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The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Posted by sm64provider on February 1, 2009 at 2:01 PM

Ok, somewhere near the end of December 2008,  I was getting desperate to get what seemed like the best Zelda game so far, Twilight Princes...or, so i heard...


Eventually, after looking in ALL the shops for the GameCube version (a Wii doesn't have enough area space for lots of movement in our bungalow), and there were none. then i found out it was rare because it was so good AND there were a limited amount made because it was the last game to be made on the GameCube...or yet again, AS I heard...


Anyway, near the beggining of January 2009, i had an option to have someone buy it offline for me. when it came i couldnt wait to play it. ok, ENOUGH OF MY LIFE STORY!!!


So, the first thing i noticed is that (GCN Version) it has poor graphics compared to the Windwaker. also, why does Everything/Everyone Except Link, Epona, Zelda, Midna and the Mayor's Daughter look demented??? Think about it, a parrot with an afro? a guy with HUGE pointy lips? HUGE headed monkeys? ETC. as i was trying to ignore these first 2 things, ANOTHER pops up. round up some goats. anyway, then i get the day off. cant ride epona, says the Mayor's Daughter. ok then. anything else? she then tells you that your FIishing Rod(100% ESSENTIAL TO CONTINUE AT THIS POINT OF THE GAME!!!) is finished, but you have to get it yourself. oh GREAT! here comes the headache (no, i really mean it, i was up all night with the bugger...), you go to the house where the fishing rod is in AND... "HEY!!!" you cant go in there, because the mayors wife is in there going nuts. as you're just about to leave, "HEY!!! A GOAT GOT LOOSE!". GOTTA STOP IT, Gotta know how. The game decides its appropiate to tell you AFTER you fail to stop a goat , as if to not waste time. this next part defies logic. how do you get the first chained item(Fishing Rod) without physically entering the house and simply collecting it? ask EVERYONE and look EVERYWHERE, you wont find a clue. i know, i spent 5 hours on this part, STILL AS PEASANT LINK!


So, HERE'S the chain... you get the fishing rod to catch a fish (you are next to a cat when you catch it, BUT), instead of giving it to the cat, Link puts it back. you need two more fish to watch a cutscene of Link giving the cat the fish. 3 fish??? it would make sense if Link did it the first was i supposed to figure that out??? next, the cat runs to its owner, the shop lady who give you 1/2 a glass of milk. she says to keep it and store things in. first instinct is to leave, looking for more clues. i spent a lot of time on this part... it turns out, you're supposed to stay in the shop and MAGICALLY have 40 rupees so you can buy a slingshot. so you EVENTUALLY or PREVIOUSLY find out that the kids want a go. you shoot some targets and they get kidnapped. you turn into a wolf, Midna, a possesive little minx takes, well, rides you constantly while saying things like "Listen, i like you, so i think i'll get you out of here. But in exchange for my help, you have to do EXACTLY as i say! If you need anything from me, just press  to give me a sign!" right... ok then.

So, the Objective is not always clear, the majority of the characters are not well made or presented, the graphics could've been better (is the Wii version like this with graphics?) and i now havent played it for a few weeks. if your wondering, not long ago, the postman greeted me twice. oh MAN is he ugly, he used to be AWESOME! look at Majora's Mask...that game was cool.


In conclusion, my personal overall rating would have to be: 3/10

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