The Purr-fect Feline Companion

Champion Fabulafelis Egregia. HCM Positive

I bought my first Siberian breeding queen in November/December of 2001 and after spending 7 months completing her Pets Passport with her breeder Sari Vaha-Luomi in Finland, my long wait was over and she finally arrived in Scotland in July, 2002.  She made herself at home straight away and soon became my daughter Alice's  favourite girl

Essie has excellent type , coat texture and a wonderful temperament.  Unfortunately it became evident that Essie carried a tail fault.  While this did not affect her health, as a breed fault and  genetic fault I felt it would not be ethical to continue breeding from her or any of her offspring.  In hindsight this decision was to be a fortunate one indeed.  Essie was tested positive for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, (HCM) on  15.06.07.  Essie will remain with us as Alice's companion for the rest of her life. 

Essie has been very succesfull in shows and like her son Gregory, an ambassador for the breed, gaining Merits at every GCCF show entered and winning regularly in the SLH classes.  At her first FIFe show she was Best of Best Adult in show, beating not only all the adults in the Semi-longhaired catagory but adults in all catagories.  She became a FIFe Champion in 3 outings making her the first UK Siberian ChampionIn Finland, Essie was shown 7 times as a kitten, each time awarded Ex1. 

SBA Ch Shows Edinburgh

June '03 - Ex1 CAC, Nominated BIS Adult, BIS Adult Catagory II, Best of Best Adult in Show. 

Sept '03 - Ex1 CAC, Nominated BIS Adult, BIS Adult Catagory II, Best Adult Queen.

March '04 - Ex1 CAC, Nominated BIS Adult. Becomes UK's first Siberian Champion! 

Pinecat's Amadeus. HCM Positive  

  Alpo was my first Siberian stud boy.  Like Essie, he came from Finland, staying with his breeder Mika Vaharisto while completing his Pets Passport.

It took time and patience to socialise Alpo as he'd had little human socialisation before he arrived with us.   It says a lot about the wonderful nature of Siberians as Alpo became a very loving, talkative young boy with one of the loudest purrs I have heard. However, he became so dependent on human company, he was unhappy being kept as a stud boy and though he had produced some outstanding kittens, I took the decision to retire him early and find a loving pet home for him.  He is now living with his devoted owner Jennifer Dorrington. Like Essie, this was to be a prudent decision as Alpo was also tested positive for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, (HCM) on 29.06.07 

Initially Alpo was only exhibited in promotion of the breed, which helped in our task of socialising him.  As he began to enjoy the attention, I decided to show him and he was successful at GCCF and FIFe shows.  

SBA Int Ch Shows Edinburgh

June '03 - Ex1 CAC 

Sept '03 - Ex1 CAC, Nomination BIS Adult

March '04 Ex2, (beaten by Gregory.)