Zoo History

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This website, Zoohistory, is a non-commercial hobby project.
Zoohistory is intended as a collection of information concerning the history off zoo's. The input data for this website comes from various sources and although great care is taken to make sure that the information given in this website is accurate, it is probably inevitable that a mistake will popup eventually. It therefore is important to understand that Zoohistory cannot be held responsible for any loss in whatever form you might suffer by using the information in this website.

As mentioned earlier on this page Zoohistory is a collection of information, which uses various sources. It is my intention not to break any copyright laws, and I take therefore great care not to do so. If however any organisation or person feels I have done otherwise, please contact me and I will remove any material involved.

You may use everything from this site if you mention Zoohistory-site to it.


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