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EDGENTERTAINMENT is a production company that offers an array of services. It was designed to satisfy our clients with the best digital video and photography work at the best rates.

EDGENTERTAINMENT was born from an old dream. It began in the pages of countless story boards and drawn stories in the form of comics and now turned into reality.  

We aim to challenge our skills to the limit without breaking your wallet and bring the best quality product possible to your screen and/or into print. Our company aims for the art and beauty of imagery sensations and feelings while telling the story you want to see whether on a page of a book, photo or on a video.

Our company was formed for everyone and anyone with love for the entertainment industry. With this in mind we aim to give opportunity to anyone who loves the entertainment industry and wants to grow with us.

Placing God first in our lives we always work with honesty and sincerity and we strive to provide the best to our clients. EDGENTERTAINMENT is your Christian production company you are looking for.