The Dungeon Squad! Companion

Dungeon Squad! Adventures


Below youíll find a list of adventures for the Dungeon Squad! RPG  by Jason Morningstar. Simply click on the adventureís title to download it.

The Forbidden Fortress

  The Forbidden Fortress is a loose conversion (shameless rip-off?) of the old Haunted Keep found in the Basic Dungeons & Dragons rulebook (edited by Tom Moldvay), for use with the Dungeon Squad! RPG. It is intended as an intro module.

  In the Forbidden Fortress, the heroes track a band of goblin raiders who have kidnapped their friends and loved ones. Their chase leads them to the ancient keep of the Sumedor family. Can the heroes save the prisoners from the goblinís clutches? What long forgotten evil will they find within the Forbidden Fortress?


Dungeon Squad! Tales from the Bulletin Post!

  Tales from the Bulletin Post are a series of very short adventures for those impromptu gaming sessions. They will (hopefully) be released on a monthly basis.

The Thief of Red Canyon.

  A short romp through an orc infested, bandit ridden canyon in search of a statuette that might prove much more costly than itís worth.

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