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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/3D Version

Posted by sm64provider on July 12, 2012 at 6:45 AM


Back in 2006, I bought a Nintendo 64 offline (with help from our neighbour) because I really wanted to own 1 as I felt like I missed out on that generation, seeing as I was about 3 when it came out (and was expensive!). After being absolutely mesmerised with Super Mario 64, I decided to buy some more games, and ended up with Pokémon stadium and Banjo Kazooie, of which I didn't really play much! Later on, I was thinking back to my childhood, and I remembered a game where I was a character in a giant tree, climbing higher inside, and falling down, having to start again (this must've been 1996/1997, so what game could his have been?), so I decided I wanted this game. Somehow I came to the conclusion it was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina fo Time, a game I did not know ANYTHING about. In fact, I didn't really like Zelda. I just saw it as a game with a sweaty guy named Zelda, running around, chasing pigs and stuff (the first Zelda game I ever saw was the Windwaker btw), but just because of that memory, I got the game.


While waiting for Christmas to come so I could play it, I got tempted to download it onto the computer (which I did), and the first thing I opened up was the cheats (part of the emulator I used). There were soo many cheats; I was thinking "Ok, woah, this must be one COMPLEX game. I better not play it until I get it in real, so it can teach me how to get through it", because obviously, I won't know what I’m doing. So, it's finally Christmas, and I’m there, dead excited to play a game that I dared not research, a game I had NO IDEA was about except that all I knew was the main character is called Zelda (Which I thought was Link's name...oops :/ Don't worry, I did find out later who Zelda REALLY was), he (Link) wears green clothes with brown boots, and...He has a sword and shield.


So, the title screen comes on, and I’m thinking "this is nice", watching adult Link ride Epona through Hyrule field as it transits to day. So, I press start, enter a name (I think I put 'MJS' or 'MSmith' or maybe 'M.Smith' whatever haha), and start the game. Immediately I was worried this was going to be some kind of RPG (the only RPG I had ever played at the time was Pokémon) with like a million quests, hundreds of clothing options, loads of items, spells and sh**, and required me to level up, like some kind of mage. What gave me this idea? Well, I saw fairies everywhere, and erm...A VERY blank item screen, so imagination went a bit crazy haha.


So here I am, thinking "wow, a forest! Ooh, what’s this?" I find some Kokiri kid telling me that I can never leave the forest. I'm thinking that I must be able to when I’m an adult, otherwise, why would they put this in a game? (Because I saw adult Link on the title screen, I assumed I would grow up at some point) So I took it easy. I thought, "Why not explore? Sooner or later I'll come across what I need to find". I must've been exploring for DAYS (in real life) before I actually got anywhere, like I found this hole (you guys know what I’m talking about) which I crawled into, and BOOM! I found the Kokiri sword! It said it was 'a hidden treasure of the Kokiri' but I could only 'borrow it for a while'. As soon as I saw this, I felt REALLY guilty. I thought I had done something wrong if I was borrowing something without permission! I desperately tried to work out how to put it back so I could do so later, but it was no use. I was stuck with this treasure until the end of the game (heck, Link MODIFIES IT in the sequel, Majora's mask. Not once, but 3 times!!!). Anyways, knowing I was stuck with the sword, I was thinking "If the game wants the sword back, they'll have to do it for me", because hey, if I’m stealing, I’m sorry! I can't return it!


Not long later (or might've been before), just as I was till getting my bearings in Kokiri Forest, I came across Mido, a Kokiri who is jealous of Link, and tells you that you need a sword and shield. So I buy the shield, and the fat head moves. Yay! Btw, did I mention there's a shop you have to go to, in order to buy the shield? Yeah, you have to have money. Where do you find it? In rocks, hidden behind walls, in grass, and you can fabricate them by skipping across the stepping stones that lead to the shop. Erm, who paid you to do that anyway? Was it Fado? Or the other girl? Whatever, but the shop sells some interesting stuff. Arrows "Wow, i'll need these when I’m an adult!" Deku nuts "Ooh, what are these?", slingshot ammo (? yeah, it had confused me haha), a heart, a stick, and a shield. I bought WAY TOO MANY Deku sticks, because I loved the way I could break one against a wall, and keep the shorter half, like a temporary sword. Yep, that's right, I performed a glitch, without even realising it was a glitch. Every time i broke a stick, it would ALWAYS let me keep the remaining half. Dunno why!


