The Treehouse
Perth, Ontario

See our eco-friendly treehouse built with recycled materials


Come and visit our eco-treehouse. It was a labour of love for about 3 years and is built almost exclusively of recycled materials. It is now available for rent. We are about 100 km from Ottawa.
The Kafrissen Family



See Margaritaville

We also built a little getaway a bit higher up in the trees. Access by swing bridge.....

See the Treehouse on CTV

CBC's Stephen and Chris Show visits the house and Treehouse


Blending of Mediums

By celebrating the uniqueness of each item we brought home, we were able to find a special place for just about everything

Building the Treehouse 

Follow our 3 year journey during the construction phase. >>

The Otesha Project

Cyclists from The Otesha Project stay
for two nights in the treehouse as part of their cross-Ontario odyssey. Read their journal (Day 4-5)

See a Magazine Article About the Treehouse

Another Article-This time from The National Post- Check it out>>

See our Treehouse on TV

Read another Article in Costco Magazine



Scrounging - 101

Here is where we share our scrounging secrets.  No pride allowed!  Read our stories and share some of your own.