Shiloh Acres Rabbits Cavies & Pygmy Goats

Welcome to Shiloh Acres


We are so glad you stopped by to visit us at Shiloh Acres.  We are a small family owned farm, and we enjoy our special rabbits, cavies, and pygmy goats. Each one of these special animals have unique personalities and characteristics, that we have come to love and look forward to interacting with each day.  We hope that we can share one or more of these special animals with you, so that you can enjoy their sweetness also.  We named our farm Shiloh Acres because these animals really do help bring peacefulness into our lives.  When you are feeling the stresses of life all you have to do is go snuggle, cuddle or nuzzle one of these unique creatures.  There is nothing more peaceful than going out early in the morning and watching our herd of goats quietly grazing or laying out in the early morning sun, or having them come over to nuzzle you because they are glad to see you. I enjoy having my quite time and morning devotions with them, because they are so peaceful. It's also very   comforting having that special bun bun snuggle with you or having the guinea pigs talk to you. Each one of these are special moments.  So have a look around and if you find a special animal friend we would be glad to help you make arrangements to take your new friend home, and begin enjoying for yourselves the peace and joy that they bring. Hope we can bring a moment of peace to you just for having stopped by.  By the way we are members of A.R.B.A. and  N.P.G.A. and our animals are all pedigreed or registered. We breed and raise only the best for you.

Thank you.        

While our site is under construction you may go to the contact page to get in touch with us.


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