Shirrmontana Cocker Spaniels

Bred for health & temperament

Health Testing and the importance of it

Today we have sent Berties DNA off to the US to test for AON.   This test has been available for a while now and when looking for pups you should ensure that preferably BOTH parents have been DNA tested or hereditary clear for PRA - FN - AON

These tests are available to save our breed from these dreadful diseases, sadly with AON it doesn't show itself until around the age of 9 years, by this time a bitch/dog would have finished breeding and passed on this illness to their offspring, so please check with your breeder that these tests have been done.

3rd July 2019

Berties AON tests results are back and we're pleased to announce he is CLEAR, which means all my breeding boys and girls are clear for PRA/FN/AON so will never pass these diseases onto their offspring.

17th July 2019

Change of plans, have decided against a litter so now no plans until 2020.