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Welcome To The Site

    After two years of gathering parts and a budget of whatever I could come up with.  The engine is finally done.  Rebuilt lower end, new head, new cam, all new mounts, intake work, new hardware, new alternator, new powersteering and much more. She is running smoother than i have ever heard her run... HERE ARE NEW VIDEOS 

 Also, if there is something you would like to see, please send me an email.  If you just have some question EMAIL me  XR4TITURBO@HOTMAIL.COM

Pruduct Review and Updates

      I have finally got my Cosworth body kit.  Stay tuned to more updates. I will break down the time to fit the kit to the car.   So far the kit is not bad at all, but we will see. 

     Again Jeff at Merkur Parts Midwest came through for me again.   I needed a cold air door control switch, something that you cant just get anywhere.  I went to his shop and he walked up to the vault and came down with the part.  Not only was it a reasonable price but he tested it right in front of me.


  These are Companies that I do alot of business with.  Who I highly recommend.


Merkur Parts Midwest.  Any part that deals with XR4s and Scorpios Jeff at MPM is who you need to talk to.  They also work only on Merkurs.  Worth hauling your car to the midwest.


I just installed MCs high flow fuel pump, the product is great.  It was easy to install and came with all of the parts.  Not to mention that they are always trying to come up with new aftermarket products


BAT can get just about anything.  I just got new control arms from them.  You can download their whole catalog.