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We're back, bitches

The Fuck Stops Here

Okay, so I promised you a new podcast and Terabyte demo, none of which materialized, for which I apologise, but I've been thinking, and this thinking revolves around 4 words:

My priorities have changed.

Now, this will be new to most, if not all of you, but on a certain site called Nintendohub, I've been promoted to News Editor and promoted again to VIB, so basically, I have to update the homepage of said site with news, as well as partake in a special council of sorts, off of which the admins and moderators bounce ideas. This has taken priority over Sharkware.

Also, my Wii came back from repair, so I can now play Brawl to my hearts content. This has taken priority over Sharkware.

I also have to keep tabs on my deviantArt, and update my gallery with my photography. This has taken priority over Sharkware.

Long story short, Terabyte's development has turned, regretably, into a programming slugfest. My work pace has slowed right down, and I have little motivation to continue.

So, this is what's going to happen:

Terabyte's release date will be pushed back. Right back. Back to whenever I want it. I will finish this game, that I assure you, but it won't be done by October, not by a long shot. After that, I'm going to start and complete Zeta 3. This will be my final game.

Yes, you read correct, I am finally giving up the ghost on game development. After Zeta 3, I'll be doing no more, because I'll be able to take no more. The game will be my swan song, and I assure you that no matter how long it takes, I will make it, and it will deliver. I'm hoping to co-operate with Axolotl to bring in an online multiplayer function, with new weapons, a new control system, everything. You shan't be disappointed.

But what happens after that? Well, I'll be leaving the site in the capable hands of the aforementioned Axolotl, and I hope he delivers on the same levels that I hope to.

This also means there will be changes to the site itself. There will be no more podcasts, and all other games apart from Terabyte and Zeta 3 will be cancelled.

I don't expect you'll be pleased with these changes, but I guarantee you that you'll get more out of me now, than if the changes were not to be made. This is a compromise that benefits both of us.

E3 Podcast and Terabyte Demo Update

Today is the beginning of E3, the biggest event in the gaming calender! And to celebrate, Ferret and Paper Luke will be doing a special SharkCast (the new name of The SE Podcasts) covering this years event, including rumours and confirmed releases.

Also, the first patch for the Terabyte Demo is going to be released. This patch will include:

  • Destructible environments
  • Upgraded graphics

The patch will be released on the 18th of June, so look out for it!

Host Switch

Today I'm switching all downloadable files apart from podcasts on the site to a new file host, as suggested by the Machiavellian custard child Pod, for convenience when downloading. All files will be switched to the new host by the end of the day. The reason this change doesn't apply to podcasts is that the new file host isn't playing ball with the larger file sizes, and it take well in excess of 1 and a half hours to upload 35 minutes of audio, something we can't accommodate.

Terabyte Demo Released!

You can now download the long awaited Terabyte demo from the Games page! Also, you can download Episode 2 of the SE Podcasts, which this time features Axolotl as the special guest!

Podcasts Released!

The first SE Podcast has been released! Download the mp3 from the SE Podcasts page.

Terabyte Demo Release Date and Podcasts

The demo for Terabyte will be released on Saturday 14th! The demo will include the first 10 levels of the game, all fully playable, with a complete game engine. It'll be posted up on the Games page on Saturday.

Also, in the near future, we will be releasing podcasts, which will allow you to listen to news and updates straight from us! Check the blog for more details.

Sharkware's Youtube Channel and Terabyte Gameplay Video!

SharkwareVideos is open for business! Check the link on the Navbar to see our latest videos, including gameplay footage, trailers, vlogs and GM tutorials! You can also click on the "Videos" link in the navbar to see the videos here on the site.

Our first video is a trailer for the upcoming game Terabyte, be sure to watch it!

Terabyte Release Date

I'm pleased to announce that Terabyte will be released on the 4th October 2008, which will coincide with our third birthday!

We're looking towards a date for a demo in the near future, so watch this space!

New Blog

We now have a development blog where we can keep you people updated with all the latest goings on with our games. Simply click on "SE Development Blog" in the site navigation.

Terabyte Screenshots!

I'm proud to present 4 new screenshots of our upcoming game, Terabyte!

These shots should hopefully represent the graphical quality you can expect from the game, as well as demonstrating the vastness of the variety of the new world you can play in!

Excited yet? Please note that the game is very early in development, and many aspects of the game could change dramatically as we make the game even better! Until then, enjoy!

Welcome to Chinatown!...I mean Sharkware...

That's right folks, Sharkware's back. And this time, for real.

Sharkware has been revived, this time with a new philosophy. One geared towards quality rather than quantity. We're now focusing on a quality gaming experience first, before deep, involving storylines, and no game could be closer to this philosophy than our new game: Terabyte.

Terabyte is a platformer game, an endeavor never undertaken to this level by Sharkware. Featuring Sharkware's best ever in-house graphics, amazing music and a new advanced platform engine, Terabyte is going to be Sharkware's best game ever, by a country mile. You play Heronspawn, an unwitting little program, destined to continue the legacy of Heron Anti-Virus and destroy the splinters of the Heracleidae virus to restore order to the system. Over the way, you will meet the products of destruction, viruses, worms and all manner of enemies in 30 levels spread over 5 varying worlds.

Not only that, but Sharkware has a slew of new games ready for development, including Zeta 3, White Space and Immunity.

Also, Sharkware will be undergoing a total site restructuring as of now. No longer will our various features be spread out over a network of sites. All the Sharkware news, previews and games will be located here at Sharkware.

So, we hope you enjoy the new Sharkware. New posts will be regular, and screenshots of Terabyte will be released in the near future!