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My Radio Interview -Please Listen here

Listen here for a little about me, my work and some of my experiences. My Radio interview with Michael Brill, numerologist on his show on Radio Ear Network, Quantum Existence

********Energy In Motion********

     All things are made up of Energy.  As we move live and breath, we create energy.  Reiki is a form of energy, channeled in to promote healing. Dance also promotes healing energy and rejuvenation. It refreshes us because as we move freely, we open up any blocked energy we may have in our bodies. 

     I created Sacred Dance Movement because so many people were telling me that they didn't feel comfortable dancing.  It isn't because people cannot dance, all of our bodies can move in the same way.  Even if we have a disability we can do a form of dancing, lying down just using our arms or swaying. I wanted to find a way to help people become less inhibited. You know, the people who dance at home when no one is watching and then they go out to a party and watch others dance, wishing they could get up the nerve to get out there too.   I wanted to help the people like that plus have fun with the people who love to dance.  I have done isolation exercises for so many years in my Belly Dancing and I realized by observing others through Metaphysics and teaching, that the body parts they had trouble moving were the same body parts that had blocked Energy and Chakras.  By working on this with visualization and isolation exercises, they began to become more free moving with those body parts. Also some people have more trouble with moving the left or right side, I believe from observation that this has something to do with the male and female energy each of us have (and yes guys, we have both) This is just a few reasons I feel movement and energy are so important to our health and overall well being, including our attitude and mood swings. Like I always say, music is my life.  When I do not listen to music or feel like dancing I know I am depressed or something is not right with me.  When I hear a great song, it can change my blah mood to one of excitement. You all know what I mean.  Right?  So lets get our Energy In Motion, and see below where to find the incense recipe that will help you do that too. I Love You all.


****Please see webpage tab above [services/incense] for incense recipe you can use ****

Professional Belly Dance for Special Occasions


Professional Background


Past, Present, Future Life Regression
With this method, through guided Hypnotic regression, I take a journey with you into your lifetimes. Help you decipher only what you are ready to see. We then work together to either just observe, co-create, or re-create negative issues into positive, which then produces regeneration. I utilize mind, body, finger connection, Energy, Chakra work and Reiki.

Ministerial Services - Wedding Ceremonies

Available for non-denominational wedding ceremonies

by Rev. Sharon Rebekah  Lynn

Please contact 561-271-7245

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