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Initiate Genjutsu

Genjutsu at the Initiate level has very few abilities. As one of the most complicated concepts in the Shinobi world, progression is painfully slow until the student has had enough time to master the basics of it. However, there are still useful abilities for aspiring students  at the Initiate level.

Listings of Initiate Genjutsu

Genin Genjutsu

As students advance, they begin to learn how to use the illusions provided by Genjutsu to seriously effect those around them, even helping their allies directly. They also begin to learn how to fool the senses of their opponents to a damaging degree.

Listings of Genin Genjutsu

Chuunin Genjutsu

The ultimate expression of Genjutsu will not dissapoint faithful students. Having by far the most abilities at the highest level, Genjutsu Shinobi who reach Chuunin have god-like abilities to effect the battlefield, stop opponents, or even kill them will their cunning tricks. No other field can match the versatility and adaptability of a Chuunin Genjutsu user.

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