Sisterhood Of Sekhmet

I burn and fume
and shoot daggers from my eyes
I erupt and roar
(though you've not pulled my tail)
my edges are sharp
and I cut deep
my energy is strong and fierce
and my displeasure
needs to be expressed
Though sometimes mild
I can be very intense
Once incited
I am difficult to put out
I am always approapriate
always needed
Don't try to get rid of me
I need to be acknowledged and heard
I am anger
This invokation/prayer to Sekhmet was barrowed from Please pay this link a visit and find out more about the goddess who's name graces this site.

Sisterhood Hails & Salutations!

Let us indtroduce ourselves. We are Eternal Flowermoon(site owner) and Kindra Ravenmoon(regular contributor and helps to co-run this site). We are two witches both of different yet similar magical backgrounds and this is our shared grimoire. Presented within these pages you will find a shadowed glimpse of this coven's dark goddess path. All are welcome no matter what your path may be as long as you keep an open non-judgemental mind and are not spawning from any mainstream religion wanting to preach and convert.


    Within these pages you will find esoteric knowledge with no hate nor lies.

In opening these pages your fate you seal and if your intentions be to send harm ,send hate or steal

With binding thread your hands be tied and with poison needles your vision be sealed.

One on One and 3 x3

Our will be done