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Fools of the Ring

One winter as I was sleeping over with my best friend Isa, we were a little tired and got this crazy idea to make a parody of the Lord of the Rings. Though we had no script, and no camera. I bought one some months later and the summer that followed we did it. It was just for fun I me and Isa laugh very much when seeing this. But we had no script and had to improvise, it took 8 days to film, it was hard work, because it was so hot and in one scene we were bitten by mosquitoes. But it was worth it, unfortunately I can't complete the editing, because my computer is to slow. I only manage to get some trailers and clip. 

The trailers will come here later, but here are some pictures from the movie. Isa played all the character from lotr, except Elrond who was played by her brother.  

 P. Jackson, taking a  "well-deserved" break from the film. He is hiding his face for several reasons. One of them is that he is afraid of angry lotr-fans who claims Jackson is not fair to the book at all. In short: they think the lord of the rings movies stink, and wishes revenge.







 Aragorn is forced to drink the worst drink ever; coca cola, after Jackson stole all his tomato juice. Aragorn is really in to fashion. He is here wearing a white tunica, with lovely flowers on it, and a red cap to match. Notice the "a" for "Aragorn".


The evil guys

Saruman playing with his sock puppets, but in spite this and the fact that his beard make him look like Santa Claus, he is a very evil person. Some people are very suspicious that the beard is fake, first of all it does not match his hair color, and it somehow look folded.  


Sauron is the evil lord who wishes to control Middle-Earth. Though his "castle" is not a castle, but a house, which actually belongs to his mother. But he refuses all fact that he lives with her. He is eating candy without his mother permission, he says that when he has gained control over all Middle-Earth, he will be allowed to eat candy every day.


 The body guard of Sauron is ready for battle.Many have said that this nameless body guard is the bravest person in Mordor.




 The other body guard of Sauron trying to save her masters honor after he run screaming back into the house. Unfortunately this fails.



Frodo  acting as a little child . He is very sensitive , has the mind of a five-year old, and the IQ of a worm (without offending the worm).  He actually looks like a little girl sometimes. However it  is reveled  that he is not that short, but stands on his knees in the movie so it looks like he is short. (P. Jackson  is cheap, and refused to use money on the movie.


Arwen, not so kind and gentle as you may know her. And in reality Aragorn is not in love with her (only with him self), Arwen is dating Boromir, but denies that she loves him (love is not a word that suits her).