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Frank and Pam

                       Bears Den's Akita's 


         Meet our boy Bear..


      Bear's Den Akita's  is was named after our sire, A Black Brindle Akita, wieghs a little over 130 pds.He is our King Tut around here and everyone gets along with him. Yes he is a spoiled baby.   We do breed only out of the love of our Akitas and strive for the best conformation and temperments of the Akita Breed Standards,Only to give the companionship and Love to another family. We love and cherish everyone of our Canine Companions. .       

   We are a small Akita Breeder in the Northwest Part of North Dakota,Where our Akita's fit right into their element. They love the Cold that this part of the country offers. We have a Good size farm with Land all around us. We train our Babies to stay within our 10 Acre Farmstead but should they get there streak of Stubborness then they have plenty of Acreage to run without any worries. They are not off of lead until they have learned the Come and Down Commands.    

       My email will be attached for info on pups scheduled to arrive. If your love is for the Akitas you can contact me even just to talk about the breed. We will never sell to pet stores or to anyone we feel will use the pups in an inappropriete manner, I work with my babies daily, teaching commands and manners. We live on a farm which provides lots of room to run and explore. If you would like to know more please feel free to contact my email or call me 701-694-6915. 

   If you have never owned an Akita or one has never owned you please read up on them before getting one. This is a responsible step to being a great pet owner.I will not sell a puppy just for Breeding purposes. 

   Below is the one of the highest compliments and recommendations that I have recieved , Let me know if you would like to talk to her and I can set that up to. Or any of the people that have gotten puppys from us.. We take great pride in making sure our pups are going to loving homes as pets or showing homes.  

    Look around if something catches your eye..Contact us we love talking about Akita's ..If you would please Leave a comment on my Quest Book page after visiting my site.. It is much appriciated for it helps me to make a better viewable site for everyone. I am new at this so everything helps.. Let me know if it was easy to view or if you have any questions or just what you think..

                                     Sincerely Pam 




       Letter of Reference From Our Veternarian


Letter of Reference:


I am writing this letter on behalf of Pam and Frank Garaas and their wonderful Akitas. I am one of the local veterinarians and have found it a real pleasure to work with both Frank and Pam, but most of all the dogs. The dogs all have wonderful temperaments, which is especially important in a large powerful breed of dog. At each veterinary visit, they have all been incredibly social, friendly and well mannered. Pam and Frank deserve all the compliments that they get on their website because they are knowledgeable and responsible breeders who are breeding for quality. I wish more breeders were as concerned about temperament and conformation as they are.



Heidi Gabel, DVM.

Western Veterinary Clinic

Williston, ND





Bear's Den

  The love of a Rescue..

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