ASC's Actors' Renaissance Season

Background materials

The ARS at ASC began in 2005.  This page will explore the changes from the first season to 2008 by providing an interview with the person who first thought it up, Jay McClure and by providing the "rules" for each season and showing how they have changed through time.  I also include, for your perusal, a copy of the SAA paper I submitted for the Original Practices seminar. As mentioned in the Introduction page of this website, Original Practice has become a topic for debate among scholars of Shakespeare.  Evidence of this can be found in the creation of a Shakespeare Association of America seminar titled "Original Practice" at the 2008 conference.  In this seminar, 15 English and Theatre professors and graduate students contributed papers for each other's reading.  The papers covered topics as diverse as Shakespeare's Globe's Original Pronunciation and visiting troupes, to the relationship between Macbeth's Porter and Medieval cycle plays, to the ASC's style--whihc was addressed by four papers in this one session.  An edited version of the paper I submitted is below.