Side Street Productions

Welcome to Side Street Productions, run by myself, Stuart Hooper, I enjoy making movies on my computer, so decided to share them with the world using this site, I hope you enjoy them!!!

27th March 2007

Hey Guys!!! I haven't been around here in a while, been a bit busy lately, but I was just casually checking my vids on YouTube, and noticed that, Stressed At Work Episode 1, had...


Thanks a lot to everyone that helped my work get this noticed on the net!!! I'm glad you are all enjoying it!!!

28th February 2007

I have had a lot of time on my hands recently so I have been able to complete another epiode of Stressed At Work, the latest in the series is now available on YouTube right here:

26th February 2007

Stressed At Work Episode 2 has just been finished and uploaded to YouTube:

Also, I have rearranged the site, having a page for each series of movies which makes everything just that little bit neater.

25th February 2007

Stressed At Work! A brand new series of shorts about people getting stressed out a work by Side Street productions, if anyone has any links to vids people goin crazy in office's and stuff, please email me with the links to keep this new series going!

Here's the YouTube link for Episode 1:

1st February 2007

Crazy is now on Compfused!!! Compfused is a great website with hundreads of funny clips, some of which I use in my own productions, you can find the Compfused site right here:

Here is a direct link to my film on Compfused:

23rd January 2007

My new video is now complete, it's called 'Crazy' and that series will now be taking the place of 'Now That's Crazy'. It can be found on YouTube, and is my best work yet, check out it right here...

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