Shirrmontana Cocker Spaniels

Bred for health & temperament

Puppies now all have lovely new homes, thank you for all your interest,

we have no more plans for litters now until mid 2018.

Georgie & Gus are expecting pups towards the end of June 2017, this litter has been waited for for a long time,  we are all excited to see what we will get.  Georgie has a lot of colours behind her, so all being well colours possible:  orange roan, orange & white, blue roan, black & white, blue roan & tan, black white & tan.

Both parents are pra/fn clear which ensures all pups from this litter will also be hereditary clear.

I'm hoping I'll be allowed to keep a pup from this litter depending on what arrives, could be a boy or girl.

Please note we aren't planning any of our own litters until the Spring 2018.

14th June 2017

With just under 2 weeks to go Georgie is doing well, eating 3 small meals per day, but quite fussy with what she eats now, hopefully this will change once the pups arrive.

With temps set to sore this weekend, we've bought her a cool mat which she's actually using, she's spending most of her time sleeping, I don't think she's enjoying carrying this extra weight as she's normally a slim girl, but not much longer now.

Count down to D day!

23/6/2017         4 days to delivery day (approx)         No change will update if anything to report

21:20    Very early first stage labour has started, hopefully pups either overnight or tomorrow, watch this space!

Just a quick update, it's now 00:22 and so far we have 4 lovely pups 1 boy (orange roan) 3 girls (blue and orange)  more to come but will update in the morning!

PUPDATE! 24/6/2017

Well done Georgie and Gus, 8 beautiful babies, 5 girls 3 boys, 3 orange 2 blue (possibly brt) girls and 2 orange 1 blue boy.

Not sure yet if the orange are roan or & white, only time will tell.

If you are interested in a pup from this litter, please keep an eye on this page for news when I will be opening the waiting list.  If you have contacted me before, please get back in touch soon.

Excuse the fact they are a little messy at the moment, first time mum Georgie will soon get the hang of it

25th June 2017

Day1 of Georgies lovely litter, sexes and colours are as follows:

Orange roan boy        336g         Light brown collar RESERVED Lynn South - Doug

Blue roan & tan girl   294g          Purple collar     RESERVED  Leanne  -  Luna

Orange roan girl       182g           Cerise collar   RESERVED  Sarah  -  Daisy  

Orange roan girl       240g           Orange collar  RESERVED  Nikki  -  Millie

Orange roan boy       250g          Light blue collar  RESERVED  Claire - Gus

Blue roan & tan girl   238g           Light Pink Collar  RESERVED  Alberta  -  Abby


Blue roan boy           302g            No collar needed  RESERVED  Bronwyn  -  Bodhi

Orange & White girl  316g            Yellow collar     RESERVED  Mabel

26th June 2017

A good second night, pups are all quiet, feeding well, Georgie is being a fantastic mum can't fault her in any way, I have to put her collar/lead on her to take her out to the garden as she hates leaving her babies.

Ok, on a good note, today I've noticed that one of the orange girls is actually orange and white, so my plans for having a boy from this litter may have gone out of the window, in all the years of breeding I've only ever had 2 orange and white pups my self.

Pups now have collars on and I've marked above the colours for each pup so they are easier to recognise.

29th June 2017

Pups all doing well, gaining weight, feeding well.  Georgie is being a fantastic mum, constantly cleaning, feeding and caring for her new family, this is her first litter and it's like she's done it all before.  Picture to the left was taken this morning, it's like she's looking at her babies then at me as if to say 'look what I've done' 

1st July 2017

Well here we are one week old already, weight gains have been fantastic, Georgie is being a brilliant first time mum, most have doubled their birth weigh in this first week and are as follows:

Orange roan boy (brown collar)                 622g           total gain:  286g

Blue roan & tan girl (purple collar)             550g           total gain:   256g

Orange roan girl (cerise collar)                  340g           total gain:   150g

Orange roan girl (orange collar)                492g            total gain:   252g

Orange roan boy (blue collar)                   366g            total gain:   160g

Blue roan & tan girl (pink collar)                480g            total gain:   242g

Blue roan boy                                            592g            total gain:   290g

Orange & white girl                                    632g            total gain:   316g

5th July 2017

The milk bar is getting rather crowded now, all pups have more than doubled their birth weight and the majority had done by a week old.  Georgie has plenty of milk and is being a fantastic mum

10th July 2017

Puppies and mum all doing really well, they had their first worming on Saturday and thankfully no problems with upset tums or tummy aches.

All pups now have their eyes open and have started to move around a little more, a couple of times I've seen them peeping out over the whelping box door, so getting interested in what is going on in the outside world.