So anyways, the fat head moves his weirdly orientated ass out of the way (he just...kinda pivots against you ), and you can finally go through the passage to the Great Deku Tree who summons you at the very start of the game. But what do you find in your way? 3 Deku babas. And guess what they drop? Deku nuts and Deku seeds. As soon as I saw this, I was thinking "Grr! I've been buying this stuff, and the guy has been getting it all for FREE!". Anyway, I see the Deku Tree, he lets you enter his mouth, and go into the first dungeon of the game. I'm not going to spoil it for those unfortunate enough not to have played this game, but trust me, playing this game without knowing any of the puzzles from watching other people, is sooo satisfying! XD


This game has an amazing story, dangerously addictive gameplay (at least I thought it did. I could barely sleep!), amazing characters, dungeons, miniquests, items, lighting, playability, and the best thing is, it takes itself so seriously. Even though it's a fantasy game, you get so immersed, it's like playing chess. You concentrate on it, but it's fun to do so, and they throw in action, adventure, cinematography, lighting (mentioned above), and a good story, it all feels so real, and when you see the world as adult Link, the impact hits hard (the world is almost in ruins). If you haven't already, buy this game, and play it to the end (or, be lazy and watch a Let's Play or walkthrough), you will LOVE IT. 1 thing I might like to suggest in order to help you, is you might want to find some kind of map of Hyrule (or use the one on the pause screen as you automatically fill it in) because it does require that you take your time to explore the field a LOT, and if you're impatient, you'll be moaning at the game "where do I go? I'm lost!"


Overall rating, 10/10


Ok, now for the 3DS version. GREZZO did a fantastic job carrying the game over to the 3DS, including some small updates, but I have noticed a number of differences, both good and bad. I shall list them below:

They converted the game to 3D!

The 3D camera is really well coded. When Link gets too close, you'd expect the 3D to invert, and distort, but they coded it, so that it automatically refocus's, making close ups without any eyesore!

The engine seems EXACTLY the same. It's like they ported it, meaning that yes, a LOAD of glitches from the original game carried over. The secret coloured gauntlets have been found in the game, so it's possible that other beta/unused items had to be added too (maybe the people at GREZZO never played the game, or, they would have to put them in to make the rest of the game function correctly?)

They've improved the graphics, increasing polygons to make full use of the 3DS's capabilities. My only complaint is the appearance of Young Link. He looks like a skinny, bunny kid, as opposed to a typical, grubby boy.

They've improved/re-created the animations for characters, some looking better, some worse (better would be like the animation for Link rolling is now more fluent, and he rolls more accurately, but worse would be the sinking death animation for King Dodongo).

The lighting. Granted, this is a handheld game, it's a specification (or seems to be) that handheld games be vibrant, and games for your TV be duller and TV friendly, but the lighting in the original was revolutionary for its time. So much mood and atmosphere was added in the original, but in the 3DS, it's just...hey, let’s just stick some lights over here, and over there. I'm not sure if GREZZO intentionally ruined it, but 1 of the best examples is the battle against Ganon on top of the destroyed tower. In the original, you can only just make out his silhouette against the night sky, and the reflections of his blades, and his eyes are glowing too, so you've got this suspense to what he looks like. You only get a few glances as lightning strikes, and it really adds tension to what's going on. When Link finally thrusts his sword into Ganon's skull, you can just barely make out what's going on (because of this 1 scene, the game was nearly a Teen game in America/12+game in Europe. So in order to still make it available for everyone, they had to make the blood green, and make the final blow darker compared to version 1.0. See these pictures for comparison:, but in the 3DS version, it's just like you can see Ganon, lit up, and erm...not much drama then haha.

Also they improved the textures. In some cases, they remade the older textures HD, but other cases, they re-invented it. A minor re-invention is the wallpaper in Ganondorf's Tower. In the original, it's a white skull (on parts of the walls) with glowing red eyes, but in the remake, it's changed to look less like a skull, and the red eyes are not present. But an improvement is the boss battle for Koume and Kotake (Or Twinrova), as the walls just light up with mystical colours. It REALLY adds more depth.

The controls. Using the Gyro in the 3DS feels so naturally when aiming at objects in the game world. Unfortunately, if you want to keep the 3D on, you might as well be standing up, twirling in circles, otherwise it'll distort.

The sound and music are pretty much identical. Obviously the 3DS has better sound processers than the N64, so they were able to use the original soundtrack rather than convert it to as small a file as possible. They've even gone a step further, and made some sounds 3D (yes, the 3DS has digital surround sound).

They've changed Link's facial reactions, and this is rather annoying. In the original, whenever Link made a noise, he opened his mouth. In the 3DS, they removed this, so that his mouth is almost always closed, except in cutscenes, where they're more scripted. For some reason, they didn't include the one of where he puts the master sword back into the pedestal as an adult, and so they've re-invented that cutscene which is a small disappointment.


But other that the bad stuff above, they've done an excellent job of re-introducing the game to the next generation of kids, and a sequel (sorry, THE sequel) is in the works right now, woo! Majora's Mask comes out in 2013, so look out for it then! :D



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