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Mario Kart DS

Posted by sm64provider on November 30, 2012 at 12:20 AM

Ahh Mario Kart, a classic series starting on the SNES in 1992.

This section might as well be devoted to all the games in the series, but 1, I don't want to drag on about all 7 current games (ignoring the Wii U's which is coming out very soon no doubt), and 2, I haven't exactly played them all yet. Some day though...

Back in 2004, the Nintendo DS came out. I can't remember if i've said this already but whatever, it doesn't matter. When I first saw an advertisement for it, I wasn't impressed. The DS to me looked like a failure that could never replace my trusty GameBoy Advance / GBA SP, and so I never asked for 1. It did however have 1 feature that excited me, but It was hard to understand what the magazine was trying to say because either A, they misunderstood something, or B, Nintendo chaged their minds on it. I am talking about a little feature that said it could read GBA games, and display them with extra, enhanced content...of course, I was just a little kid, so maybe I just read it wrong? Anyways, I didn't intend to get 1.

Later that year (I swear the advertisement was early 2004?), my friend Ben (and his brothers Jamie and I-Forget-His-Name...let's just call him Boy#2) all got Nintendo DSs for...pfft...I can't remember...Summer? Their birthday? Maybe a shop exploded somewhere or they just got lucky... You know what? I don't even remember if it was 2004 as Wikipedia says it didn't arrive to Europe until March 11th 2005, so uhh...maybe they got imports? Ok ok, let's just say this happened in 2005. It makes more, when I went around his, we would play games, like N64 or Gamecube or card games or lightsaber fights, etc, and every now and then, I would be allowed to play Super Mario 64 DS (This was during the summer, so maybe they got it at March?) and get really far (I'll probably explain my experience of this amazing and yet, not quite amazing game another time...Damn you Boy#2, deleting my SAVE FILE!!!). Anyway...

So, my decision to getting a DS was slightly swayed towards getting one, but it was not that big of a deal, I had my GBA & GBA SP, I was happy (did I mention that I got the gameboys as surprise gifts?), also why bother if I could borrow Ben's?. Eventually christmas came, and i'm like 'WOOP!' and i'm opening lots of presents...all of which I have forgotten which is sad as 2005 was my favourite year...Don't really remember why...but I do remember 1 thing. There was a box, which when I- yep, you guessed it. My real parents (who I didn't live with) somehow managed to buy me a brand new Nintendo DS with the tiny amount of money they live off (my mother has epilepsy) as a surprise gift. When you're given something like this, don't you just feel horrible for not being bothered about it in the first place? It makes you feel ungrateful!! Anyways, I learnt to love it. I'm pretty sure it came with MKDS- FINALLY I get to talk about Mario Kart DS!

I'm there like 'omg, a Nintendo DS!!'. I turned it on asked me a bunch of questions which surprised me. Enter your Date of Birth, select your favourite colour, What is le time? After all of that was over I...think I had christmas dinner...whenever I first tried Mario Kart I dunno, but yeah, I popped in the cartridge at...whenever and erm, configured MKDS. I played a few races and got bored...

The last Mario Kart game I had played was the SNES version as a kid. This DS game disappointed me. The graphics looked bad, there was no Feather item, I kept losing, the Karts were limited and boring, and I had no motivation. I liked designing my own Kart icon though. That was awesome XD. But other than that, I barely touched the game. It just sat in my draw or whatever I left it in, for aaages. Sometimes i'd get it out to race people I'd come across which wasn't that often, and like 90% of the time, I'd lose. I even resorted to cheating with an Action Replay but meh, my love for the game increased over time...btw, I stll don't love the game, but I appreciate it more than whatever we have today.

Looking back at this game, it fits well into Nintendo's history. It showed off what the DS could do, delivered good sound, a nice design, even some interesting ideas to keep players coming back (Custom icon, Player names, the ability to hop into a drift, see all players current items, wireless racing, missions mode, time trials, free play for battle mode...). If you've ignored all that, then you'll probably see this game as having ok music, ok sound, bad graphics, boring gameplay, not enough extra features.

An over-rated game deserves a fair rating.


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