These were their weights on Saturday and total gain since birth,  I weighed them for the 2 weeks mark and worming:

Orange roan boy (brown collar)                      894g                     +558g

BRT girl (purple collar)                                    836g                     +542g

Orange roan girl (cerise collar)                       558g                     +368g

Orange roan girl (orange collar)                     760g                     +520g

Orange roan boy (blue collar)                         548g                     +342g

BRT girl                                                           800g                     +562g

Blue roan boy                                                 1020g                    +718g

Orange & White girl                                         856g                     +540g

So all doing really well and gaining on average the same % of their weights even the smaller two, who are still bigger than most of the pups in my last litter at the same age :)

Will take more photos later today!


New owners, we are planning visits for the weekend of 29th/30th July, if you could please contact me to let me know which day is best for you that would be great and we can sort out times to suit us all.

Thank you

15th July 2017

A few more pictures below taken today, the pictures of the pads are to show the difference between& white and roan, first picture is the orange/white girls pads, second picture orange roan, you can see the black halo around the edges and the inside will slowly fill in black

23rd July 2017

Apologies for lack of update but now pups are up on their feet causing chaos I'm spending most of my day cleaning up and tending them and Georgie.  

Pups were wormed again yesterday, slight upset tums today, but all normal after worming and will settle in a day or two.

Georgie is now restricting her food intake, pups are eating and drinking water, so she knows she doesn't have to make as much milk for them.

We've extended the pen to double the size and the pups now come out of the whelping box to do their business.

4 weeks yesterday and here are their weights:-

Orange roan boy       brown collar                    1690g
BRT girl                     Purple collar                   1630g
Orange roan girl        Cerise collar                   1050g
Orange roan girl        Orange collar                  1370g
Orange roan boy       blue collar                       1270g
BRT girl                     light pink collar                1440g
Blue roan boy            no collar                          1890g
Orange & white girl    no collar                          1570g

26th July 2017  -  a video taken today, it does have sound, pups playing nicely after a couple of quiet days of upset tums after worming, but pleased to say everything back to normal today 

29th July 2017

Just realised I hadn't posted the 5 week weigh ins, so here they are and a few pictures taken over the past couple of days

Orange roan boy  Brown collar                       2140g
BRT girl  purple collar                                     2030g
Orange roan girl  Cerise collar                       1380g
Orange roan girl  Orange collar                      1750g
Orange roan boy  blue collar                          1620g
BRT girl           light pink collar                        1800g
Blue roan boy                                                  2350g
Orange & white girl                                         1900g

3rd August 2017

Apologies for lack of updates, but for the past week I've had a poorly older girl, thankfully she's now picking up so will get photos done over the next day or two.

I weighed the pups yesterday, they are doing fantastically well, weight gain is amazing, they are all eating the Natural Instinct and yesterday tried them on the Royal Canin food, which they've had a go on, I prefer the pups to be weaned on raw as it's much better for them, but understand that not all owners want to continue feeding this, hence introducing the dry complete as well.

So yesterdays weights were as follows:

Orange roan boy (brown collar)     Doug     2580g

Blue roan & tan girl (purple collar)     Luna     2470g

Orange roan girl (cerise collar)     1730g

Orange roan girl  (orange collar)     2120g

Orange roan boy (blue collar)     Gus     2050g

Blue roan & tan girl (light pink collar)     2180g

Blue roan boy     2870g

Orange & White girl     Mabel     2320g

Next weekend will be worming day again, time is flying by, hard to believe that in just over 2 weeks time the pups start leaving for their new homes.

Will update later with more pictures

15th August 2017

Sorry for lack of updates, all doing really well and I've been busy preparing the paperwork for the pups new owners.  4 leaving on Saturday, 1 Sunday, 1 on the 27th August, then last but not least is Bodhi who leaves on 3rd September and is travelling home to Guernsey in style on a private plan/pilot.

Today I've microchipped all the pups, what happens next is pups will be vet checked later this week then once they've had the all clear, each new owner will receive a text message from Animal Tracker asking you to check the details entered are correct, if they are you just ok the text message, no payment needed, and that's it, transfer of microchip all done.

17th August 2017

Pleased to confirm pups all vet checked and all 110% fit and healthy, now to sort the puppy packs and then they'll all be ready for their new homes 

18th August 2017

Well the time has come to start saying goodbye to Georgies babies, 4 are off to their new homes tomorrow, Luna, Gus, Daisy and Abby, we wish you have a long and happy life with your new families, we look forward to hearing about your adventures in your new homes.