(LAUREL AITKEN - SKINHEAD TRAIN [NU BEAT]B-SIDE - THE GRUVY BEATS - KENT PEOPLE [1969]...) This is great! An absolute storming Skinhead Reggae stomper! ''This is your Boss Skinhead'' proclaims Laurel.. ''On the Skinhead train to Reggae city''. Great musical backing with hard bass line and groovy horns! ------------------------------------------------ (THE HOT ROD ALLSTARS - SKINHEADS DONT FEAR b/w 10 COMMANDMENTS FROM DEVIL [TORPEDO] [1970]) Good old Hot Rod, they know how to deliver a great Skinhead instrumental! Not bad but lacks vocal interjections. This title is a gem in itself and what gives this 45 a high price tag. Like I said before, it lacks the odd 'Skinhead' type verbals. ----------------------------------------------- (SYMARIP - SKINHEAD MOONSTOMP b/w MUST CATCH A TRAIN [TREASURE ISLE] [1969]...) There's very little point about droning on about this classic, cause everyone and his brother knows it. We all know its the 'PYRAMIDS'spelt backwards and that it still sets dancefloors alight, whenever its played. It deserves it's place here and looks great on its original label, an easy one to get, but they do almost sell immediately. ------------------------------------------------ (THE HOT ROD ALLSTARS - MOONHOP IN LONDON b/w SKINHEAD MOONDUST [TORPEDO] [1970]...) Great one this, fantastic double sider. 'MOONDUST' is a semi-instrumental with various shouts and sneezes! The 'A' side 'MOONHOP IN LONDON' is an observation of the uk Reggae scene... ''Skinhead wear a big boots''the singer reminds us... ''a black mans heaven is a white mans hell'', he proclaims! ----------------------------------------------- (SIDNEY, GEORGE & JACKIE - AT THE CLUB b/w REGGAE FEVER [ATTACK] [1974]...) Obviously 'THE PIONEERS'. 'REGGAE FEVER' is a massive Skinhead anthem and I only ever thought that it was an lp track only, dating from around 1970 and featured in the album 'ROLL ON MUDDY RIVER' [Trojan]. ''Skinhead braces & big boots is the talk of the town''... the group exclaim... ''You know a Skinhead by the way he skins his head''. This is really a Reggae version of the old Ska standard 'BLAM BLAM FEVER' by The Valentines. ------------------------------------------------ (LAUREL AITKEN - SUFFERING STILL b/w REGGAE '69 [NU BEAT] [1969]...) Nice one Laurel, two nice sides her with 'REGGAE 69'edging it for me. 100% Skinhead Reggae with solid bassline and terrific 'Soul' type horns. Not rare by all means, just great!