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because I'm starting to get some website activity (I think :S lol), i'm going to add a preview of a game i'm making in College.

By Alpha, I mean that the code is not finished yet, meaning this is not a full game. When the game is finished, I will upload it titled '100% complete!)

(NOTES: Don't click the Lucky Dip next to the blue guy holding a cigarette. I'm having some problems with Actionscript here that i'm still trying to make sense of. Also, to find future content in the game, pick up the green glass bottle, and on the 'Player got a bottle!!!' screen, right click, and go Forward.)


If the above Flash Game doesn't load, that's because my server is turned off. To request a copy of the game (to download), please send an email to titled 'Freewebs FMP Request'. But this is only if you're willing to play a demo of a game, and submit ideas or tips. Development on this will finish around June 2012