Shirrmontana Cocker Spaniels

Bred for health & temperament


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Gus is currently NOT being offered at stud, both myself and husband are classed as high risk and my dad is currently going through treatment for cancer so we can't afford to take any chances.

Thank you for your understanding.

We would like to introduce you to Gus, our new hopeful, stud dog!   Gus is PRA/FN hereditary clear, he has recently been DNA tested for AON and AMS and we're pleased to announce he is CLEAR of both conditions so will never pass this on to his offspring

Gus's Kennel Club Registered name is:

Ridgeackhs Tan Gent at Shirrmontana



PRA  -  Hereditary Clear

FN  -  Hereditary Clear

DNA  -  Profile on Record 

KC/BVA  -  Eye tested clear  2/4/2016

Gonioscopy  -  Eye tested clear  2/4/2016 

AON DNA Test  -  tested clear  10/7/2018

AMS DNA Test  -  tested clear 13/02/2020


Gus should sire all colours except chocolate his dad is orange roan, mum blue roan & tan and with him being & white, this means there is every colour behind him. 


Gus is now offered at public stud to health tested, Kennel Club registered girls, please note Gus will not be used with any dogs that are sable or have sable in their pedigrees!


Stud fee £500 to be paid at the time of first mating when all papers will be given. 



5th August 2015

My handsome boy Gus, just trimmed his feet and sprayed his coat with conditioning spray, he is such a gentle boy, really excited about using him at stud early next year, please note that Gus WILL be offered at public stud early next year, but only to health tested ladies also NO SABLES, sorry!.



27th October 2015

A picture of Gus who is now 10 months old and such a handsome young man!





23rd December 2015

Gus has now mated 2 different girls, the first Bea who has been confirmed pregnant, and still very early days for the second,  he is such a lovely boy, definitely a mummies boy    Here are a few pictures taken over the past week or so, 11 months old.  Second photo has been enhanced with a photo editing program



14th January 2016

My handsome boy Gus!



13th March 2016

My handsome boy Gus, now 14 months and a daddy to 8 beautiful babies with Bea.



14th May 2016

My handsome boy enjoying fun in the garden today!



18th July 2016

Gus has caught scent of something, not sure what though 



11th July 2018

Pleased to announce that Gus was DNA tested for AON and his results came back yesterday and he is CLEAR