May 16th 2009, new Background! However, if ebough people vote it to be changed back, (if they don't like the new one) then you can vote it off.

all old news has moved to the following site:


**UPDATE!!!*(19th DEC 2007) video on newgrounds, follow this link: also, new video, on youtube from me, follow this link (if nessisary) .BYE FOR NOW!


**UPDATE 2!**(22nd December 2007) new video, watch it to the right, or follow the link: it's about GO!GO!TANK for the Gameboy. it swears a lot though. Bye...for now.


**UPDATE!** FRI 2ND JAN 08 video list updated to oldest first to 9th last. yay.


**UPDATE!** TUE 22 JAN 08 new video! My Mad Dog Video 3; "yes, a third video of my dog, this time she can't seem to get at the problem she's facing. she's hungry and can't reach. enjoy and plz comment."


**UPDATE!** THUR 31 JAN 08 Quickie(because it won't let me say what i typed earlier, so here goes) let's just say GO go tank reveiw got rejected for the length. **I'm back, but for how long? :(


** FIRDAY 7TH NOVEMBER 2008 making a new video about spyro

Thursday 22nd January 2009

look out for some more updates to my freewebs website!!! woop woopity woop!

3.MAY.09 sorry for not submitting videos for a while, but my computer is (cont)

21st January 2016

Phew, that was quite a lot of work moving the last post from the bottom of the page to the top. I'm still editing this website using 'Classic mode', so I'm sure there's a better way to re-organise things, but the post under the one from March 2014 is the 'Brief' which was the first post! And after that, it descends in chronological order. Every post above this one is a new post! Woo!

Ok, update time. I've recently been unfreezing my websites because...nostalgia. Don't expect to see me 'back' again as I already manage my Twitter account pretty much daily XD (like 90% of my tweets are to other users), but if you guys want an update, I went to Uni, studied video games, got a BSc Honours degree, stayed in Cheltenham for a bit then moved home. I'm working on a competition at the moment! Although by the time anyone reads this, it most likely will have been over, which is impressive as I've procrastinated on it for about 10+ months now. It's my 3,000 + 4,000 subscriber competition. I've posted lots about it here:

Ok look, I know this sounds crazy, but I might start a new website one day... or you know, experiment with this one seeing as FreeWebs has changed for the worse? (haha) I want new features. FreeWebs...ahem...'Webs' offers SO much free API's and stuff which I haven't taken advantage of because this website is pretty much the same as it was in 2009, which was kept to a similar style as my 2005 website, Bhjm. With new features, who knows, maybe one day this website will have a lot of fun stuff? I've got to make a serious website at some point right, for business?

I dunno. Let me know what you guys think on the forum page :)

26th March 2014

Bandwidth limit. Because Freewebs has a maximum limit of 500mb of bandwidth per month, it means that my website will be temporarily disabled by them, so if you can't access it then that'll be why.


This website was originally just an experiment. to see if i could import files from my computer here for a printable game. but then i decided to change it. this 'NEWS!!!' page was made on the 22nd January 2009 at 8:35PM GMT

22nd January 2009

updated site, added news page, might consider adding more stuff, if i can remember to do it. if you need or want to contact me, email me at

25th January 2009

Updated homepage, by changing the music to AC҂DC Hells Bells MIDI

1st February 2009

posted 2 new Game reviews on my Video Game Reviews page. First is The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and the second is The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

26th January 2009

Chinese new year (the year of the rat) , added a NEWS! button to my homepage and i added a table to Other Websites Displaying my most favourite stuff on the net (excluding stuff rated 15+)

Monday 9th February 2009

today I added a GAMES!!! page and i edited the table on the home page.

2nd February 2009

New video on my Youtube account, Super Mario 64 Remix Dance Remake.

"the same recycled slip, BUT in higher quality, and better clip editing. go me i guess...."

Wednesday the 11th February 2009

Today i added some games to the games page, each on seperate pages, AND i added a background to the games page.

Thursday the 12 February 2009

today i finally finished the table of contents on the home page! all the pictures have been added, ALSO it has been copied to ALL current pages

Friday the 20th February 2009

hi everybody, i have added a FORUM page if you want to check it out. I might not update this website for a while, its not very noticed yet, and i know exactly what to do about it. but not now i guess. see you soon

Wednesday the 4th March 2009

woohoo, i had a GCSE exam today, Science, B1b, P1a, and C1a. The Chemestry paper was even harder then the previous ones. anyways, i added a POLL to my home page, AND some Widgets to my GAMES!!! page. woop woop

Saturday the 20th May 2009

hi everyone...back...temporarily...

y'know... i'm almost convinced this website is empty...

but... i have added new content to capture all the Gamer's attention(s). 

ok, so, I have added:

1) a Miscelenious page

2) a Miscelenious logo

3) a gamers challenges page

more to come...

Saturday the 15th October 2011

I'm back...again.

I'm not updating this site a lot because I either forget about it, or, it's hard to edit when I don't have the time.

Well, I've added some more reviews to the Reviews page, so look out for them =]

Monday 9th April 2012

Wow, I've been seeing some user activity on my website recently!


Awesome! Now, down to busines. I'm currently working on a flash game for college. I'm about 21% done so far and it's real hard work because Actionscript is so buggy!!!


If you would like to play a preview, please visit my Flash Videos Page

Tuesday the 15th August 2017

Ok, I know there's a dramatic jump between news sections but I have been updating them elsewhere...uhhh...I just don't remember which site it was. Maybe Yeah, I never properly migrated there and judging by the fact I have hidden pages on this website I can re-purpose as opposed to IDK, paying for more I can just keep using this site. (Edit: It isn't that website, but so I don't know. But I have been posting somewhere!!)

Ok, NEWS! I've added (re-purposed a page that contained a html table ripped directly from another website) into a page where you can do cool stuff. it's called Stuff to do! and contains 2 things at the moment.

It contains a section about WarioWare D.I.Y. and how to download mini-games onto your game from ONLINE without the Wii/DS services which are now expired.

It also contains an embedded frame for my Super Mario 64 Glitch List (finally, I've found a way to integrate it into this website!)

That's it for now. Check them out if you're interested! I think it's pretty cool :P

I dunno when I'll next be back. Could be months, could be days if I finish something else for the Stuff to do! page