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Game and Watch: Gallery Advance (Gallery 4 In the US)

Posted by sm64provider on October 15, 2011 at 11:50 AM

Ok, I need to update this website more (or the newer one...)

Ok, Game and Watch Gallery Advance is a game for the Gameboy Advance, and it lets you play old Game & Watch games (as the name suggests),but has it's own remakes for each one, called the 'Modern' version, which has been remade for the Gameboy Advance, and even has added music. The game starts out with 6 games, which is what it says on the box, and at first, you may be disappointed, but that's ok, because there's a reward system that allows you to collect stars (each game has a potential of 5 stars, 5 for modern, and 5 for classic, which are earned when the highscore goes up in 200's)...umm, so basically, say you get 199 points in classic easy mode. You don't get a star, and when you next play, you make your way up to 200.

Now you get the first star (which can't be re-collected), and you keep going untill you get to 1,000 points. everytime you collect 10 stars, something special happens. you get access to 1 of the extra 6 games! It starts off in order, until they're all unlocked, and after that happens, do you still keep getting rewards? Yes! You start getting cool stuff in your Gallery (you can acces this on the menu screen, but all thats there is the toy box which lets you see how many stars you currently have won from the game). You get a Game&Watch Date book, which says the names of the games next to the year they were released, a bill board, letting you see all the previous dialogue boxes from the games and item you've unlocked/played, a music box, and a museum,which has some of the most fun (yet pointless to play as they do not earn you stars) G&W games, ever.

Umm, ok, now to review it. This game is brilliant if you're a casual gamer that likes beating highscores, and getting that satisfactory feeling you get when you achieve something, and unlock something new. There are plenty of games (I think it's 18 ), and the modern ones have lots of gorgeous colours, and catchy music that will stay in your head for hours after playing. This is an ideal game for on the go, like waiting to get onto an aeroplane, or maybe a long car journey, as there is a lot of playability, and something for everyone.

If you're a person that likes a linear game, this isn't for you, as it's just minigames, repeating forever, getting harder as they go along, and there's no real goal. 

My favourite ones are Boxing, Donkey Kong 3 (I love standing in the middle, firing 3 bubbles, then collecting a drip, then firing on the spot, collecting another drip, like some kind of machine, until Donkey Kong dies...but the AI seems to learn your pattern as soon as 500 points), Donkey kong Jr (as it's one of the ONLY minigames that has different playable platforming levels), and The Legend of Zelda.

Overall rating: 9/10

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