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The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Posted by sm64provider on February 1, 2009 at 3:13 PM

Ok, wow, this game is EXTRAORDINARY! A successful sequel to The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, this game fills in some gaps and has a phenomenal story plot forcing you to explore everthing's movement within 3 days, of course, using time travel. the whole basic plot is to collect Masks, some with powers, some with extra meaning, some which work with certain people, just so you can FINALLY collect the most powerful of the lot. Majora's Mask. now you can use ALL the arrows! ride Epona, and...well, become Feirce Deity (Originally planned to be Adult Link, mabey it was removed because the idea of holing the face of your own future self would be TOO weird or something...). almost everyone is the same to everyone in Ocarina Of Time. untill you read the Manual (i dont have one, PRE-Owned GOLD cartridge V1.2) it says that you venture into a 'warped dimention'. ok, that explains why EVERYONE LOOKS FAMILIAR!!! the postman, the itinerant girl, her dad, the ranch brothers, the builders, guru, skull kid and even THE FROGS ALL LOOK IDENTICAL TO OCARINA OF TIME!!!!!!!!!


ok, got distracted, the whole idea is to go back in time. listen to this BREIF OF A BREIF i have planned... you change into a wooden shrub. you get magic, you tag some kids, go into their observatory, you collect an item for there, you sell it, you go into the clock tower, you shoot a bubble at the skull kid. you collect the Ocarina Of Time. You go back in see the great fairy and turn human, MASK 1, Deku Shrub. you go into the woods, find out the water's polluted. you see the deku king who is cross because his daughter dissappeared. you go into a temple, defeat a monster, collect his mask, find the deku princess, bottle her, give her to the king. water isn't polluted, so you leave. You go back in time... you go to the snowy mountains after finding arrows. find out its not meant to be snowy here...EVER. you find a ghost at some point he gives you the path to The Lens Of Truth. you use it at the snowy mountain place. you climb a invisible ladder, watch a goron die, steal his face, turn it into a mask...AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH! this is too much! ok, ok, lets try explaining this in ONE sentence.


You collect masks from the four corners of the game and you assemble them to save the world so you can battle Majora's Mask the world again...all because Navi abandoned Link and dissappeared. What a B****!!!


well, enough on this game, my personal overall rating is 10/10

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