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Laputa: Castle in the Sky (film)

Long ago, humans were so fasinated by the sky that they lived in the sky by technology they created. But as time went, the cities crashed back to the ground and they were forced to live there yet again. However, the legends tells that one city still remains; Laputa. A boy and a girl with a magic pendant tries together to find the legendary city, but so is also an evil man called Muska.

Laputa: Castle in Sky is a wonderful tale about love and adventure and this is one you should not miss.






 Recommended by Ela

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Nanoha Takamachi is a 3rd grade elementary school girl, one day as walking home from school, she hears a voice in her head calling for help. She then finds a ferret who is wounded. The ferret is a boy called Yuuno, and he wants her help for a mission. She obtains a magical crystal called Raging Heart and magical powers. Nanoha and Yuuno, must together gather 21 "Jewel Seeds", who will grant wishes and can become dangerous if fallen in wrong hands. Though Nanoha and Yuuno are not the only looking for the "Jewel Seeds", so is another girl...




 Recommended by Ela 

Wolf and Spice

wonderful anime series (only 12 episodes brodcasted^^) and has wonderful charactes and the most amazing end song (a song i now consider my own theme song)  it takes no time to watch and is a comedy adventure drama with a hint of romance. the main characters are: Holo a wolf harvest god and Kraft Lawrence a 25 year old pedler. the story starts with them meeting and ends rather annoyingly but stil worth seeing^^

Recomended by Isa

Elfen Lied

A 13 episodes anime series. The story is really deep. The anime (and manga) is about a new human race called; Diclonius. Who unlike humans are born with horns or their head, pink hair, and they have vectors on their back, usually four of these. Vectors are on most Diclonius invisible, and they can cut through anything. By the age of four, these Diclonius lose control and kill everything around them. The story focus on one of these; Lucy, who is trapped and has been experimented on almost all her life, she manage to escape, but during the escape she was injured and gained a second personality...

I want say anymore. BUT, this anime contains A LOT of blood (and I mean A LOT), sad stories and violence, big time. To be honest I can't stand blood, but I kept watching this anime because of the story, I don't know how to say this, but it all just thouched me. You are warned. I would definetly say PG 15 on this one, if not even more.

Here's a trailer to help you decide wether or not to watch it. I think you can find the whole series on still.



Recommended by Ela

Darker than Black

This is one of my favorite anime series and has 25 episodes. The genre is science-fiction and it just spellbounded me when I first saw it. Basicaly it's about some people who suddenly one day gained special powers, to use these they must pay a price, but also; they looses their humanity too...

Oh and by the way, there is also a season two ^^

 Here's a trailer I found on youtube. Please enjoy ^^



Recommended by Ela