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"Cake"  by CD Regan

     A swollen disk slowly turning, wet ruffles the color of a baby's room, slides through the air, over my head.  Spinning, spitting a candy comet trail away from me, down into the center stage, toward a man dressed as a white monkey. 

     From somewhere up high in the arms of the webbed tent, a hot white light burns into my eyes.  I blink back the bright blue burn in my vision and feel a knock.  Three knocks on my head. 

     I am cold on this hard aluminum seat.  I turn, and I feel the stitching from the seams of my coat as they bite into my neck, I briefly think of spiders.  I turn and hear the flicker of nylon, and I smell the waxy decay of old greasepaint.  The scuffing of large shoes against the back of my seat feels like a rodent trying to dig in there.  The light is warm on my neck as I look up behind me.  A halo of crackling yellow hair orbits his head and he looks down at me.  His cream cheese streaked face is growing from a broad smear of red that smothers his mouth.  His grin is forced, and his eyes, painted to smile and hide under flaking black diamonds, are anxious as they look down at me, all at once predatory and apologetic.

     In his hand, another colorful cake.


About the author:

CD Regan was formed when a street person infected with an unknown virus sneezed into a can of old onion dip left outside a print shop in Philadelphia.  A visiting paper salesman named Crowley found and raised him to be the happy homunculus that he is today.

Since his eyes are so close to his appendages, it was easy for him to develop keen illustration skills.  He has been previously published with White Wolf Games and has written and illustrated for independent comic book companies since 1990.  He is working on his first fully-painted children's book entitled, "Children to Avoid", and his first novel is a sci-fi western that takes place on Mars.