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Initiate Taijutsu

Taijutsu at the Initiate level, like Earth Ken, has the most abilities of it's field. Being that it takes a low amount of education in the Shinobi Arts to understand a self contained education like the Martial Arts, often even basic Shinobi students begin to have an advanced grasp if they put in the time and effort.

Listings of Initiate Taijutsu

Genin Taijutsu

Genin Taijutsu drops off a bit in usefulness, as it only builds slightly on the previously learned abilities. However, there are useful abilities in it, and it does build further to where the field begins to expand again at Chuunin.

Listings of Genin Taijutsu

Chuunin Taijutsu

At the Chuunin level Taijutsu begins to bloom again. As the other shinobi arts begin to influence Taijutsu and vice versa, certain effects that stack with chi or other abilities become very deadly.

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