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Spyro Adventure (GBA)(Attack of the Rhynocs in the US)

Posted by sm64provider on October 15, 2011 at 12:20 PM

First of all, why oh why did Europe rename the game to 'Adventure'? Whta's wrong with the US name for it!

Well, to be fair, it's kind of both, but seeing how BIG this game feels, calling it an attack seems like it could be a war game, or RPG, which it is definately not... I'm not trying to defend Europes choice of the title, i'm just throwing that explanation of a 'maybe this is why' out there.

Ok, this game is a worthy Spyro game (Now that I think about it, ANY Spyro game is better than THIS Spyro game), as it keeps the traditional Spyro formula, which is to learn your attacks again (charging, ground pound, fire 1, fire 2, wind 1, wind 2, ice 1, ice 2...umm is that it? haha), collect gems, and kills monsters and animals, because you are awesome. 

The idea of this game is rather silly, which is, it's your birthday! yay, and to celebrate, this professor dude has made you a robot teddybear slave. You open your eyes (after being blindfolded, as the lab IS top secret), to see that lazy professor hasn't finished it yet, so he tells you to look at this hole he made. You go over to the table, to see a hole in a box, of which you can see Ripto planning doom (or maybe an attack involving Rhinocs), and the professor dude tells you that the hole is indeed, a rip in the fabric of space, meaning, that it's basically a tiny portal. While he does some last-minute adjustments, he tells you to go into his 'Virtual Playground', which is a test course, explaining the basic controlls. After about 5 minutes, you leave, and he then he shows you his teddybear in action as its ready now, and he asks it to get Spyro some milk and cookies. Because the professor assumably cuts corners, the robot goes rogue, and starts charging at Spyro (did I mention, the robot teddybear is 2x the height of the professor?), until Spyro leads the robot  into a nearby electrical twin-metal-bolt-thing sticking out of the floor, in plain sight (geez man, talk about 'Safety first'! I'm surprised Spyro hasn't fallen into a pit yet), causing a massive electric excitation, de-activating the robot, but activating the hole (portal), so that it can become big enough to fit a person through, like...umm...Ripto?

So basically Ripto is like: Awesome, I was thinking on how to destroy you guys, when a portal into your lab appears in front of my eyes, so yeah. I'm invading. Spyro is about to attack him, but decides to argue back saying "Ripto! Grrr... I'm gonna kick your..." and Ripto presses a button on his 'Warp device' that warps you to Dragon Coast beach. The rest of the game is learning all the powers, collecting gems, secret objects, doing a trade quest like thing, defeating enemies, and playing as different characters in minigames.

This game is satisfactory from start to finish, and each land has it's own special makeover of gameplay mechanics, and decorations, which make each area unique, and it keeps the game new and refreshing. Some of my favourite things are changing Spryo diffferent colours, walking on water which you just froze, getting lost in a big area, collecting secrets, and using new items in previous locations (as this happens a LOT, meaning you get to re-explore previous locations).

I love this game, but the only thing that lets it down is it's multiplayer gameplay, as its repeats of the minigames, which to be fair, were fun when completed once, as they're tedious, which is challenging, but not something you wanna play again and again with your friends. 

Overall rating: 9/10

(But for a Spryo game, and what it is as a game on it's own) 10/10

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