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Hello and welcome to Wine and Crystal music, the unofficial fansite for Sirrus from the Myst series!

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Also, BEWARE OF SPOILERS.  The entire site is a spoiler for the whole series, so watch your step!



October 21, 2008

Apparently this site only updates twice a year  

Nothing new to report as far as fanfiction and updates.  However, I am attempting to get a forum set up so y'all can ramble to your heart's content!

This is mainly an update to say I'm not dead.  For I can dance and I can sing.  No need to go to bed.  No need to call the doctor, 'cause I'm not yet dead.


March 12, 2008

It's been a long, long time since the last update, so I decided to spruce things up a bit!  We have a new layout for you today, and the section "Locusani" has been updated!  Also, we have five (!!!) new fanfictions up:  Three by me, one by Uberlutra, and one by Mystress.  Happy reading!  (Read Refracted, btw, if you really want some good Sirrus stuffs.  Seriously.)


October 11, 2007

"Red Pages" has been updated with two adoptables and one wallpaper!