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Season 9 Has Arrived!!

Well I say Season 9, but it might as well have a brand new title, as its no longer scrubs as we all knew, its all Med School!

Some of you may love it and others of you may like it even more, but here at we'll bring it to you whatever! :)

Click here to view the first 4 new episodes: Our First Day of School, Our Drunk Friend, Our Role Models and Our Histories.

So what do yout think about Season 9?


Season 8 is all here and Season 9 will be along soon!


I have found all the episodes from season 8 so the complete first 8 seasons are now available.

Season 9 starts at the end of the year so it won't be too long until those will appear on the site!

But in the mean time i am starting to add working torrent links to the site, so you can download the episodes direct to your computer!

Thanks for the continued support and I hope u enjoy watching the episodes :)


Dan J.


Site Update


As lots of the links were being a bitch and not working, I've changed them all to Mega Upload videos which should load a lot quicker, but you will hav to put up with one pop up advert (sorry!). Please tell me if any of the episodes are linked wrong, or dont work and ill get onto changing them!


Cheers Guys, continue supporting Scrubs!


Hello, and Welcome to my New and Improved site


As you'll se if you were one of my previous visitors, I have now got rid of all the deadly pop-ups and have a fancy new look to the site, and if you go to the Guestbook page, (links at the left) you can either leave a message, a comment or even give my site a rating! And welcome to any of my new visitors, I hope you'll enjoy my improved site!

PLEASE NOTE - Seasons 2-6 Episode streaming takes longer than Season 1, but please be patient, as episodes will eventually load!




Visit my new site Sharpie's South, it's the same as this one, but with South Park instead of Scrubs!

It has everything you would want to know about the show, and it also has all the episodes and the movie.



About Sharpie's [scrubs].tk


This is a site all about [Scrubs], one of the best TV shows of the new millennium!


This site is an easy access way to view clips of your favourite characters whether that is JD, Dr Cox, Turk or the Janitor; there are clips for everyone!

Anyway, use the links on the left of the page to choose which character you want, and you can also choose to see clips from guest stars that have appeared on [Scrubs]


You can access the latest episodes from Season 7 straight after they are released in America!


You will also be able to view all the episodes from Seasons 1 to 6 once I can find them!


You can access these using the Season links at the side of the page, They are split into 3 pages of 1 - Seasons 1, 2 and 3, 2 - Seasons 4, 5 and 6, and 3 - Season 7


I have also got a section where you can see all the girl names that Dr. Cox has called JD in each episode, and every High Five that the Todd gives to anyone!


If there is any clip you like and it is not featured on my website, or any episode link not working, or any Girls Name or High Five that's missing please contact me at and I'll try and fix it for you!

Season 6 DVD Cover

Here is what the Season 6 DVD Box Set Cover will look like:

Latest News



After one year in the running is celebrating its 1st birthday, and from myself I'd just like to thank everyone that has visited the site over the past year, and hopefully all the faults will be corrected and I'll continue to give you all your [scrubs] needs!


Dan J. Sharp


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