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Initiate Ninjutsu

The weakest of the three incarnations of Ninjutsu. Initiates learn only the basics of how to seal and move Chi to specific ends. Unfortunetly Chi is only so useful sealed without heavier understandings of Elements and Spirits.

The Listings of Initiate Ninjutsu

Genin Ninjutsu

Ninjutsu at the Genin level explodes into usefulness as the rudiments of Spirit Sealing and a massive amount of Elemental Sealing comes into play. At the Genin Level, these users are nearly unmatched for damage dealing and ability. Ninjutsu is most useful at the Genin Level against other Genin.

Listing of Genin Ninjutsu

Chuunin Ninjutsu

At the Chuunin Level, Ninjutsu is still useful but can be overshadowed by other fields. Spirit binding becomes much more useful while elements become further expanded.

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