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7/24/15 roadbed

Roadbed has been laid. I used a combination of Midwest Products N scale cork roadbed and a roll of cork that I picked up at Office Depot. I used Liquid Nails Projects to hold it all in place.

Elevations 7/11/15

The sub roadbed has been cut and elevated. Maximum height is 2" from the base. The project will be at a standstill until I can get some roadbed and track.

Bench work 7/7/2015

The new N scale layout is progressing nicely. I chose to use foam core board for my bench work because this layout needs to be ultra light and portable. Overall I am surprised by the results. It is sturdier than I thought it would be without adding extra supports and braces. The first step was to transfer the track plan onto the board I am using for the cookie cutter elevations. Next I cut 3" wide strips to build the frame. I covered this with a top that will remain mostly intact. This will make it easier to add braces to elevate the cookie cutter sheet and also provide stability for the whole layout. Everything was taped together for placement and then hot glued.  I started cutting the top at the river. I hope to have the rest cut and elevated within a week or so.


Welcome to my Model Railroading page. My latest project will be an N scale layout using the MRR Magazine's Virginian track plan. See my slightly revised plan below. The main portion of the layout will be 54" x 26". There will alslo be an extension to the left and staging off of the bottom right. 

The 2-8-0 finally gets WM Paint!

2-8-0 Repainted in WM fireball scheme and numbered 814. Before picture below.

N scale Bachmann Spectrum 2-8-0 before repaint

WM GP40 *Note the new backdrop*

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