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Welcome to our Abstract Art for sale art.swf

Dear avid art-lovers,

Welcome to our website. Here we hope that you will find interesting and exquisite abstract art digital paintings for sale.
The price to purchase and own outright these digital paintings is $20 or in GB Pounds £10 for each painting. artmoon.swf

We hope that you like these paintings and wish to come back to us to purchase some more digital art paintings from us. We, Simhadri Software, are in reality a software company that sells computer software created by us, but as one of our subsidiary ventures and products, we also make and sell abstract art.

Contact Us:

If you wish to purchase any of these paintings, contact us by e-mail us at:


We will negotiate a deal from there.

All the paintings are copyrighted and owned by Vijay Simhadri.

Other subsidiary products:

Other products include:

1) Computer games - both commercial and freeware games. We also host about 10 good computer games
 to play on our associated websites.
2) Science-Fiction animated short movies for sale.

Thanking you for your time and perseverence,

Yours sincerely,

Vijay Simhadri

( Founder and Owner of Simhadri Software)

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