Shirrmontana Cocker Spaniels

Bred for health & temperament

18th November 2019

Well done Mila and Wilf on a fantastic litter of 10 puppies, 9 GIRLS and just 1 BOY

We have no plans for another litter until Spring 2021.

13th February 2020

Today we had the DNA results back for 8 of our dogs, which were tested for AMS  - Acral Mutilation Syndrome -  which is a sensory neuropathy which causes an insensitivity to pain in the dogs feet.  This insensitivity can lead to severe self mutilation of their limbs.  This test can be used by breeders to ensure that puppies bred do not suffer from this condition.

We are pleased to announce that all 8 of our dogs tested CLEAR, so will never get it nor their offspring suffer with it.

9th March 2020

Today one of our girls went to stud, hopefully in 9 weeks we'll be hearing the pitter patter of tiny pads.  

If you are waiting on news on any up and coming litters, please check back in around 4 weeks for updates

9th March 2020

Doris's AON DNA test results are back from the US and we are pleased to say she is clear of this dreadful disease, which means all of our dogs are PRA, AON, AMS and FN clear so will never pass on any of these diseases to their offspring.

26th May 2020

Sad News today - this morning our vet confirmed that our lovable rogue Dylan has anal gland cancer, so tomorrow he faces a GA to have a biopsy taken to see which type of cancer it is, we're praying it's a slow growing cancer and it can be treated, if not, then it will be palliative care until when we know it's time to say goodbye.  He is such a lovely boy and my heart is breaking just thinking about what is happening.


Sadly Dylans cancer was terminal and he was struggling so we had to help him to the bridge, sleep tight darling boy, full of fun and antics right till the end,  sleep tight go find Callie at the bridge.  

20th July 2020

All of Maggies DNA test results are back and we're pleased to say she is CLEAR of cpra/pra, FN, AMS, AON

7th August 2020

We have no plans now for litters until end of Spring 2021.  As before we don't start a waiting list until pups have arrived safely and are doing well, once we have news of pups on the way you are more than welcome to contact to show your interest but this doesn't automatically get you at the top of the queue.  Previous puppy owners always get priority.