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Final Fantasy VI (Was once known as FFIII in the US)

Posted by sm64provider on June 8, 2012 at 4:25 PM

The reason I own this game is kind of an odd 1. About 6 or 7 years ago I remember thinking to myself that I wanted to try and get myself into the Final Fantasy series because of how awesome I remember Final Fantasy VII was when I was a kid (even though I don't really remember much about it because I was 4 years old). Around this time (6-7 years ago), I had recently gotten myself another childhood game which was the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time which is technically the first Zelda game I ever played, and it got me into the series, and so I believed that FFVII would do the same. I went into a shop looking for it at asked the owner if they sold it. They then joked that if they did have it, they'd sell it for at least £20 because it's 1 of the greatest video games of all time, but like I said, they didn't have it so I looked to see what was available.

I found a copy of Final fantasy VI and thought to myself "Well, it's close enough. Maybe I can learn what happened 1 game before FFVII. I mean how different could it be?". Well I went home, put it into my playstation (as far as my research tell me, only America and Japan got the SNES version in 1994, and we got a PS1 port about 5 years later), and the first thing I saw (because just liek when I played Ocarina of Time, I had absolutely NO information about the game except for the blurb on the back of the CD case and the instruction manual which I didn't even bother to read) was about a minute long CG cutscene which gave me a positive impression about the 3D game I was about to play...or so I thought. Yeah, it came to a great surprise to me that they went to all the effort to put in a 3D cutscene for a game that's 100% 2D which is completely misleading.

I pretty much was like "Oh dear, the graphics look underwhelming now. I'll try to get into this" and So I started a new file. About 5 minutes later when the game finally let me move about (in a dull town, full of machinery and no music in the background) I immediately became broed especially as I couldn't explore due to my mech suits size, meaning the game was forcing me to move upwards which I believe is known as 'scripting'. Basically this si where the programmers make the player think they're moving forwards in their own way when they're really being forced to do 1 thing. Anyway, I got into a cave, soemthing exploded...I pretty much didn't care at this point and I turned the game off. But this isn't the end of the review, oh no. If I had stopped playing the game here, I would've rated this brilliant game terribly.

So, I was telling my friend that I had this game and he got a little excited and asked to borrow it (in return i got to borrow one of his games...I think, I don't remember!). about...9 months later (I think? Yeah, we were starting to fall out as friends)  I finally went over his house, and got the game back (Becuase he told me ages ago that he'd finished with it, but I was too lazy to actually get it back). For about 5 years (maybe 4, 3.5) the game sat in my room, doing nothing. Until 1 day when I was home from college, I decided to give it another chance SOLELY because NintendoCapriSun was doing a Let's Play of Final Fantasy IV on YoiTube and was explaining what all these weird items are (another reason I stopped playing the game.) like Tinctures, Potions, AntDot, Tent...weird stuff...and what the atatcks were like Bio, Muddle, Doom, Break, X-Zone etc. 

OK, enough of my life story...again! Hahaha

So, before I start my review, I want to say this is a really good game, it's just it's REALLY slow at getting anywhere or doing anything cool. I can imagine people would enjoy it more ONLY if they've already completed a Final Fantasy game because a lot of boring stuff happenes, and you don't really know what's going on and the cutscenes go on forever. But yeah. ok.

You're a woman named Terra, but you've recently been suffering amnesia (and there's a reason for this). You're working for a villain named Kefka (sometimes witten as Cefka of Kefca) and he's using you to gather special rocks called espers. When you go into the cave I mentioned earlier (happens in the first 2 minutes of gameplay which btw you're introduced to the battle system and are shown that your mecha suit kicks ass against all enemies which is useful info for later) there's some kind of explosion..I dunno (a light flashes and the 2 guards who tagged along with you suddenly vanish from the game as well as you the player suddenly ending up on the floor with no mecha suit on) and then there's another cutscene of a man named Locke coming to the rescue while fighting off all the bad guys who want to capture Terra.

It's also at this point you're introduced to the Mogs which are basically clones of that white cat that sits on the floating island in Dragonball Z, and they attack by dancing...yay...So Locke saves Terra and takes her to a nearby base to nurse her back to full health. It's then revealed that she was found wearing a tiarra which was brainwashing her but it's no longer in effect because they removed it and now she can think for herself except the fact it was on her for so long that she cannot remember who she is anymore. 

The game starts to pick up a bit of pace here, but all that happens is you grind, go to a new location, meet someone new, grind, nw location...just a few times, but not long enough to get annoying, merely a way to get the player to remember locations for later. So much amazing stuff happens in this game, but the game does feel a little bit dated from time to time but can be rather fun if you already like RPG's to an extent (I like Pokemon ebcause it's simpler). After this a lot happens. You see a castle rise, a castle fall, a war, an opera, an airship, character development, deaths, quirky stuff...the end of the world...Just, play the game and you'll see what I mean.

All in all, i'd rate this game an 7.5/10 for what it is today

an 8.5/10 for what it is, and how clever it was trying to be


a 9/10 for the experence it gives you despite starting out slow.

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