The Dungeon Squad! Companion


  Welcome to the Dungeon Squad! Companion, a site devoted to the wonderful (free) Dungeon Squad! RPG by Jason Morningstar.


  “Dungeon Squad is a role-playing game designed expressly for young players with short attention spans who demand action and fun. There is a lot of die rolling and some amusing shopping and number-crunching. Characters can be generated in 30 seconds.


  Personally, I’ve found DS! To be a perfect rules-lite RPG, great for mature gamers with less time on their hands than they had “in the old days” (this, in addition to being a perfect game to introduce kids and newbies to RPGs).


  You can find a link to Jason Morningstar’s Dungeon Squad! RPG in the Links section below, as well as other links to DS! related resources.


  I hope this site proves somewhat useful to other Dungeon Squad! Fans and hopefully it will provide a little exposure for this wonderful game!


Dungeon Squad! RPG by Jason Morningstar

  Jason Morningstar's DS! RPG from 1000 Monkeys, 1000 Typewritters.


Alternate Dungeon Squad! by Liam Brennan.


  Liam Brennan’s Alternate DS! Is based on Dungeon Squad!


Advanced Dungeon Squad! by Liam Brennan.


  Further reworking of the DS! system.


Dragonsfoot Dungeon Squad thread.


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