Shirrmontana Cocker Spaniels

Bred for health & temperament

17th July 2019

Change of plans, have decided against a litter so now no plans until towards the end of 2019

5th September 2019

It is with heavy heart that I am having to rehome my darling Bertie, not because he's ill or has a bad temperament, just things didn't work out.  Please don't ask any questions as I'm finding it very difficult to talk about at the moment...........Bertie is going with the blessing of his breeder.

Bertie is off to his new home on Wednesday, he will be living with another of my pups (now an adult) so he won't be on his own.  I'm going to miss my comical little boy, he is the most gentle loving pup ever, good luck my little man, I look forward to watching your progress in your new home.

11th September 2019

Just like buses I now have 3 girls in season.  I wasn't planning on a litter this side of Christmas but the girl I intended mating has come in early, so will be off to stud next week.

Once pregnancy has been confirmed I will start a new page for the pregnancy and post updates with pictures of scans etc.

13th September 2019

As with every litter we have/planned, I do not start a waiting list until the pups have arrived safely, I have been inundated with emails already regarding our hopeful future litter and mum hasn't been mated yet, we're off to stud with her next Thursday.

I will keep all emails received, if you find a pup elsewhere in the meantime please drop me a quick message to let me know.

19th September 2019

Today Mila had her first successful mating, we go back on Saturday for a second, then the long 4 week wait until I can scan her.  Once I know she is expecting puppies then I will start her own page with details of dad to be.

21st September 2019

Second mating went well so now the long 4 week wait until I can scan her, all being well pups should be due approx 21st November making them ready to leave around the weekend of 18/19th January 2020.

9th October 2019

Thank you for the many emails regarding our hopeful planned litter, I will be able to scan Mila in just over a weeks time and if pregnancy is confirmed I will start a separate page showing show photos/videos right up until the time her puppies leave for their new homes.

I'm sorry I've not replied to your emails, we've had a poorly older dog here who had a closed pyometra, had it not been for my ultrasound scanner we could have easily missed it, thankfully our vets operated quickly and after 24 hours in the vet hospital she was allowed home.  So I'm focusing on her for now, encouraging her to eat and drink, but finally it looks like her appetite is back (after 6 long days) so fingers crossed on the road to recovery now.

Thank you all for your patience.

11th October 2019

Just one week to go before I can scan Mila, at the moment she's showing positive signs, so please check back for updates.