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Welcome to The SHIRE... ...where Schooling at Home Is Real Education

Many moons have passed since the original SHIRE group graduated: Two of my own sons have moved on to college and university studies, the rabbits traded in the town for country life, and several of our Guinea Guys have passed on to the Green Havens, yet the SHIRE continues to grow and thrive ...so please see "SHIRE Co-op 2009-10" and onwards for an update!

The  original SHIRE intro  from 2003:

Located in historic southern Ontario, The Shire is our home and our homeschool, complete with four boys, five cats, two rabbits, six guinea guys, and a bountiful abundance of books.

The Shire is where I'm known as "Mom"...The SHIRE Co-op is where I am  known (affectionately ??) as "Ms. Frazzle" ("Please let this be a normal co-op!"  "With the Frazz? No way!").  This name also works well en francais when I instruct as "La Phrase."  I'm not sure, but I suspect some of the students think  "Ms. Frazzle" may be my real name...and who am I to correct them?  .

Welcome to The SHIRE!

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