Alzheimer, The Tragedy of Incomprehension

The Struggle of a Beautiful Dutch Lady In The East

Through The Eyes Of Love

Reading this site requires the reader to read it with the eyes of love. This is important as a Care Giver to an Alzheimer patient. What they (the Alzheimer patient) truly need is love, your understanding about the psychodynamics of the patient, your charitable heart. In short, see your patient with the eyes of love.

Why "The Beauty" Of Alzheimer?

There are numerous articles on the internet about Alzheimer, foremostly the Medical Websites like Mayo Clinic, WebMD, Alzheimer Association, etc.

One could get very detailed and accurate information about the dreaded desease. It includes the description of the symptoms and behaviour, the possible drugs, the research, the guidelines for Caregivers, the eventual outcome, you name it. However, the information mostly only focuses on the "outer" symptoms and how to deal with them. No website about Alzheimer has been found that could describe the "psyche" of the patient. The "human and psychological" existence of the Alzheimer patient.

In human's terminologies" and social standards, an Alzheimer patient is, more often than not, usually, or popularly, referred to as a "crazy" person, or a kinder version: "loss of memory".
This site / E-book attempts to "penetrate" into the soul, the psyche of the Alzheimer patient, with the belief that the patient is a wholesome human being, with feelings and "realities", that are, alas, most often misunderstood. The better term to describe an Alzheimer patient from the soul point of view is "The tragedy of Incomprehension" and the "Beauty of it".

The attempt has not been easy, and does not pretend to be a scientific study, but more of an empirical observation, first hand, by Indri and Alice, regarding their beloved mother, Alida. Both of them have found, in their "journey" understanding Alida's mind and soul, the "Beauty of Alzheimer", the depth of feelings and compassion within Alida.

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The Intention

The intention of this site is to share with readers, who may be faced with dealing with an Alzheimer loved one, as to how.

The write up is based on covering insights into an Alzheimer patient through the close observation and study of one patient, Alida.

The article will, or should, hopefully be useful for Care Givers, as this site is written by Alida's Care Givers.

Since the site intents to focus on the psychological part of the patient, Alida in this case, it would be useful for the reader to read about her life, as it has a bearing on her behaviour as an Alzheimer patient.

Alida - Summary


Her Marriage, in Holland and in the Church in Bogor
How she bravely ventured into the East in Marriage
Her Adjustment to the Javanese culture
Her encounters with so many key political figures like Soekarno, Hatta, Sudirman, Hoegeng, Aburizal Bakrie, etc.
Her encounters with many Film Celebrities like Usmar Ismail, Mieke Widjaja, Alcaff, Wahid Chan
Her encounter with the Japanese Occupation
Her encounter with the Communist Group / PKI
Her encounter with the Dutch clashes in Yogya
Her tragic bout in Wirogunan, Jail of Yogyakarta
Her bout in a Dutch concentration camp in Semarang
Her bout with Westerling in Kaliurang
Her exciting time as a Naval Officer's wife
Her troubled period as a Film Director's wife of PFN
Her determination to "guard" her famous daughters
Her tragic bout as a Mother of a Juvenile Delinquent son
Her tragic fate of Rejection
Her very happy times with Jerry Robinson, her second husband
Her encounter with the German Community in Sarangan
Her battle with Alzheimer

Simply Alida

This website is a story of a remarkable and beautiful girl turned woman in the orient. Alida was born Alida van de Kuinder, in Hilversum, Holland, on February 10, 1917. Her parents were Nico Van de Kuinder and Gerarda Rietveld. She has 2 younger brothers, Gerrit and Nico van de Kuinder.
She led a a simple, homely, life in Larenseweg 27, Hilversum, Netherlands.

After primary education she followed a night school on Household care.
She was raised a Protestant, and converted to Roman Catholicism due to her marriage to Bob, but religion was not exactly her forte.
She studied the piano in her youth in Holland, and continued to study the piano in Indonesia as a housewife under the firm hand of Mr Szabo, a Hungarian piano teacher in Yayasan Pendidikan Musik Jakarta. This has allowed her to earn extra money for the household as a piano teacher herself.

She must have been the beauty of the town, cause she really has very good looks and features.
She grew up in simplicity, went to the Household school and nothing really exciting was happening in her life. Until one day, at 20 yrs of age, she met this handsome Indonesian guy, Robert Maria Iskak (Bob).
That encounter has set her fate when she married him, which changed her whole life. Her World became more than just simple. She raised 4 children (all of them a public figure / celebrity in different degrees), had one still born son in Yogya, and 1 miscarriage. She was basically not too well off, due to the many different uprisings in Indonesia. Met so many friends, many of them wellknown political figures and celebrities. She went through all ups and downs of one that went through the Indonesian revolution and struggle for Independence, the Japanese and Dutch occupation, the Indonesian political struggle for stabilty.

But in the end - she still is simply .... Alida

We will attempt to portray her almost one century life, of which a substantial number of years, the productive years, were spend with Bob in Indonesia, the Orient.


Apart of focusing on the beauty of Alzheimer, this site is, at the same time, also an attempt to pay a loving tribute to Alida by her family, essentially her children. Source of data is a collection of information of family members and friends.

The story is not put in a chronological order as the sources are scant and varied, short experiences here and there. But because Alida has such a remarkable (and legendary) life, the family thought it worthwhile to put them on this site for all her family members and friends to read.